Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend Fun

Another Hay Ride? Sure, why not? Some four wheelin, throw that in too. A game with friends, a ball and a garbage can.  A camp fire. Lots of food. Music. 

Just told ya the favorite all-time-fun  thing to do per our kids. A guy from our church hosts a party twice a year and this was the autumn fest.  The kids love, love, love this "festival" as it's called.

Remember in the spring I had them sit after they played and someone (not naming anyone KAT ) was crying because they were "missing the fun." I got them all this time right at the start, no fussing needed:)

It was dreary out but no rain, not too cold. We are gearing up for the big storm to hit, it's all the talk around these parts. We got milk, eggs and bread (MOM).  I heard somewhere that we *should* have 3 days worth of supplies for each household member. I'm wondering where I'd put US if I stored that much stuff?

Guess we'll pray we aren't hit too hard and trust in Him to keep us. 

 Kat made a new friend at the festival. Something about her (might it be the blond hair and pale skin?)  that really set me to longing for our Phoebe.

 I could just see them playing together, an extra blondie in there and I felt my heart just YEARNING for our girl. 

Loving her from afar and knowing it will be time to travel soon, it seems so long yet with an end in sight now.

God sets the lonely in families, He sure does, and our "hole" will be filled right up with the addition of our Phoebe girl:)  So  thankful for her, that we are getting closer and closer!

Soon Phoebe girl, soon. And next Festival picture, you WILL be here:)

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