Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Well then. Storm Sandy hit. We survived. We actually did just fine, no power out, big shocker there, although the storm is still pouring rain and even seeing some snow up on our hill this morning.

So it's still possible. But for the windy night, the downstairs was perfect. Didn't hear a thing over my fan and everyone slept well. The one tree down away from the house is the only one we had go down. And it's been the delight of our outdoor lovin' son, Chance, who strapped on his machete (sister brought that from Costa Rica MOM, I do not provide children with machetes) and he is out there "hacking up" the tree for firewood.

Don't worry, we don't NEED wood (MOM) we do not burn wood for heat. I think Chance would have been a perfect "Little House on the Pr*rie" son, dude LOVES to kill animals to cook, chop up wood to burn, hang out in the worst weather around.

The girls were in the house, hanging out in jammies, got a late breakfast. Then I  thought of what to do to keep them busy today. It was between the attic (cleaning it, sorting some still-unpacked-boxes from our move a year ago-- yikes- now you all know my dirty secret.)

  Or  changing rooms around for the arrival of Phoebe, moving the girls downstairs and a boy up. Because the current room for Kat and Paisley is too small to get another girl and all the STUFF that goes with a girl in there, let alone THREE of them.  So we (or I, that is) decided that's what we would do.

Tore apart bed #1 and #2. Moved bed #1 to different room. Tore down bed #3. Moved it to different room. Tore down bed #4.  Then hubby came home. He was less than thrilled we tackled this "honey do" chore planned for Saturday. OOPS.  Because beds #5 and #6 are bunk beds we needed to cut apart to make single beds. And I don't touch power tools.

So hubby graciously (I ignored the complaining) cut beds #5 and #6, even made them match with extra boards left over. We did this because Kat doesn't sleep well when she is in bunk beds due to the creaking of the beds. We then set up bed #5 and #6 in different room and put together bed #4 in a different room. Got all that?

Many, MANY, MANY trips later of girl stuff going down and boy stuff going up, we are done for today. I need a few under bed storage crates, Dad needs to hang stuff on the walls, but everyone has a bed that's made and can sleep in their new room. Whoo hoo:)

Chase was a great help, he didn't complain once when I asked him to help, he took apart beds, moved stuff, helped reassemble beds, etc. Although he still could not smile for me when snapping pictures---- sigh.

Sadly, someone not happy today.  Chloe. See her picture and thinkin' what I am? She looks like an ornery bugger.  Yep, she tried out that hat today.WHY? Well, most every evening I make things the kids like. Pork, sauerkraut, rice, noodles, but every once in a great while, like 3 months or so, I make (GASP) something I LIKE for supper. 

Pancakes.  Ornery daughter Chloe said "You eat these for breakfast, this is not supper food." Uh HELLO? They most certainly can be. AND I think once every three months or more they can suck it up and eat something they aren't terribly fond of.  

It always amazes me that children who have known true gut-hurting-hunger can stick their noses up at any food. But they do. They sure do.

At any rate, her snottiness did not mess with my happiness of the day--

It's so exciting to see Phoebe's bed ready. Her clothes hanging in the closet, her Hello Kitty pillow waiting for Miss Blondie to lay her head on to sleep. 

 I do believe I may be nesting:))

 We are very thankful that everyone made it through this storm safe and that we were able to make this a very productive day:)

We are praying for the people who are without heat, power, damages done from this storm. So many without power and the terrible damage flooding does. In our prayers. For sure.


~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

Thanks so much for letting us know that you are all well. I have heard from some of my family and friends in the area, but not yet all. Still praying and worrying about all those without power in this cold!

thesleepyknitter said...

We are so thankful to know you made it through the storm well.

We have had almost nothing (comparatively) here. Yesterday the wind was gearing up so stiffly and nastily that we thought we were going to get a big storm, but we had hardly any rain and no snow, very anti-climactic compared to what states east of here are getting.

Lillie's Mom said...

Glad to hear ya'll are safe! Looks like you had a huge day of productivity. And thank you for the giggle about the pancakes- for some reason people get it in their heads that these kids come home unable to feel anything but gratefulness. Ha! Glad to see mine is just as normal as yours are. And that you aren't willing to give into the ridiculous mom-guilt, martyr syndrome that keeps us from having what we like once in a while. (plus pancakes are so fast and easy!) Yay you!