Saturday, October 6, 2012

FUNdraising ideas:))

From a wonderful, God loving, orphan loving, mother of many-- woman, Lori----

Vickie wanted some FUNdraising ideas and so Iasked her to allow me to guest post to her blog.  I have an idea that I think we can all have some fun with....and we will get to see just how creative we all can be.  Often times when it comes to giving or to helping others out, we think, “Wow, I would love to help but I really just cannot afford it right now.” 

 In these hard economic times it is probably true for many of us.  I want to put a challenge out there for us to really pay attention to where we are spending our money and look for an area that we might be able to cut back in order to give to something bigger than ourselves! Let's give the gift of family to a child who otherwise would not have one.

Children without family go without so much of the privilege that we have become so accustomed to.  Depending on where that child is from it could be anything from necessary nutrition to a hug and kiss before bedtime.
In this land of abundance we truthfully do not go without many of our needs met, even during difficult times.  I want to put out a challenge to each one of us to make a sacrifice over this next couple of days, weeks or month and choose to give what you would have spent there to help bring Phoebe home.  For some of us that might be a weekly trip to Starbucks, which could be a donation of $20.00 over the next month. 

 I think that often we hesitate to give if we only have $20.00 to spare thinking it is not worthwhile.  The truth is if 200 people gave a donation of that amount Vickie's flights would be paid for!  A small sacrifice on the part of one, multiplied to meet a huge need!

And this is where the fun comes in!  Post in the comments section what it is that you are choosing to give up in order to give to Phoebe's adoption fund.   Let's try to be really creative.  Just maybe there will be a little surprise in it for the most creative idea!

I will start this ball rolling...although I am not expecting to get the prize for most creative!  Both of my boys needed haircuts this month.  Instead of taking them to the barber, Mom gave them buzz cuts!  Fresh new look and I can give that $30.00 saved to help bring Phoebe home!!

Let's hear your ideas and let's get Phoebe home!!

Vickie here- THANKS so much to Lori, this is a wonderful idea, and in a time when Lori herself is fundraising to bring home a treasure from China, I mean, HOW wonderful is that??

God's love, shown right here:)


mom2three said...

I will be sending something, just not sure of the exact amount yet. You have been such a blessing to me with your honesty and your insights about your beautiful children. Your love for your God, your children, and your husband shine through. Looking forward to hearing about Phoebe as she joins your family.

mom2three said...

It makes me sad that this blog doesn't have hundreds of comments, but I want to encourage you, Vickie, that even though people may be fickle, God is always faithful. He knows the need and will supply. It was a great idea, Lori, and maybe people are too shy to think that their idea is a good one. Whatever. God knows and He is more than able.

Ysabella said...

I want to organize a pop corn fundraising and donate it to the orphanage. I'm sure these kids needs to feel what family is all about.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you truly wanted to adopt again, you'd spend YOUR hard earned money to adopt this girl. Folks do what's really important to them --- adoptions obviously not to YOU.

It's pretty rich trying to get other people to give you THEIR hard earned money, when this girl is not worth your own.

It's horrid to beg $$ to adopt.