Monday, October 15, 2012

Field Hockey

Off we went today to Chloe's field hockey game. The kids didn't have school today so we packed up everyone and went to her game. It was fun to watch Chloe who buzzed up and down the field quite often.

The kids were all--- bored, cold, hungry, bored. But they took one for ol' Chloe, okay, maybe they did complain quite a bit, but it was good for them to see sister play and to cheer her on.

We lost anyway:(

Chance has decided since he could do SOOOOO much better than sister that he will go out for the team next year.

I told him he will look great in a skirt.

I was very glad when we came home I had a lovely beef stew that I had slow cooked all day long all done and ready to eat. We had us some hungry bears, oops, I mean, kids to feed.

Homework, showers and bed, now that bellies are full. We are so thankful to God for the little things today- healthy children, those gorgeous leaves changing colors, food on our table, no injuries during the game.  Warm beds to sleep in. 

Our children we enjoy:)


thesleepyknitter said...

If everyone else was cold in the bleachers, Chloe must have been freezing in shorts and sleeveless shirt! Wow. Sounds like a good day for family together-ness, though. :-)

Monkey Tales said...

Ok, you asked for Fundraiser ideas. Rent the kids out to rake leaves. :)

Kelly & Caidi