Friday, October 5, 2012

Birthday Girl

Guess who turned 15 yesterday?  Yep, that tiny-but-full-of-spunk Paisley girl:)

She was as happy as could be, when I got up in the morning, I picked her up and sang Happy Birthday to her and said I have NEVER been able to pick up ANY of my kids at age 15. I twirled her around too:)  Ha Ha.

She had a great day, they ordered Chinese food in at school (yes, my children are spoiled by their ESL teacher, for sure). It was low key last night because her PARTY is tonight.

Although we did give her stuff from US, because we didn't want her to be without SOME gifts on her actual birthday. She was so tickled. You could see this really meant a lot to her, each little thing was exclaimed over, pictures had to be taken and then every thing was examined in detail:)

Paisley came to me on Wed night and said  she was upset with Chloe. You see Chloe is top girl around here, not that she is "more important" but she is the oldest girl in the home. So she "puts Paisley in her place" as the younger sis. In many ways, Paisley NEEDS that, she tends to be bossy.

Anyway, Chloe has been making duct tape hairbows, yep, your read that right. Aren't my girls soooo creative? So Paisley really wanted one but Chloe told her she had to PAY HER a dollar for one. And knowing Paisley like Chloe does, she wouldn't PAY for a hair bow, no matter how much she wanted one. 

So when Paisley told me I told her a little secret. Chloe knew she wouldn't pay for a bow and she only said that because she knew that. Because Chloe was making them to give Paisley as a surprise birthday gift. Paisley said "No, I don't think so." And I assured her, "Yes, it's true." And I told her not to tell. 

It was so cute to see her face LIGHT UP last evening then when Chloe came to her and handed her 3 duct tape hairbows and said "Happy Birthday Sister."  Paisley looked me and smiled. She KNEW. But she didn't say a THING-- besides "Thank you." Sister love:)

Paisley asked for a "candy cake" and I know, you all are thinking-- "What?"
I thought the same, but I being the SUPER mother (vanity is a sin, yes, I know MOM- don't call) that I am, managed to come up with this-- a cake wrapped in Kit Kit's, adorned with PB cups, chocolate kisses and dot candies.  Even has a "P" in tootsie rolls on it for Paisley.

Whatcha think?  A girl after my own heart, I tell ya. A candy cake. Why didn't I think of that?  All I ever got was a gingerbread man cake, 'cause I was born in autumn. Well then. Enough about ME.

Let's just say we're all gonna be on a sugar high come tonight and celebrating the fun of turning 15. WOW.

I'm going to try to connect up soon with some of you super fun people with FUNdraising ideas, I applied for some grants this week:)) 

For now, another birthday of 2012. Our first with our girl. Happy Birthday Sweetie, we LOVE you!


thesleepyknitter said...

ahhhhh! love it! Thank you for posting about the good birthday. LOVE the bow story. :-)

Happy birthday, sweet Paisley!

Chris said...

sisters! glad it worked out. Happy Birthday kiddo.