Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's a Parade

It's so much fun to do "firsts" with our kids. No matter their age.  Last night was the Halloween parade. A first for Paisley.  The night before her first hay ride:)

She was so excited about the parade. She perched herself in my lap. I was surprised but happy she decided to stay there for the whole 1 1/2 hrs:)

She got up and down to get candy, Kat was a few feet down with Chloe and Camden a few feet on the other side. So it gave her a space for her to get some candy that was thrown with no one to accidentally hurt her or take her candy.

Don't mind the pictures of less-than-thrilled children, they do this every time my camera comes out.  Good thing I NEVER use the "smile" detection setting, I'd be waitin' forever to get a shot of anyone but Paisley. Should have a "teen smirk" setting.


Back to the parade--Paisley must have asked 20 times, "When it come, what is it?" The incentive of candy kept her waiting in anticipation.  Then it started.  They all enjoyed it, but Paisley got the most candy.

On the way home Chance complained about that and Paisley informed him that he  "Wasn't cute enough" to get more candy. Quite funny coming from the girl who doesn't want to be called "cute." 

Speaking of funny-- those kids. I promised to tell you some of the stuff they have said.  Chance has told us the secret to making it in life. Listen up all.  At 16, he's got it ALL figured out.

First he gets a job. Then a car and then a trailer to live in, because they are cheaper than a house. No electricity for him, no way-- because that costs money. No water, because that costs money.  Candles will suffice for him and as for water and bathing, well, a creek will do. We could just picture him with his bottle of 
shampoo heading to the local lake.

He then said "How long can I live with you mom?"  I told him for as long as he wants- just like I always do.

I started my day with this hubby sent to me---- "Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife. I am so thankful to have you in my life and I am looking forward to many,many more years to come. I Love You."

My response?  "Oh Hubby, I love you EVEN MORE now that your eye sight is failing:)"

Sorry to tell any of you single girls, this man o' mine is taken. Yep, he sure is. Failing eyesight and all I love him to pieces. He brought me flowers and a sweet tea:)

He's such a great hubby, father, example to our family. I thank God for him each and every day. He's sooo special and such a wonderful person.

And here's Kat's take on "us, her parents."

This was her  handmade card to us for our anniversary, cut in the shape of a heart.

You guys are like---

Shampoo and Cinditoiner (conditioner)
Cool and emberessing (embarrassing)
bolts and nuts 
(wonder why she included that one? who is bolts, who is nuts? Or shouldn't I ASK)

the twin towers
(uhh, lovie, these are gone??)

ranch and ketchup 
shirt and pants
cup and straw

"Have a nice anerversry (Anniversary)"

Notice she got the "NERVE" in there-- another hint?? Hummm, that girl.

Could that be ANY more special? 

Leaves NO wondering why we love these kids, huh?

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mom2three said...

Is that a hint of a smile on Chase's face? Even without the smiles, looks like a fun time was had by all.