Tuesday, October 2, 2012

And Life goes on

And indeed it does. The funeral is over. It was quite sad. It was very hard to see the aunts and uncles that I thought of as "older" when we were kids, as the "much older" people they are now, which also means I am now "them" as in, the "older" people my kids think of. Or nephew and nieces think of me.

OIY. Not always pretty to face. Although I will admit, I'm shaping up not too shabby, I think I have come around from the snotty, won't listen to anyone brat (Yep, I said it MOM) to a fairly decent, law abiding, society contributing person.

Not to be tooting my own horn, but to see people as they age getting very set in their ways and refusing to speak to other family members and unable to compromise, well, I'm just thankful to be able to chalk my "bad years" up to "immaturity of youth" and move on. I want to see things get BETTER, not see the break down of a family as others seem to be doing:( I was very much reminded we aren't going to be here forever, don't waste the time you have, be doing God's work NOW. Don't wait.

It's just too sad. What else made me sad, 3 things. The aunts and uncles "didn't want" the planter I was asked to order by our family. (From our Mom, me and my brothers and sisters) You read that right. SO I am now the owner of a VERY LARGE planter of plants needing re potted.  OIY.

And my MOTHER who says, as we walk away from the graveside, this "Well, I'll be the next one going in there."  Okay now. As if I want to be thinking of that? Really MOM? I'm chalking that right up there with the "You don't call me enough" guilt trip MOM.

Anyway, the kids, who I am SURE is why you read this blog and not because I'm gettin' old, did very well. Chance told me he was going to have nightmares, seeing Gram at the funeral. Which I thought was odd considering things he has told me he has seen at the orphanage :( I mean, what he told me gave ME nightmares. But seeing Grammy all in pink and looking lovely does it for him?

They did not like the meal afterwards as it was preordered for them. Kat started to turn into  Jekyll/ Hyde so when Chance got his plate first we scarfed it from him so she could eat first, thus warding off a melt down from hunger.

The third thing-- Mr. Dustin is no longer our guest:(  We will miss him greatly but his momma (thanks everyone for praying her here) is coming this week and he will be with both his parents and his lil' bro in their new house where he belongs:)

I love, love, love the FUNdraising ideas that came my way, some of them were so neat, so thoughtful, so FUN. I can't tell you how much it means to know God has whispered to you all and you respond. It's heartwarming.  Some gave ideas, some just decided to donate, we are 100% thankful to all of you:)

I hope to get to some of these fun ideas real soon. Just trying to take a few days to get back into our schedule and thinking of what Gram said when I told her we were going back for one more, "Well, for goodness sake, you need another one? " (She always worried about how much food I have to cook for some odd reason)

  And I said "We sure do, she's a blessing Grammy and we accept all the blessings God wants to give us." To which she said "Good golly then, you can't be wrong on that can ya?"  She loved our children, from here and afar. Knew the love we have for them and she loved that we gave them God. She only wanted us ALL to know God. I know Gram is having a wonderful homecoming, and that she will be watching over Miss Phoebe's journey from up above:)


Love for Lilly Yin said...

Your grams and my grammy sound like they would get along lovely...hey maybe they have already met up in heaven, and I had NO IDEA we have the same MOM. ; )

1001tears said...

Oh how sweet!

I am so glad I found your blog. I am your newest follower. Would love it if you followed me back.


Colleen said...

I love the pic, Vickie!