Sunday, September 2, 2012

What cha know?

The boxes are leaving my house. I hardly recognize my own bedroom. 27 boxes less, and it looks, well, BARE.

The kids all helped wonderfully and got the 125 boxes out of the attic and down to the garage so we can load the truck tomorrow and send him on his way.

Although 47 boxes are still to come. Our lil post office has been overwhelmed with all the boxes. They have called me every day this week asking begging  me to come get the boxes. Friday I had to go twice, another load came in:)

So what else is up around here?  Well the school situation has gotten better.  MUCH better. The letters seemed to help, we got a good response. We adjusted classes for Chance, he was really not placed well and needed more hands on classes.  He is a visual/oral learner and too much book work/classes he can't follow in deeply discourage him.

Chase is doing fantastic. He is really excited about his culinary class, he was thrilled I brought him a watermelon (no, I didn't really bring it just for HIM but if he thinks I did then who am I to correct that idea?) because he wanted to practice cutting up the rind into fancy shapes.

Chloe has gotten time with the ELL teacher and she is feeling much more capable in her classes.  Camden is loving the new middle school and I am very happy with the modifications made there for Paisley. She seems very happy and getting more used to her days. We want to keep her as mobile as possible for as long as we possibly can-- so I love the scooter idea but not yet:) Paisley talks of her buddy "McKenna" here and there and I feel confident they are getting along well. 

She has had homework each night, I've been very surprised by how quickly she has been able to pick up sounds, writing sentences, she needs a lot of help with spelling, just like Chloe did. I don't mind helping just no more mention of "homeschooling" PLEASE. You all that do that are such wonderful women, I totally admire you--- I can NOT homeschool. Nope. Not for me. No. Never. Not gonna. Can't make me. Not for ours, you get the drift?

Dustin is doing well, although he said the school is too cold. He misses his momma and we need prayers for her visa stuff to come through so she can get here and get their family back together.  It's tough on these guys and I am sure on his momma. Aunt Vickie is cool but not the same as MOM:)

Kat is  happy with her teacher. So far we have only had one drama over a paper she wanted to return for a "prize" and I had put it in my "throw away" pile and THREW IT AWAY.  How dare me?  So far she has been fairly reasonable about her clothes for the day, we pick them the night before. She did have a melt down one afternoon and then fell asleep, come bed time she couldn't sleep so at midnight and thought TV would be a solution.

Uhh, no, not allowed. So she now has no cable hooked up to the tv in her room.

She went off to a friend's house to play yesterday, giving her something to do:) The twins went to a friend's as well, Chase, Camden and Dustin helped with boxes.   Dad went mountain biking yesterday, we live just 2 miles from some really super trails near a lake and he loves to go biking

Friday I did something for ME. Just me. My HAIR. It's been ages since I got it cut professionally, and I'm talking the local salon attached to W@lmart. Can't find the time? Always thinking of the waste of $$, I mean, I can make it another week, therefore saving more $$ for an upcoming trip to China. Every little bit helps, right?

But I stopped in  to check how long it would take, and the line was long. I had grocery shopped so I didn't want to wait, figured I'd be sporting my pony tail look for a few more days at least. But as I stood in line to return something I said a quick prayer, "God, I know my hair is not important but can you please send me where you want me to be?"

And I went to leave the plaza. Just then I saw another salon I have gone to before-- it's a few dollars more for a haircut but they do a better job, take more time to see what you really want. Not just snip, snip. It was Friday morning. ALWAYS busy, right?

 But what did I see, but a VERY blond stylist standing at the door waiting for customers?  I could not have missed seeing her. So in I went. And the girl listened and did a SUPER job with my hair.

Not high on God's list, I'm SURE, but the thing is, it showed me that He loves me even down to my hair.  I needed a style faster to dry, easier to maintain. And I really needed to get it cut. The stylist asked when I had last gotten a haircut  and when I asked her to guess, she said "A YEAR."  Yeah, it was BAD.

Why do us mothers let things go and go? Poor hubs. Although don't feel too bad, I lost 6 inches of hair and he didn't even notice. So clearly he either --

1. thinks I look bad  no matter what
 2. his eye sight is going

It's okay though, we are an "old" married couple. What does that mean? Well it means I can go a year and not get a hair cut and he will love me anyway. And his eyesight can go and I will still love him the same:)

I'll have you know this post is probably not up to my usually snuff, but then a certain redheaded brother o' mine has pestered, made comments "Something wrong with the blog, no update to read", to MAKE ME post. Not that I don't enjoy keeping up the blog, it's just that whole "Big brother thinks he's gonna tell me what to do??" HA.

 But yet, I did it. Not sure what that means, he's a pest?  He wins? Oh well, doesn't matter, here it is:)


Ellen said...

Just about a scooter for Paisley. While I do not know about her circumstances, I do know something about JRA, am an MD, have arthritis myself and a son with a limb difference. So, take my thoughts for informed in general but of course now about your daughter. You know her situation and what is best for her. Personally, I would aim for a mobility device early rather than later. While you want to maintain and increase joint function, muscle strength etc, one also has to be careful about putting undo stress on the body. I look at it as only having so much energy in a day. For example, my son is starting school at a school about 20 minutes walk from home, He could do it but I would rather he saved his energy for gym class and playground activities. If he walked each day he would put more stress on his leg, leaving him less for "fun" and "normal" stuff. Same for me. So, I would think about looking to preserve energy where you can and allow her to keep up with friends and family in as many instances as possible. It is not keeping her mobile and then looking for assistance devices when it is not longer possible. It is using a combination of physical therapy, normal daily activity and assistive devices to preserve, improve and maximize her function over a life time. Best of luck,


Linette said...

Did I miss a post??? Who are the boxes going to, and who is sending them to you? The tension is unbearable! (JK!) :-)

Vickie said...

My brother has sent me over 200 boxes from JAPAN, after living there for over 20 years with his family, they are moving about 2 hrs away from me, and the cost to have things moved by a company were outrageous so they improvised and shipped everything they could to ME to hold till he came 3 weeks ago and found a house (He closes on it this Tuesday)
WE are not moving anywhere or anyone (other than Phoebe) IN. Just to clarify:)

thesleepyknitter said...

Love your new 'do! It looks great, and having shiny red hair makes it that much better. I still haven't made it to my childhood dream of becoming a redhead, but I did get a short, professional haircut two weeks ago after nearly ten years of ponytail-length hair and do-it-yourself haircuts. It makes me feel very middle-aged to have such short hair! :-) the Mommy Cut. But it sure is nice to not have to spend that time on the hair. You look GREAT. Glad to hear things are going better with school.

200 boxes? WOW. Your brother knows how to give the gift that keeps on giving. :-)

Love your blog!

~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

Vickie, I don't know how you can stand the wait for Phoebe! I know this is not the first time you have waited, but this is crazy! At least when you are pregnant, you know within a small window of time, when it will be. This seems endless! I keep checking and still no word. I am going crazy waiting and she isn't even my daughter!
I hopy and pray you don't have to wait mucy longer!

mom2three said...

Or #3, he thinks you look beautiful, no matter what.

I'm with you on the home schooling. I admire the ones who do it, but around our house it is not the best option.

We got a phone call from one of my son's teachers the first week of school. She calls parents to reassure them that their children are adjusting well to middle school. She was pleased with how well my son expressed himself and was amazed to know that he had been speaking English for only 4 years. Praying the rest of the year goes as well as the first week.

Dottie P said...


I'm with mom2three, your husband would pick option #3.

It seems to me that people listen to us better if we look somewhat decent. I'm not talking a suit and perfect coif, but you know what I mean, at least not going out in sweats and t shirt. The Scripture says, "Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart." I'm happy about the latter part of the verse, but we deal on earth with human beings! Your hair looks great!