Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's a Squirrel

Or better yet, Miss Kitty describing a "swirl" aka SQUIRREL.  That girl, she's just too funny.  

Dustin and I were at the bus stop when she did this. We laughed and laughed. What a great way to start the day:)

Other starts to the day-- Uncle Roy drove out in his U- haul with all his stuff. Many boxes. Headed to his new house that he is closing on right this minute. Thus the extra room in my house, and the pictures of boxes. He is moving 2 hrs away from us, after 23 years in Japan. It was much cheaper to send me over 200 boxes from Japan than to have a mover do that. 

And since he's my bro what's mine is his (my space)  and what's his is mine (all those boxes, his son), even though I want his stuff to be his (although I'm enjoying his boy) and am so excited for them to be living so much closer.  Now if we can pray his wife here?  She needs her visa stuff to clear (she is Japanese) so she can bring cute little Jerry (their 5 year old)  and have their family together again, living in their new house.

Another start to the day- Paisley is now sniffling and Camden sounds stuffy:( Kat brought home a cold the first week of school and she's shared it. Can't share nothin' else, but germs, ohh yeah, they share them easily.

Still got that cute smile I love from Paisley , as well as Camden's:)

Someone who is not smiling, couldn't even get a shot of her face this morning. See the pink blur in the picture?  That's her. Chloe. Very upset. She came to me last evening and said "Mother, I don't know how this happened." 

 She chipped her tooth:(  It was the one chipped before but it's worse this time.  I told her this morning it wasn't worth being upset about, it's fixable and it happens. 

She was so happy when she got her tooth fixed from the original chip, she was so self conscious about it. So it really upset her to have it chipped again:(

I started my day with hope, hope that today could be the day we have LOA for Phoebe. How, why, do I still have hope and am not whining, complaining, suffering deeply over this horribly long wait? Well, the first thing I can say is "God." Seriously. I prayed, not just prayed, but prayed without ceasing. Every time I thought of it (which was constant) I lifted it up to Him. And when it did overwhelm me, I went to Him. And I told Him I needed peace about this. 

And He gave me peace. This is His timing. His call. We have to accept He is in control, and this is NOT about us. For whatever reason He has we wait. His timing is perfection as is His plan. We will not lose sight of that. As my good friend always says--- "There's no TESTimony without the TEST.  This journey is HIS. He is blessing us with this child. We give Him the praise. I do not lose sight of that.

So even if today ends and the call doesn't come, we will go on, trusting Him and knowing it WILL come.  And it will be the RIGHT timing. He never goes wrong.

It's a new day and I'm thankful to be here even if we continue to wait---I'm working on a second cup of tea,  needing to do another load of laundry.

How did you all -or if you are around here we say "you uuns" start your day? I hope it was with a laugh, and if not, well go back to the top there and watch that video, that'll do it for you:)


Linette said...

Let's see...I couldn't get my teenager to wake up for anything, so I eventually resorted to a cold wet washcloth on his face and neck. About twenty minutes later when he was finally coherent he said, "Mom, that cool washcloth on my face was so comfortable! I want you to do that EVERY morning!" NOT the reaction I was expecting!

thesleepyknitter said...

:-) Love the smiles!

Love the phrase, "No testimony without the test."

Love the word "you unns." Other favorites: youse, youse guys, ya'all, you all. That's what American English is all about -- flexibility. :-)

Our morning was crazy but sweet with a normally grouchy five-year-old saying in the most precious voice imaginable, "Good morning, Mommy," as if I were the very person she most wanted to see. Ahhh! :-)

Love you!

~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

Well, I am an audiologist. I was just hired to be the county audiologist for our county’s schools. I went in the first day (last Monday) and the office was a MESS. Boxes and boxes of stuff all over all the counters, floor, in every drawer, in the cabinets,… Each one was full of hearing aids and assistive listening devices, hearing aids batteries, parts, headphones, microphones unidentifiable parts and pieces and everything tangled in big knots of cords. There are so many different styles of devices that knowing what parts/pieces go with which item seems impossible. The things that have student’s names have no additional information. I don’t know if they graduated, moved, just don’t want to wear it, or if it is broken and need to go in for repair,… It has been a week and I still have no e-mail address. I am working part time replacing two full time audiologists. This morning four resource teachers were meeting at my office with the representative from a major manufacturer of this equipment. I was worried that I would say or do something and look unqualified for the job in front of my new co-workers. Since I was worried, I woke for the day at 4:00 a.m. The drive to my job is about 40 minutes. I love this quiet time to pray! It is such a gift. The only thing I wish was different was that I pass a church near my office and I so wish they had a 7:00 a.m. Mass, so I could go to Mass before work each day! Well, that was how I started my day. More information than you wanted? LOL

connie said...

I'm praying for you, sista!!!

Dottie P said...

I loved Kat's squirrel! She IS too cute!

Believe it or not, I miss those mornings getting my sweet children ready for school! They are grown and out except for one college sophomore.

Cherish those moments!