Friday, September 28, 2012


Phoebe's adoption has been quite the ride. WOW. Taking me soooo far out of my  comfort zone. You know what I mean. A predictable life, pretty much each week is fairly typical even with adoptions, I mean we KNOW the steps. But this has taken so long and been such a hard process. Not that Phoebe is not worth it. SHE IS. 
So we finally got  LOA Letter of Acceptance, our approval from China that Phoebe is our girl.  You got us here with your prayers! Without a doubt we know God has shown precious Phoebe to be our daughter.  

We've felt so blessed to be chosen to parent every one of our children.

 I have to tell you, God has provided so far every fee we have needed for Phoebe's adoption. Every last one! And this adoption has been more than others. More requirements from China-and higher fees. We've paid for Home Study, immigration fees, fingerprinting, agency fees, paperwork fees. We feel so blessed and thankful to know we have had the funds to pay everything up till now.

You all know how I feel about fundraising, it's a way to let others share in the joy, so many people can't adopt, are done adopting, but they want to honor God's word to "love the orphans" and this is one HUGE way they can help. I will NOT deny the blessing. So many times we don't ASK and God can't call people to do His will when the need is not known. It's hard to ask. It's humbling, but again, God can't come calling to help if we shut the door on Him.

We have the means, the love, the desire to parent  Phoebe once we get blondie home, it's only the funds to get there and get her home that are the issue. I do want to say here, we are not looking to raise funds to-- go on vacation, buy a new car, etc. It seems like a no brainer but I've heard of people doing that.  We take asking for help very seriously in that we do our part- work more, save all we can, live as frugally as possible, sell anything we can (MOM! Not the kids, that's illegal! I meant STUFF), apply for grants, etc. 

 No new pics of Phoebe  YET, we've asked for some-- but here's pics of 5 LESS orphans, now sons and daughters (and their redheaded bro), ones who can't wait to have another lil' sister. 

So I ask, will you help us get this precious girl home?

Don't you want to be a part of THAT?? God's work, right here!

We've already had one family offer to do a fundraiser for us, please see Beth's Etsy page, she's gonna donate  a portion of her proceeds to US:)  It's that COOL? Check it out here--
We need more ideas, any help we can get to bring our girl home. We live in a very rural area for those of you with ideas that may need to consider that:) We want to do FUNdraising, that's right, anything FUN?? To get our girl home!

 And if  even if you can't donate will you pray for us? It's doesn't cost a thing and our God hears and answers prayer:) 

Leave me comments, share your ideas, share the need PLEASE--- in any way you want to get the word out.  Chip In  is posted for those who prefer to donate money  and we have permission to accept donations through our church for Phoebe so I have posted that info for those who prefer that route and/or need/want a tax receipt.(Look up there on the right:)

 I've decided to help my blood pressure (just joking MOM my BP is fine) the Chip In is gonna reflect what we need for steps, first one is tickets for me and Chloe. If they run less, then monies will go to fees in China. It just looks so BIG (to me, not GOD) when a total figure for China travels, fees, orphanage fee, etc is totalled.

And yes, it will be me and Chloe traveling. That's it. I'm trusting the girl to NOT get me hauled off to the police station again this time. (You all can  tell me I'm nuts later)

  Can you all ask God what He wants you to do and then RUN WITH IT-- He never makes mistakes so you'll know it's right. And we  know for sure, we can't out give God, no way, no how, it's just not possible.

We trust that God will cover these fees, He never fails us so let's have FUN watching God take down this mountain.  

Can you? Will you?


thesleepyknitter said...

I'm trying to think of all the FUNdraisers I've heard of in the past year that don't involve applying for grant money.
---Hold a yard sale at someone's house in town, and ask friends and family to donate OR hold an auction and ask for donated items
---Sell traditional globe Christmas ornaments for about $10 (or $20 or whatever you feel brave enough to sell them for) with Phoebe's name on them in puff paint; then Phoebe's homecoming is a part of the giver's Christmas
---Ask a local restaurant to do a benefit in which part of the proceeds goes to adoption expenses; adoptive friends of ours did this last week at a local Fro-Jo's and raised more than $1,500 in a single evening;
---Have your children write a totally heart-warming e-book about how adoption has changed their lives, and sell the book through your website; encourage them to embellish wherever possible :-)
---Do "raffles" on your blog (if that's legal in your state) in which some fabulously wealthy friend donates a camera/iPhone/whatever and you have a drawing for it from among your financial contributors
---Sell "I <3 Phoebe" t-shirts or "I V3 adoption" t-shirts or whatever; there are some organizations out there that focus on selling adoption t-shirts for fundraisers
---Do a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, run-a-thon, whatever-a-thon
I've heard some other great ideas, but I'm so baaaaaaad about fundraisers that I haven't really paid enough attention. If I think of any more, I'll let you know.

So happy for your LOA!

Tammy said...


Can you sell Jewelry???

I can donate a bunch and you could do silent auctions right on your site...ALSO think about using our
I will give you the TOTAL sale and help you push it.

We would have to limit the time to two weeks and you get 100%...after that...your friends can buy and you keep all but 5.00 per item...its like 75%...go and ck it out and let me know. If you want to start a silent auction...let me know. I can give you the pictures and copy of jewelry for you to sell. You collect and keep the money and give me the address to mail the product too. Hope this helps. I have been reading for the past 2 yrs...and two daughters later myself :)
We all who can help should help...just saying...


Lisa M said...

Sorry I don;t have an amazing fundraiser idea but I'm completely confident that He who began a good work in you will see it through to completion! Praying and trusting Him to sell a cow for you!

Jennifer said...

Have a dinner of some sort at your church and let your budding chef, Chase plan the menu.

Jennifer said...

And you can let the rest of the kids serve as waiters. You can talk about how you are making "room for one more at the table."

Marny in Maryland said...

Oh, I LOVE the dinner idea! I don't live that far from you, I'd totally come for that!

And you should totally take Tammy up on her offer, her stuff is lovely! I bought the "Hope" bracelet from a friend (whose daughter from Korea is named Hope) when she wsa fundraising for Annie Hamlin, and it's beautiful.