Friday, September 14, 2012

Foolin' Around

Not me (MOM) the kids. They are just too funny.

Look at some of the fun things they do with/to each other. I mean, having siblings has just got to be the coolest, right?

Hummm. Well, Dustin and Camden used to think that, then they got upset with one another and we had a life lesson on living with others. How people can and do get on your nerves (no matter who they are) and that's not a reason or "okay" to be mean to the other person:(

Miss Kitty had to be included too, and when I asked her to write down her own punishment for not being nice she wrote--- No TV for a year. WOW. No. Then "NO FOOD for a year." AS IF.  Then NO WATER for a year. Drama queen. So we went with the milder "No DS for a week." I know, how could I?

I was amazed at Paisley who tried jumping, Uh, the kids even said "Mom, look, she is feeling better, she can JUMP!" (Doesn't look like it but her feet were off the floor!!) Too cute, even if a fuzzy picture of how happy she was to be doing something physical they were doing. Although I lost years off my life thinking, please don't FALL It was a delight to see her having such fun.

Later she was talking to me about going back to China to live. Yep. Still her plan. Doesn't surprise me-- does it you?  Even though we limit contact greatly to build a solid bond, I accept that some of my children will for (VERY) long periods and when angry, when unable to understand what it means--- they will want to go back to "live in China." 

I think Chloe and maybe Chance have the best understanding of what this means, really means. As in, going back to being an orphan. NOT that we would deny them as our kids (NO WAY), or not go visit them (NO WAY), but being seen in that society as an ORPHAN.  Not being able to get work. Not being seen as worthy. No matter how hard they work.

I do not deny my children their feelings. Nope.  I will give them a heads up on the reality of it though. I tell them it costs thousands to go there. I tell them that we definitely want to return with them someday to visit all the places they are from. But only to visit. We get into further as they learn and grow (not yet with Paisley, yes with the others) how even though they have friends who "SAY" they can live with them if they return, the likelihood of that being true is low.

That for Paisley, we will eventually share with her that she will not have the access to medical care she gets here. Not that we don't want her in China. If she wants to be an adult and live there, we will be---- still her parents, visiting often, supportive and need to visit often, get the drift?

But do I think it would be an easy life for them? NO.Therefore I pray for them, that they do go where they not only want to be, but where God wants them to go.  Maybe they are meant to go there and change some of those attitudes? I don't know so I respect their desires.

For the time being Paisley started Occupational Therapy in school, typing class. A great way to strengthen her weak wrists as well as give her skills to do that will not require great amounts of stress on her body. 

Chloe is finally able to see out of her eyes, and the poison ivy is down to dry patches, hardly noticeable. Thank goodness. She looked like someone slammed her in the face but good:(

Chase has been busy cutting up chicken (already dead ones--mom, from the store)  and shaping watermelon into some type of flower looking thing.
He seems to be finding a content place with this new school schedule of learning culinary arts.

No complaints out of Chance either, so he is adjusting with the new schedule he got and to high school life. Camden really likes Middle School, as well as Paisley.  It's nice that the phone calls home are more often good news than bad:)

I didn't post anything to follow up on re homing, there's some great comments on the last post left by families affected by this, as the e-mails I got were personal and I won't share personal stuff of someone else. Just know that it's a ton of pain. I'm so thankful for anyone involved, the first family who goes with the call from God, the strength to see the child may need a different situation, people who step up and offer support, help, homes.  All of these people are wonderful in my book (no, not writing one yet).

Adoption is so complicated, it's like an onion with many, many layers to peel, whole and pretty to start, then getting down to core when you get the layers peeling away.  Although adoption is not STINKY--- MOM-- don't call--- my kids shower, they aren't stinkin' like onions. Geeeshhh.  Although I might be callin' someone stinky if we don't get that LOA for Phoebe soon---- come on!

No, adoption is LOVE- pure and sweet LOVE. Just look at my treasures, how could you not love those faces? 


Rebecca said...

I love how you talk to your mom:)

Lori said...

I love how you talk to your mom throughout your post too. Cracks me up.

But seriously, I so admire how you are able to really see the big picture of these kids' keep your emotions in check (while I take way too many things personally), and you are able to let things roll off your back and handle those things with such grace.

You amaze me, woman! :) You could truly write a book...or do speaking engagements.

Here's a title for you,

"I'm not an expert, I'm the real deal. I live it, not study about it. I got this. Now listen up!"

Haha...okay, we'll work on that a bit.

Dottie P said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Rebecca.


Jo said...

OK,your last post has shed some huge light on our daughter....Yup,I've been a lurker, but now I have a google act so I can comment....Our daughter was adopted at almost 3 also. She has insisted for months that she wants to be a boy. Now she is five. Frankly I thought it was just her and her imagination. My Mom is a basket case about it! Well now I'm wondering if in her orphanage it was like that....she had a lot of boys there. She has older sibs but this all makes sense.
Whew...I love your honesty and writing from the heart.It always helps others to shed light on what they are experiencing too.

~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

Okay Vickie,
I've had enough! Give me China's phone number so I can call and see what the hold-up is with Phoebe!

Don't ya just wish it was that easy?

I pray you get word soon!