Saturday, September 8, 2012

Birthday Boys

So exciting today! We got to share a birthday with cousin Dustin for the first time ever. You see living in Japan for his whole life doesn't allow fun family gatherings for birthdays.

But he is here now------ and Camden's 12 tomorrow, Dustin is 11 on Wed so we got them a cake and P-A-R-T-A-Y time was here.  Whoo hoo.

The boys loved sharing their cake, they each had candles on a side so they could see who could blow them all out (they both missed 1) and then they opened gifts together.

Their BIG gift comes next weekend when they go with dad to a BIG Christian concert:)  They are so excited. They both love music and we love that it's Christian music, it's really neat that they can enjoy the sound and the words, no worries of smut being included.

It's been an incredibly busy week. I've been helping 2 families that are looking to re home. (Not with us MOM)  I don't ever mind anyone contacting me, I try to get back to them asap, if it's questions, needing help with an older treasure, re homing advice, whatever. It just drives home how important it is that judging is NOT the goal when a family struggles. Support is so needed.  

I feel a big post coming on that but no time right now, so I'll go back to other news.

Paisley had a orthopaedic appt to see about her hip yesterday.  Doctor explained she  does have the back side of  the damaged bone that is smoother than the front so her bones adjust to glide over that area (hence the limp as it rotates) and it allows her to walk better that way. So for now it's stable and we will maintain her as best as possible with the walking she does.

The doctor was super with her, and he was very interested in where she was from. He said he has been to China 4 times and I asked him how many kids he brought back. He said "NONE".  So I told him to "Get on the ball, bring back a kid or two."  He was also interested in my tattoos, I have a plum blossom flower for each kid and each of my Chinese kiddos names (in Chinese) on my lower leg, wrapped around one foot. So I explained that to him and told him he would be perfect to adopt a special need kiddo to his life (not to mine MOM).

He actually said his oldest child was a senior in high school and it would be a good time. So when he told us we didn't have to come back unless we have a problem for a year- I told him I want to hear he has an orphan-turned-son-or-daughter home or coming home by the time we go back:)))

You just never know who you can influence. He said to me "Oh what a good thing you have done" and I made sure to tell him "They are OUR blessings, it's not about us, we enjoy them."   And I told him 163 MILLION orphans. China's special need includes ALL of our children, yet they look just perfect to me?  Yep, can't tell me what need they have, maybe to be SPECIAL to us?

No pictures of Chloe still, I think she rapidly got over the "My tooth is chipped" when she arrived home on Wednesday with poison on her face. By Thursday morning she had 2 eyes swollen shut:(  Yep, another allergic reaction that she had to take Prednisone for (she tells people she is taking "pregnant") which raises some HUGE eyebrows.  She is looking better but the eyes are still swollen, just not SHUT.

We went to school Open House for Kat and Dustin. It seems everyone knows Kat. No surprise there. I heard PARENTS saying, "Oh there's Kat." And I was thinking "who are you?"

I took Paisley for her monthly blood work due to her medicine at the Quick Lab and some guy heard her talking to me about mixing up her friends MaKenna, and MaKenzie. He said "Oh what grade are you in, I know 2 girls named that, are you in first grade, honey?"  She looked at him and didn't answer right away so he said "2nd grade?"  She said "7th grade" and he looked at me, I said "Yep, she's 14, almost 15. And he was visibly shocked. I told him she's small but good things come in small packages. And left it at that. I could tell she was glad I took care of it and ended the conversation.

Big brother Brandon did come by this week and asked how much English Paisley spoke, she's very quiet. He said it's hard to get past the size of her, she is so close in size to Kat, who is 8. But I told him just to get to know her, because you get to know the teen she is and you forget the size. I know we do.

Everyone is doing better in school, the adjustments are going well for all, and I go in Tuesday to sign the adjustments made for Paisley in a 504 plan for her disability, that I agree with them.

For now the Birthday boys are happy, Dustin got what I call a "Boy Toy" Paisley helped me pick it out, it's a small electronic gadget that makes burp, vomiting, and other obnoxious sounds. DO we know boys or what? He thinks it's the COOLEST. He likes the "police car" one and said he was going to hide it and play it in the back seat when he rides with his dad.  I told him he might not want to do that, his dad might have a heart attack. After all he just got something we all aren't talking about SPEEDING TICKET, and he's OLD, well, okay, older than ME.  

So, your welcome big bro. I KNOW you'll love when he plays tricks on you with this annoying funny little toy.  (Remember all those years you annoyed me as a kid??)

Pay back time. Teee, heeeee......


K said...

I like the "good things come in small packages" and I'm going to use it. My little nugget is always being mistaken for a five year old, yet she'll be nine this Feb.!

Colleen said...

Vickie, what part of PA are you from? We live near Johnstown. If you're anywhere within a few hours, We would love to meet you all someday! My husband and I have 2 bio daughters who are married, and we've adopted the 3 youngest from China, ages 11, 10, & 9. Love reading your blog!

Colleen in PA

Vickie said...

Email me
We aren't but an hr and half from you!!