Thursday, September 20, 2012

A letter


We are the family of a blondie girl we are adopting from your country. We think you have forgotten us.

Blondie, who has known about us for over a YEAR, is surely thinking we are never coming for her:(

WE are on the verge of craziness. Now, we KNOW that if we head over that "verge"--- then we no longer qualify to adopt this precious gem from your country. So we are clinging to our sanity by our ragged fingernails.

We think it's..........

W-earing, wasteful of time, woefully sad
R-ude, really, really mean, ridiculous
O-utrageously mean, obtuse, ornery
N-asty, non-necessary, negative
G-rossly wrong, greatly painful, grievous

And are asking very nicely, could you PLEASE, PLEASE send our LOA (Approval for Phoebe MOM) as in, like, YESTERDAY?
We have broken down and counted it out, 140 LONGGGGGGGGG days as of today since we were logged in.  Added to our insult, we were logged in 6 WEEKS after our paperwork made it to CHINA.  Yep, I can't even add those days in without becoming a total puddle of mess.

We know you are very busy, Mr. Signs-the-paper-dude.  We get it. But we also get that our girl is waiting. She doesn't understand you are too busy. 

We also have lovely friends who are hanging on the edge of their seats waiting to see us travel again to get this treasure home. These friends worry us, SIR. They are becoming quite restless. They are making threats.  You may hear from them if you can't find the time soon to sign your little scribble on that one little paper.

We can not take ANY responsibility for the wording these "friends" may use. We can not take any credit. 

We are too busy hanging by the phone, praying, checking e-mail, checking adoption boards, stalking our agency to find out if today is THE DAY. (It was NOT)

So, needless to say, it would just be easier if you send us the paper signed and we can assure you we will be signing YES, we want her. No question on that one. Matter of fact it would be really cool of you to just send it on out. No tears, no nasty phone calls, no mean thoughts, nothing. We all can just move right along.

So any day now, Mr. Signing Dude.  ANY DAY. Tomorrow would suit, next week would be hard, but we would take that too, just NOT forgotten, like we think we have been:((( 

And if not ---weeeellllllll, we COULD give MOM your number?? Hummmm, you really would LOVE mom, she'd be happy to tell you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, why to do it, who is to do it,  how to do it.  Just might make you feel, well, kinda like us-- NUTS??  I'm just sayin'.....................


Almond Tea said...

When did you get out of translation?

Vickie said...


thesleepyknitter said...

140 days! Ack. Quadruple Ack with extra Ack thrown in!!!!

Praying with you for IMMEDIATE LOA.

Love you,

Savi said...

This is so unfortunate. :( I wish I could make it move along for you guys! But I feel, for whatever reason, like there's a definite purpose WHY your LOA is being delayed so much. I don't know how much comfort it is, but hopefully there's some knowing that God's timing WILL be perfect, no matter how crazy it seems right now. :)

Almond Tea said...

OMG, that is so unacceptable. I thought 87 days was bad. I'm so sorry

K said...

Your agency REALLY needs to call and find out what's going one! Mine calls after only 8 weeks. Light some fires under them!!!

Love for Lilly Yin said...

See, I never felt there was a true reason why with mine, I felt it was the opposition trying to keep me from my child...
praying that all obstacles be lifted!

Lisa M said...

Looks like this may be a big week for LOA's. Praying it's your week!

Sandra Bishop said...

I'm going to disagree with this being God's timing. I struggle with God being in on this. My take is that God will take this mess, made by human failure, and create something good from it. There is no reason under heaven for this to be taking so long. Praying someone gets to the source of the problem and straightens it (him/her) out yesterday! And while they're at it, find out why our expedited LOA is still waiting to be processed 42 days in and likely to sit another week due to vacation. Frustrating for us. Totally wrong for the kids.