Thursday, September 27, 2012

147 Days

So many things have happened in 147 days. So many have prayed,  stormed the Heavens, fasted. Knowing in His perfect timing it would, indeed happen.

And it HAS. We are THRILLED to announce we have been given ---(drum roll please)

LOA (Letter Of Approval) MOM

This means we check off and sign that we accept this child (Of COURSE WE DO) and then we send off this paper along with other forms to the next step. Depending on how long the next few steps take we are looking at late December travel? Not too thrilled on that one, but again, GOD'S timing.

 Gonna trust HIM in this 100%.

Please give a shout out, even you lurkers, I wanna hear from you ALL------

Because today is also the day I received word that my last surviving grandparent, my wonderful, God loving grandmother (mom to my dad) who turned 100 years old this August passed away today, and I'm betting she had something to say about the 147 day wait---- as in "Get that moving there, my Lord, this girl needs to be HOME." 

See her there in the middle? Surrounded by her surviving sons, her grandchildren, her great grandchildren and that baby beside her-- her GREAT GREAT grandson.  We live on Grammy, we live on.  Enjoy those streets of gold, being with my dad again, being with your husband, long gone- again, and most of all, being held by the Heavenly Father who loves you beyond measure. I'm sure you are soooo incredibly happy up there:) 

We'll be looking to do some fundraising for the next part of this journey, I'll write more on that soon enough, for today, we celebrate 2 fold--

Our approval
My Gram is HOME


Kjbikakis said...

congratulations on your LOA! <3
I'm sorry to here about your loss, I understand how it feels to lose a loved one. Praying that the rest of your journey to get your little girl is short and smooth!
God Bless <3
-Kirstie Bikakis

Sherri said...


I'm so happy for you! Congrats on the LOA! Finally!


And while I'm sure you're going to miss your grandmother, I know she's glad to have graduated.

Sherrie said...

OH MY HEAVENS!!! Finally, the LOA!!!!
And I am sorry about the loss of your Gram, even though we know that our Grams are where they are reaping the rewards of living a wonderful life, it's a sad day for us, left behind. Sending you hugs.

Almond Tea said...

Congratulations on your LOA!

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandmother. I'm sure she will be very missed

Maria said...

Yiiiipppppeeee!!!! So super happy for you all!

Joy said...


(Long time lurker, reluctant poster) ;)

Donna said...

Congrats on LOA!!

She looked like a special lady :)

Donna said...
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thesleepyknitter said...

So happy, happy, happy to hear about the LOA! We'll pray for travel to take place before the end of December so that you still get the adoption tax credit to help with expenses -- crazy how all of that works -- AND of COURSE so that your sweet girl can be home in time for Christmas with her new family.

I'm sorry to hear about your grandma, Vickie. We have lost our three remaining grandparents during the last four years, and we know that it is "the end of an era" for our family.

Love you!

Sharon said...

So happy for you!!!

Lori said...

Congrats! I know the wait has been hard. I'm truly happy for you.

Sarah Oyer said...

That's fantastic news, Vickie and Ron! We're so happy for you! And we hope we'll get to meet Phoebe some day! I hope you can have your little sweetie by Christmas. The best Christmas we ever had was our daughter's adoption day! We can't wait to hear about your trip.

And I'm happy for your grandmother that she's "graduated" (love that term - read it here!) - and sorry for the gap she leaves for those left behind (for now)!

Sarah the Lurker

Wes said...


Greetings from downunder, Looking forward to when you bring her home.

This song is for you and your Gram

Anonymous said...

so....maybe THIS might be a better way to communicate to you...miss talking to you so much, but soooooo excited to hear your AWESOME news!!! I feel soooo out of touch, and will have to touch base asap (yea, right- between our schedules; maybe Christmas break!)

Well, praying for you still.

Love, Brenda

Also, sorry about your grandmother...WOW!! 100 years old?!?!?! amazing!

Linette said...

Wow, so much LIFE rolled up into one day. SO thrilled about your LOA-at-last!!

Beth said...

I am sorry for your loss but so happy about the LOA! HUGS!


Joy said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see her in your arms and in your Christmas pictures.

Maureen said...

Congrats for you LOA!
I'm sorry to hear of your loss, it is hard when people we love are no longer physically with us.

Lisa M said...

What a bitter sweet day. Celebrating with you and trusting that there is a celebration in Heaven too.
Blessings and (((hugs)))

Amanda said...

I've never posted, but have been following!!! I'm SO excited about LOA!! Yay!!! But, I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Grandma Shelley said...

Whoop whoop! So glad you have your LOA! Sad for you that your Grandmother has left you. Happy for your Grandmother that she is "rocking the house" with her friends and family! You will miss her every day of your earthly life...hugs my friend.....

Dottie P said...

Just reading this today, but I am so happy for your LOA!

Sorry for the loss of your dear grandma, but I know you are happy that she's happy with Jesus.

Dottie P said...
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