Monday, August 27, 2012

They went

And off they went. To school. EVERY-LAST-ONE-OF-THEM.

And I have 7 well, now 6 hours left to myself. ME, ME, ME. 

What am I gonna do? Well I started laundry, I showered, oh, you mean FUN? Not chores? Hummmm. Uhh dance in the kitchen? Sing off key?

Read my Bible in total peace? Spent quiet time with God? Ohhh, does that sound soooo lovely. I miss that when they are all home and as soon as I get up they want to know what they can eat, for breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks.

 And what their social director AKA Mom, Me, Mudder, has planned for them for the day, then moans and groans when I tell them "cereal- don't care about lunch till lunch-same for supper and NOTHING- I am not a social director."

No calls yet today from school. Not yet. I am sure I will have at the very least 2 even though I told everyone I could- just ONE DAY, give me just ONE DAY before you start calling, 'k?  

They just laughed at me and the ESL teacher called last night, smart woman that she is.

SO I leave you with pictures of the cuties, all looking SHARP (Chloe did ask what does that mean, looking sharp, are we cutting someone?) Oh that girl.

Only one meltdown to speak of this morning, "Someone" not telling Miss Kitty  was mad when I asked why her backpack weighed 20 pounds and I refused to let her take the 15 lbs of crayons she was "100% SURE" she was gonna need them.  Nope. 10 crayons or none. I haven't missed her morning drama:(

Although she was impressed that I was able to zigzag her part for her pony tails.  You think I'd get a break from her drama just for being that COOL, but no, it didn't cut me any break.

She and Dustin leave over an hour later than the others, but they were up and ready early, everyone had trouble sleeping from excitement.  

So all alone I am. I'm not lonely, don't worry (MOM) you don't need to come over.  It is awfully quiet here though?


mom2three said...

My goodnes, has Chance shot up all of a sudden or been growing steadily? He looks so much taller in today's blog picture. What a great looking crew. Enjoy your peace.

Rebecca said...

Sounds lovely:) Enjoy the peace and quiet!