Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My girls

Time for a post all about those girls.  What girls you say? (Or not)  Well...... my girls:)

Those lovely daughters of mine.  #1 girl-- Mal is back at college. Not sure if that means I get to see more of her or less? She was really busy over the summer.  She's a super big sister and always helpful with the kids. She is helping Chloe's team with practice for field hockey because she played as well for her high school years.

#2 Chloe-- well that girl is busy too, field hockey, fretting about starting high school, what to wear the first day.  She got rude about leaving her shoes for practice and dad had to have a talk with her. Telling her they were HER responsibility to make sure she has them.

Because she was being rude to ME-- and I told her field hockey was optional, not required and if she couldn't be nice to her "driver" the trips would stop.  AKA field hockey no longer. And she did a quick, and I mean, quick, turn around in behavior.  Such a teen:)

She's looking forward to going to China with me, she's very excited to return and wanted to know if she could take an entire suitcase empty to fill with her favorite snacks to bring home. Uhh, no. They are bound to think she's nuts, checking an empty suitcase:)  I did ask her not to pack up all her underwear yet. 

#3 Paisley-- she is calling me "Mudder" which cracks me up. It's her way of saying Mother, something Chloe and Chase call me. Not as a formal "MOTHER" but more out of respect for me.  Mom, mudder, I'll take either:)

Although I worried when she first came that she would not be thrilled to learn we were adopting another child after she came, she has been happy and even helpful about Phoebe. She told me the other day when she was sharing things about her orphanage and life in China that I needed to learn more Chinese for Phoebe. That she would teach me. So she said I needed to know how to say "bathroom" and she worked with me to teach me.

I said to her "So you are saying "I love you daughter" isn't enough?? And we laughed, because I have that down pat:) I say it often to all my girls. (Yes, MOM, I can say I love you son too)

But she felt my Chinese is sorely lacking for all these neat Mandarin and Cantonese speaking children I have.  I did worry if Paisley would be upset to learn I would not be taking her to China for Phoebe's adoption, but she knows and is fine with it.

I guess it's because Chloe is going because her English is the best, and I told all the teens that. Now, when we plan our return trip (someday) for all of them we will go and take all, visiting all the places each child is from.  

But about Miss Paisley my #3 daughter--We did our private tour of the brand new Middle School as well as met Paisley's new buddy today. We have decided to place her in 7th grade to give her more time in school and for the best fit maturity wise for her. She was surprised but just smiled, when I told her. 

 She knows the others here are also lower in grades than they "should be" and we didn't really expect it, but the ELL (English Language Learner) teacher got some test scores for Paisley and she suggested this would be a better fit to go with 7th grade.

She seems happy to be going back to school although worried she won't understand what the teachers are saying.  I told her they know she needs help and she will have plenty of it. Her "buddy" will be a good help to go over work with her as well as letting the ELL or guidance counselor know if any issues arise that Paisley needs even more help. She's getting a ton of support for all her needs.

On to the next one--#4 Kat. She is growing so tall! Size 6x pants are out for her. She has 7 to start this year. She picked out the brightest pink with neon green lace new sneakers. Girl loves BLING.  She is excited to be a third grader. She was worried about her backpack being "big enough" for all the work she is going to have. 

Her front teeth are FINALLY almost the whole way in.  And clearly she will be needing braces. Crooked as can be. 

Last but not least--Phoebe. #5 daughter. Wow. I never thought I would wait so long to meet this precious one. BUT---- I'm 100% sure she will be so worth it.  As we wait for LOA, yes, still waiting for LOA (Letter of Acceptance MOM) which we should have had months ago, and our HS (Home study) should never have taken so long, but we have no doubt of God's perfect timing and we totally trust in Him.

Therefore we wait for this treasure, knowing she is worth this wait. Worth the paperwork, worth the aggravation of paperwork errors that have been out of our control. She is our girl:)

It doesn't surprise me now, that when I was birthing children, with each one I asked God for a daughter. I wanted a girl so badly.  I thought I didn't have anything in common with boys. I was a girlie girl, I didn't do dirt, bugs, and all those wonderful BOY things. And yet, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 birthed sons I got.  

So interesting enough, He will have given me 5  daughters--the same number of the sons I birthed. Not that I would change any one of my children, nope, I love them as is. Every last one of them, no matter how they came to me. It just seems funny to look back now and see God was so right, and did it so perfectly to give me the daughters I have.  None by birth, but none any less MY girls. Every single one of them. Each so special, such a blessing to me.

Beautiful inside and out, I'm just overwhelmed with God granting me not just 1 daughter of my dreams, but 5!  

I'll try to get to a post about those boys, right after I get done being mad at one for putting foil in the microwave and nearly causing a fire even though he has been told over and over not to do that- then the one that put his sister in a suitcase in the attic, as well as telling her he was "sending her back to China" and the one who left me hanging till Monday if he was going to college or not and classes started MONDAY. (He went MOM)

They are in the DOG HOUSE right now. So I love them but I'm not exclaiming how wonderful they are just today. Maybe tomorrow? 

Boys, you just gotta love 'em:)  (Yes I do MOM)

 What else can you do with them?


mom2three said...

I can picture God smiling as you were doing the paperwork for Kat, knowing where this would lead in future years. His plans are perfect. I love my three so much, and we are waiting to see if God has a number 4.

K said...
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MommaT said...

Great post! and for the boys...just marry them off and let their wives worry about them:)