Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kite Flying

This week brought Paisley some new fun- kite flying. 

Brother Chase got it going for her since she can't really run, and she hung on while the wind blew, soon to storm, perfect weather for kite flying.

She was so excited that she could hang onto it and watch it fly.  It stayed up a long time and went really high. Neat to see her enjoying an outdoor activity.

We see much improvement of her strength and endurance.  Physical therapy (PT) 3 times a week along with the shots she had has given her much more mobility and we are seeing her much happier to be able to do things she could not previously.

Her doctor visit last week went okay. Doctor is pleased with the shot results and PT but the long term damage of her bones from the steroid use for years in China is bad. Her right hip is supposed to have a ball and socket, uhhh, she has neither:(  Just some bumpy and weak bone left there--- and she's walking on that:( The steroids made her bones look like they have bubbles in them, that's weakened spots:(  That hip and her wrists are the worst.

We go to an Ortho doctor next month to get a picture of where she is at now, so if she worsens we have a baseline of where she was. The issue is her bone is not healthy to support a hip replacement more than ? 1 or 2 times? And they only last 10 years. So we are going to keep that as a last resort for sure.

We are working on a buddy for her in school, we will be getting a private tour of the new Middle School they are completing now with the buddy this coming week. That's to keep the bustling of many people (during regular touring hours) away- we have to be very careful she does not fall on her hip ever. 

She will have PT at school and no gym, extra music class which she loves as well as use of the elevator and a rolling backpack:) All things to help her make it a great year. We are going with 7th grade for her after much thought about the best fit for her. 

What is everyone else up to? Chase has continued to have great strides in behavior. Gosh, he's really likable when he is open to talking with people. He seems so much happier too. Normally he wouldn't think to help anyone to fly a kite but he OFFERED to help Paisley and we were thrilled to see him "play" a little too:)

Chloe is in field hockey and started practices. I'll have to get a picture of her. I try to arrange to pick her and Hannah up from practice after Paisley's PT to keep the trips to town down. Hannah's mom is sharing the trips to get the girls to practices which is wonderful of her because it's a huge help.

Chance wanted to know how much summer school he would have to do? Gosh, worrying early that he will fail 9th grade. Poor guy, he improved more than Chase (willingness to learn the problem there) in ESL last year. I told him to stop worrying, he will be fine.

Camden and Dustin are playing with their trains, having a grand time together.  It's such fun for them, they get along so well.  BTW--Dustin's momma-- I am NOT adopting your son. I know he "looks" like he fits right in here, but he loves you and misses you. I'm quite content to be his Aunt Vickie:)

Kat is eager to start school, the girl loves school. She is such a social butterfly:)
"Everyone" at school knows her and she can't wait to get learning. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up so she loves to learn. Math is her favorite.  When Paisley was telling me that her knuckles were hurting (yeah, she is telling me when she hurts, a clear improvement over suffering in silence) Kat was AMAZED when I told her it was probably going to storm.

She said "HUH?" And I explained that sometimes bones and joints ache when it's going to storm, if you have arthritis like Paisley (and a little for me in hands, a hip and knee) so Kat thought that was SUPER cool, till I told her it really wasn't fun to hurt to know it was going to rain, we could just watch the weather?  She nodded and said "Oh, well yeah."  

STILL no approval for Phoebe. 100+ days, I quit counting. It's just too hard. We are trying to be patient. I know it's all God's timing and HIS path for her to join our family. So we continue to trust totally in HIM and know it will be His perfect timing for us and her.

This week will be school clothes shopping, although much is done because I clearance shop after school lets out in June (and before that) so only a few things needed. 

 Only 9 days till school!!  Wow, where did summer go?


thesleepyknitter said...

Kite flying! How fun!

Blessings as you get everyone ready for school.

MommaT said...

Are you still waiting for LOA?!!!!