Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I admit it

......................................I MISS THEM. 

Happy now? (MOM)

Not one phone call from school the first day and I am alone again today. Just the dogs to keep me company. Although today I am going to sit with my gram, she's 100 years old now:) 

I can't stand the quiet. Although we were back in the swing of things yesterday when I got a call.  Someone (not sayin' who) ended up in the ELL room sobbing.  ONE OF MY CHILDREN!!

WHAT????   Seems only 2 of the 15 teachers who received a letter from ME today via my children had already gone to the ELL teacher and asked what modifications our children would need in their classes.  Again---- WHAT???

So my children brought home paperwork saying they HAD to sign and so did I that they were going to read Charles Dickens and write weekly essays on said book, as well as study DNA, etc. HUH?  Can you imagine? That's like taking me to China and handing me a menu, no pictures and saying "Order for 20 and don't you dare get it wrong or you'll be slapped."  AHHHHHHHHHH.

So I spent numerous hours last night drafting 15 letters to 15 teachers pertaining to my children and explaining they understand about 20% of what is being said to them in their classes due to talking too fast and it being above their level. And that sending them home freaked out over homework involving DNA was NOT okay with us. 

Also calling on child and embarrassing them till they cried was NOT ACCEPTABLE to us. And better not happen again. Suggested group work, where they come up with the answer within a group and told ALL of them if they did not understand our child's need they needed to IMMEDIATELY contact ELL teacher to see what was the correct work for our child. And gave out my contact info for any who wanted to speak to me.

I sent copies to the principal because the twins are in high school this year and even though a few of the teachers had Chase last year and you would think they would realize, oh another one of ours by the last name and know adjustments would need to be made, that didn't happen.

And saying "We didn't know."  IS NOT OKAY. They were informed ahead of time. I know this for sure.  I'm thinking they MIGHT get it right about the time Camden comes along to high school and won't they get a shock when they see red hair and have everything adjusted for a Chinese kiddo:)))  Ha ha. 

So I heard back from the director of student services who will be taking care of things. She was very understanding.  I'm sure she wasn't thrilled I sent letters but I am my children's advocate. It is not supposed to take weeks to get the school on the right track to teach our children.

I have to say too, Chloe really gets the short end of the stick. Because she is so incredibly bright and was here longer (by a year) we see teachers thinking she comprehends things way above her level. No, she does not. The girl stresses and works her tail off to do work for her grade level, only 3 years home. So it was imperative they understand how long our children have been home as well as a short background of where they came from, treatment in schools in China which adds to their fear of not meeting teachers standards here.  

They KNOW they will not be hit here, not denied food, but deep down they are scared to death to displease a teacher. Thus, when I handed out letters to be given to teachers today, Chance was deeply concerned I was going to get in trouble, he was so concerned for ME:)

I guess he doesn't trust Mama Bear's temper. I told him it was perfectly fine, NO ONE was in trouble, it was just helping the teachers understand what help they all need and  what I do not want to see for our kids.

The kids all came home-- tired. Hungry. The usual- ha ha.  Wanting to know what was for supper. Paisley was wore out from her day. Not too much that she didn't show some spunk, she showed me her very sharpened pencil and asked if I wanted poked. I said "Nope, if you do I'll tell dad you don't love me and I'll cry like a baby."  She said "NO." Then she asked "Why you cry like baby?" I told because she would hurt me. And she said "No." Again. Phewww. She must like me a little:)  

We went to PT last night but put that on hold till next week when Paisley is more settled and we have some idea of how many sessions of PT the school will be doing with her. It's almost too much for her after school, she is very wore out even with using the elevator and modifications to allow her more time to get from class to class.

Adding to "school issues" I've got college son gone 1 week and calling home to say he is in emergency housing-- 2 of the 3 room mates have been arrested and are being expelled from college because of drugs. (NOT my son MOM)  OIY.  It's not even safe to be in his dorm room. Who goes to college to deal drugs? Oh, that's right, drug dealers. BOOO. I'm glad you were caught. Shame on you. 

So another day down of this school year and hopefully it will only get better:)


Ava said...

Would Paisley consider using a scooter?
I have a muscle disease, and use one for last 6 years. I am actually looking for new one and found this
I came here at 18 years old and went to high school. I did not speak any English and had difficulty walking. It was tough!
I do not want to sound like I'm bragging, but I want to tell your kids and especially Paisley that life is waiting for them.
Dreams DO COME TRUE in America!
I graduated high school in 2 years after coming here. Two years after that I got Associate Degree in Accounting. I am married and we have a beautiful daughter adopted from China.
I know that Paisley will have a wonderful life here.
I wish I had a scooter like that when I was in High School and college. Paisley could just use it to get from place to place and transfer to a regular desk.
She would have enough time to stretch between classes instead of rushing to be on time.
I was pushed, and fell so many times.
Now I can just enjoy looking at things instead to look under my feet;)
Hugs to you and your beautiful family

thesleepyknitter said...

Oh, Mama Bear, you keep fighting for your cubs! And may God sustain you all the way.

We've got a sickie at home today, a particularly whiney sickie at that :-), so it's not as quiet a school day as it might have been otherwise.

Love you and all there at your house!

Holly said...

Have you ever homeschooled Vickie? I'm sure you would be great at it. Really! :) I do think the laws where you live are a bit stricter but manageable! :) just an idea. Don't throw anything at me!! :)

MommaT said...

You go Mama Bear! I have to do the same thing for mine. It makes me steam that they can't just get it (they being the school) from year to year. Poor Titus gets the worst because he is smart and too humble to ask for help or admit he needs it so everyone assumes he knows everything!