Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gifts Galore

Not only did we get to have very special visitors this week- they came bearing gifts.

Amazing gifts. Translators, puzzles, games, writing paper, computers, snacks (sadly for the children- happy for mama --no chicken feet) all from China. The kids were soooooo thrilled with all these goodies. 

Ben is the cutest guy that Mark and Sarah adopted  from the same orphanage as Chloe and he had a very special closeness with Chloe. Therefore when they adopted him and then returned to visit years later, they had pictures of Ben and Chloe in the orphanage as well as when they returned.  We are so thankful for these pictures of her because they are the youngest pictures we have of Chloe:)

Mark, Mia, Sarah. Ben, Chloe, Auntie, Director
The kids (and us adults)  spent last evening visiting, enjoying all the fun stuff and the kids enjoyed talking with Ben's parents, since their Mandarin is much better than mine. We had such a wonderful evening. 

In other news, whirlwind- aka brother Roy, found a house.  Made an offer, they countered, he countered, they accepted and he is now under contract to be a proud home owner. Now, no laughing, but he needs the entry way painted. Because someone liked a very deep shade of purple that brother saw past and said this is our house. Could picture himself living there. All but for the purple paint, that is.

So even though I swore I would not paint again for years, just last year,  I see myself unable to make my OLDER brother live with purple walls. Humm, I think he's gonna owe me for this.  BIG.

Add that to the 20 or so boxes of his in my bedroom, he's really gettin' in deep debt to his lil' sis, huh?  Between that and him telling our mother to come visit then not being here when she got here? He's really getting into deep do-do.

Good thing I love him tons:)

He noticed when he was video calling his wife in Japan, Ms Paisley was easily picking up things they were saying. Seems she is quite gifted in language as well as song.  I'm terribly jealous since not only am I directionally challenged, I do not pick up other languages easily.

I was able to use one of the neat gifts Ben and family brought, paper that you write on it to learn the Chinese characters with a pen that writes with water, it then fades and you can practice again, over and over. That's me, needing practice:)  Chloe was showing me how to write, flower, mud and water. Not sure if she wants to plant flowers or what her theme there was?

What else is up around here?  Paisley is moving around MUCH easier, no doubt feeling better making us feel better for the torturous shots she endured.

Chance has become a summer bum. I think he sleeps 12 hrs a day, and I told him I'm gonna put him to work if he can't crawl out of bed with mom telling him to before noon.  And no, (MOM) he is not ill.  His appetite has not waned in any way, shape or form. 

Chase was getting close to resorting to grunting at me, in order to avoid speaking, when we put a halt to his rudeness. He so easily tends to fall back into the rude ways, sometimes it's hard when I know such behavior in China would be not be seen as rude, but it is here.

 And he lives HERE. He needs to get along HERE-- so letting it go is doing HIM a disservice. He would go to the patio door and grunt out "garden" when he was already out the door.

I insist he say "I'm going out to my garden" in a normal tone which takes very little extra effort. And he has been able to do it.  A work in progress, we see improvement with him not being angry for long periods of time, accepting our parenting.

A long time coming but totally worth the effort invested in him, just as we do for all the kiddos.  Some easier than others, but all are 100% worth it.  

Today they are one happy, entertained bunch of Chinese treasures:)  

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thesleepyknitter said...

sounds like it was such a happy evening to have the friends visit and bring gifts. :-)