Sunday, August 5, 2012

Four Wheelin'

Round these parts a good time can be described as gathering with friends, playing a game of ball and hopping on some 4 wheelers for a ride.

So off we went to Mike's Fest, one of the Youth Leader's from church invites everyone over to his farm and we all bring a dish and us ol' folk sit around and talk, and eat. While off the kiddos go to enjoy games and 4 wheelin.'

I was thrilled to see someone brought a go cart type thing, with seat belts and roll bar included. Because Miss Paisley has been wanting to go a 4 wheelin' and I've been scared to death to let her. Although I KNOW (MOM) I can't treat her like a fragile flower.  It hard not to, it's the momma in me.

So off she went. And she had a blast. She wanted to go over and over, as did Kat because they were able to be safe and go.  So when I asked for my annual pic of them I goofed. I waited because when we got there people were already on all the picnic tables and I didn't want to be rude my momma did teach me something and I didn't get their picture then.

So by the time I got them rounded up they were --- sweaty.  As well as mad that I pulled them away from the fun. Crying (Kat) because it was her turn to go and she would surely miss out:(  Annoyed, because they had to sit for a few seconds.

Oh, the pain I go through to provide them with treasured memories in their books. The buggers. 

Speaking of their books, this is how I do their books. Lots of people think they aren't possibly crafty enough to do a life book but it's not tough.

 A few pictures, some fun scissors, some stickers, print out a few things (China flag, Asian real looking baby doll, personal sayings) a glue stick and you are ready to craft.

I always start at their birth no matter how little we know. Because they need to see their beginning and know that their birth was important.  A reason for celebration. Special. 

Then we go into the place they are from, some of what their city in known for, then their pictures they come with, then us as a family waiting for them, then when they join us.

  I added the picture of how we handled Paisley's adoption, the clip covers the entire journey in pictures of her adoption from China. I did a "birth" page then all her pictures she came with along with info about her city- then to the adoption and then to us.

I think the biggest factor for making the book, even if you only make one and do it from birth until they come to you-- it shows your child their story and shows them their life is important and special, special enough to get their very own book made about them.

What else are we up to around here besides 4 wheelin' and scrapbooking?  

Well we started physical therapy for Paisley. To strengthen her. Get her more mobility. 3 times a week. She thinks it's quite funny to squeeze the ball between her knees and  lift the tiny weights. The first weights, 2 lbs, were too much for her wrist:( So they went to 1 lb. and will work up to 2 lbs. She just doesn't have the strength in her arms or wrists.

The whirlwind- aka, my bro, left yesterday to return to Japan. I think he forgot something- or should I say "someone" ---'cause this little guy is still here?  

Actually, Mr. D is staying here till his dad returns in 3 weeks, much to Camden's total delight. And honestly, I don't think I have ever been so thankful to have another child staying. You see, Camden is kept sooooo busy there is little time to pick at and fight with KAT:)))  

What a relief. I mean, they could sign up for the Olympics as a new sport Picking 1:1 and they would WIN. Honestly. My friend suggested our kids should go to school 10 weeks then have 3 weeks off, all year. I sure wish they did. 3 months is just too long. Our kids do not enjoy unstructured time and I do not like being considered their social director for 3 months solid.

We go back to the Rheumatologist this week, to see what course of treatment we need to change/follow for Paisley. No shots involved this time- phewww.

I found out today that Paisley has worn 2 shirts that are pajama shirts to places. I didn't realize they were pajama shirts, and quite frankly they were CLEAN, so it wasn't a big deal but Chloe pointed it out and said she had told Paisley but she refused to listen. So I told her "No pajama shirts when we go out." She went and changed:)  Chloe was mad she didn't listen to her but I was glad she listened to me, like she should:)

Chloe cracked me up when she told me "Mother I have no sense." And I thought, well, you said it? But she meant CENTS. I was laughing-oops.

Then she told me "You need that" when a commercial came on about needing relaxing, healthy lifestyle---- but it went on to say "to get pregnant" and she quickly said "Ohh, whoops, you don't need that." And I said "No, I do not, thanks anyway."

I guess I could claim to be "paper pregnant" waiting for my 8 year old Phoebe to come home. Apparently I birth them BIG? Ha ha.

 Bring it on, I'm happy to take that "pregnancy" and have it move on to the ending aka, our beginning with her:) 

 Praying for LOA (Letter of Acceptance) this week-- God's timing- it's never, ever wrong. 


thesleepyknitter said...

:-) I love, love, love your blog. Thanks for sharing about the life books. We want to do something like that, too, and maybe this fall I'll be able to. The four-wheelin' sounds like a blast! Blessings to you and all in the Just a MINute, Mom family!

Rebecca said...

We too are awaiting that LOA! Ours is a bit behind yours though. Would've been fun to run into you on the red couch! It is back in business, yes?

Sue said...

I love our year around school, I agree 3 months is a long time out of school. I hope you get your LOA this week, it has been a long time waiting.

Chris said...

These paper pregnancies produce them large because they take forever LONG!
An elephant's gestation is one year.