Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bloomin' Fair

This week has been quite the busy one. Not too busy that we didn't make it to the county fair. Of course, we had to go, I mean when else do we get to eat bloomin' onions, fried twinkies, funnel cakes, monkey bread, and cheesecake on a stick.

Lest you think all we did was EAT- I assure you we viewed many a cow butt- why do they make the cow barn so that you are viewing their "back ends?"

We also saw miniature horses, donkeys, big horses, sheep, pigs, goats, bunnies, and chicks. The children badly wanted a bunny, but got a fish instead. (No laughing MOM)

Yes, we paid $5 for 80 balls and split them so they could win a pitiful looking 50 cent fish that we named Ody and immediately took to Hannah's house for "safe keeping."  Meaning if it lives a week, we'll buy Ody a bowl, but likely since Ody is looking ill already he will meet with the toilet bowl of life (or death if you prefer) and his issues will all be washed away- literally. 

I enjoyed the fair immensely, for 2 reasons. Chase, who had a genuine good time and smiled a real smile in the family picture with a tractor, hey, we are in rural Pennsylvania, here, the size of your tractor is VERY important. We will not discuss how big a tractor we own (none). He really has made huge strides this week, I see a peace in his face I've not seen before.

Second reason- Paisley, oh be still my heart.We started out all in a group, which means a fairly large group to try to stick together. Doesn't work so well, plus lots of people bustling around. She grabbed my arm first, hanging on. Kat was holding my other hand. When Paisley realized she was throwing us both off balance hanging onto my arm, she took my hand. And she held my hand the whole time:)))) It was so sweet, even when she needed to let go to open her water to get a drink, she immediately came back and grabbed my hand. 

I was able to give her stability with all the walking, and we walked the whole grounds. I was able to make sure we weren't wearing her out, and ask her discreetly if she was up to more, giving her the ability to tell me and me end the evening not with her feeling blame for not being able to "keep up" but with ME saying "It's gettin' dark, time to go."  

I made sure she got in to see all the animals as close as she wanted, I  even got an owner to let her pet a calf up close. She also called me "mom" a number of times when  she wanted to see something:)

Kat said at one point, "She has MY side" and I had to remind her the "side" she was talking about was ME and MY arm/hand and no one OWNED me-- that the other hand/arm was just as good. She pouted a few minutes then came right back to the other side which turned out to be just as good as the "favored" side.

Funny girls. It's such a blessing to have Kat, who is still so loving and needs that contact, because for Paisley she is able to see that and not feel out of place wanting that contact as well. No one looked at us funny when it looks like I have 2  littles holding my hands, it's not obvious to anyone she is a teen.

I've seen more and more of the little girl within the teen, such a good sign. Sharing her needs no matter if they appear immature or not, they are needs and I will meet them. Building her trust in us. In some ways she is very vulnerable/ yet very mature--- that amazing combo that most teens have to keep their parents on their toes:)

Speaking of the teens we call "ours"--I am not mentioning any names here (Chance) but who would think to put their hand in the mini horse pen and horsey would think it meant FOOD--- yep, a bad nip of those small-but-powerful teeth and he has a nasty boo boo.  Then later I see him putting his hand in the goat pen? HELLO SON??

Did you notice how colorful my family is? Well--they did that all themselves, by accident.  Everyone a different color, making them look bright, if not all cheery.  (Don't know what Camden or Chloe's issue was in my picture-- I bet it was hunger, we hadn't fed them yet)

Off to enjoy more family fun today-- dad's family reunion.  Swimming, more food, family, more food, some more swimming.  A great summer Saturday planned:)


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