Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Will you?

I had a need placed on my heart recently. I pondered over it. As we humans so often do, I thought, hummmm, wonder why?

I've learned not to ask God, because so often even if it takes YEARS God is the Almighty Father and He has asked or walked me, even held me through things I didn't really want to do/experience but then I see later where it was meant to help me/ or someone I love later on in life.

So I finally stopped asking whining "WHY God?" When things go a way I don't expect or He asks something of me I don't totally understand. (Yeah mom I finally get it)

You see this is a different situation, but one of need. This is a very special couple, see how cute they are? They want to adopt. A special needs child from China. 

Yep. They do. Now here's why this is so important---- they need funds. 

And I knew God was asking ME to help them. Now, I could say many of the things some people will say--

If they want to adopt let them save up
If they don't have the funds they should wait

Just to say a few. 

But here's what God says --
"Trust in me." 
"Care for the orphans."  

Just to say a few.

I don't believe God means for them to wait. I think He placed their need on my heart for a good reason. One of the reasons I find them soooo special is that they are of Chinese descent. WHY does this matter?

Well, raising child who come from a culture that they--

1. Were totally rejected in
2. Were required to give up their home land, culture, etc to become our children

I can't give my children parents that look like them. My children walk into any place with us and they are immediately understood to be adopted children. Hubby's blue eyes and my red hair leave no doubt. Now for US, we don't care. But I often wonder if our children would ever honestly say "Just once I wish you were Chinese like me."

We can't give them the deep understanding of their culture. We did not grow up in it. And although we don't agree with many aspects of that culture (worthiness of orphans being a big one) we still want them to HAVE their culture to enjoy, to feel a belonging to. Because they ARE Chinese. We didn't adopt them to take that from them.

So why is this couple and their need so important? Well I look at it 2 ways--- 

One is the fact that they are of Chinese descent but are God loving Christians.
They have the POWER to show God's love to MANY-- people they are related to,  know, who know them as CHINESE. They can spread God's love, through their acceptance and LOVE of an orphan to soooo many people who otherwise may never get it.

I mean, most Chinese people think we are nuts. Wacko. Bonkers. Adopting orphans unwanted in their society. They are not looking deeper. Because they don't feel a bond to us. But Jax and Kenny, well, they are blessed to have Chinese ties, and they can make a HUGE difference in how their relations view God, God's love and  the worth of Chinese orphans-- through their adoption and love of one of these precious children.

They can and will understand/ maintain Chinese culture for their child, but also give their child GOD.

Now what could be bigger than those things?

The only thing I can think of  BIGGER is if they adopt and adopt and adopt and beat us as to how many kids we have. (Sorry Kenny and Jax) 

But really-- I know God wants me to help them. So I ask, will you? Will you go here 

Donate to the Chip In, spread the word, suggestions for fundraising, PRAYERS for this wonderful couple who we can ALL watch them as they embark on this wonderful journey, right from their start.

It just makes me want to jump up and down for them, I mean, who wants to miss out on this?  Not me.  We can all go on this journey through this wonderful family-to-be.

 Let's get this pesky issue of money out of their way and get moving on seeing the precious child's face they are gonna be blessed with:)

How 'bout it?

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Dottie P said...

Hi, Vickie,

I just logged onto Jaxchronicles and chipped in my little bit to help. I will repeat what I said to them: I only had a little to chip in, but I am so happy to be a part of this. People should not be afraid if they only have a little to give, a lot of us giving a little will add up. What better way to let the Chinese culture know the importance of orphans than to have Chinese adopt and be proud of it! What better way to tell the Chinese of Christ than through Chinese people adopting? Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share in this.