Thursday, July 26, 2012

Text Lesson and Bravery

My children have often given me lessons, the latest were  in texting and bravery.

Yep.  Did you know <3 is a "heart" sideways? I had NO idea. (Stop laughing kids) That wonderful Chloe taught that to me AND dad. I didn't feel so bad when DAD didn't know what it was either.

The "bravery." Oh.  That was Paisley. WOW. That girl is really something.  We went to her rheumatologist appointment. The doctor (one of the best in the USA) was not impressed with the treatment results so far of her juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Not at all. Knees are swollen, as are elbows. Bones are deformed, that will not change for the better. Limitation of movement is much more than should be per doctor.  

The doctor decided she wanted to inject medication into Paisley's joints of her elbows, wrists and knees. Even though I am a nurse, let me tell you, when you see someone taking an inch and a half needle and shooting it in your child's wrist-- OIY. It's not pretty.

I felt so bad when they did her knees and it wasn't too bad, then bam, they did her wrists and it hurt her terribly. She sobbed. She let me hold her, she was in soooo much pain.  Her knees showed immediate improvement- which was a relief since we felt awful seeing her being stuck like that.

We go back in 2 weeks to see how the medicine helped and to determine if the medicine she is on needs to be changed (most likely will happen). We also will get started on PT/OT and monthly blood work.  I'm so thankful the Doc is very proactive in  wanting to get Paisley as pain free and mobile as possible.  Her treatment plan is complicated by her long term medicine (In China) she should not have been on long term:(

The doctor asked a routine question-- Who all Paisley lived with in the home? and when I said she had 3 brothers (Donovan is off to college now) she looked at me and went "Huh?" 

So I explained to her the doctor didn't mean how many TOTAL brothers she had- she knew 3 didn't sound right:) I told her I didn't forget any of the kiddos, it was only kids in the home. She really likes her big bro Derrik, as you can see, even though she is totally dwarfed  by her oldest brother. He's 6 ft 4.  She knows he's just a big ol' Teddy Bear at heart.

The doctor gave us the name of a fantastic Chinese restaurant, and off we went to find it. It hardly looked like a restaurant, but it had the best food! We thought Paisley deserved some great Chinese food. We didn't realize as we sat and ordered that her wrists were hurting so bad she couldn't use her hands:(
When Chloe offered to feed her sister, Paisley started to cry.

I had dad trade me seats then and I told her it was okay, we were the only people in the place and there was no one to see or care and I didn't mind helping her, so then she allowed me to feed her. Shrimp fried rice, one of her fave foods:)

She had to have help to get in the van, and up the steps, she allowed dad to help her. Later I had to help her in the bathroom and I carried her to bed, then to the couch when she was still hurting and couldn't get comfy in bed. Her one wrist is still achy but otherwise she is feeling much, much better. And moving so much better. She was singing earlier so I knew she was on the mend, she only sings when happy- which is often:)

Chloe and dad couldn't stand seeing the needles, they were sooo impressed with how brave Miss Paisley was as well. Dad turned slightly green when he glanced over at the wrong time.

I was supposed to meet up with Uncle Roy today to look at houses with him (for him) but my van had other ideas. Like let me drive in pouring rain and thunderstorms till I was mere miles away from destination and then check engine light come on and start sputtering. OIY.   I had to turn around, was praying like mad we made it home as we had an hour trip to make over a mountain and van was not happy to climb that hill. 

We made it (thank you God) and I even got it in to a mechanic who changed out spark plugs and wires so van is good as new (for now) and I was home for the call from agency with the news we did indeed, get the paperwork issue for Phoebe cleared up. WHOO HOOO.  Such good news! Prayers answered there!

So there's our last 2 days,  lots of progress that we are so thankful for:)


Rebecca said...

Sweet Paisley, you are in my prayers tonight. The words that come to my mind in regards to your character are courage and humility. Two of my very favorites! I hope that come morning, you are bouncing around the house, singing your little self silly:)

Dottie P said...

I am so sorry that poor Paisley had to suffer so much from those shots which will eventually make her better, but what sweet lessons she got to learn about family loving on her to feed her and carry her and make her comfortable. I am also praying for a quick recovery and a newfound agility!

~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

Tears, tears, and more tears.
Tears for Paisleys suffering. Tears for the love of a sister to want to feed her new sister. Tears at the love of a family. Tears at The good news of your paperwork resolved.
BTW, my cousin just arrived in China this morning to get her second daughter (not an older child adoption). Here is the link if you want to follow along:

Sue said...

Paisley, so sorry for all the pain you are enduring. I will pray it will help you in the long run