Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

Who, you say?  It's the TWINS, of course.

Chance and Chloe are 16 years old. Amazing. Don't worry, no driving anywhere near in their future, mom and dad aren't ready for that yet, oops, I mean, the twins aren't ready yet. 

Chloe got her very wanted phone. We think she was ready for that. She was thrilled. Chance got shoes  he asked for and something really special. He asked for something a few weeks ago that I knew he would be sooooo excited if I pulled it off and I did.

You see Chance has been scared to death to face something quite normal.

A DATE. How does it work? What does he do? How to ask a girl? So I asked the wonderful friend of Chloe (Hannah) whom Chance has ADORED since he laid eyes on her 2 years ago, if she would be willing to go to the movies with him and cleared it with her mom and dad.

I put a picture of her and him on a paper and explained the gift.  A movie "date" paid for by us, including snacks and flowers for her.

He was excited, nervous, happy,  embarrassed. He didn't know if she had agreed, so he was worried at first. Once I assured him she had agreed (ahead of time) he was so nervous. We planned it for last night, right after their birthday party so he wouldn't have time to freak out.  

We provided the roses he gave her when he arrived at her door, he was even worried about how to hand them to her. I told him "Just don't throw them at her!"  He was so happy to take her, they went to a PG movie. I know he had a good time because he hugged me and thanked me like 5 times:)

The twins still have a hard time when any focus is on them, it's hard to get pics of them alone, harder yet together and not looking goofy. We managed a few, even with them being shy and moving faster than any camera can catch.

We're just so thankful to see these two, twins, growing up together, as they should. Having birthdays, dates, wanting to learn to drive, thinking of what they will do with their lives, growing in our love.

Healthy, safe, loved, so very, very wanted.  Treasures, they are, together and thriving because of God-- His miracles, and so many people that cared.  They both are so special.

Happy 16th Birthday Chloe and Chance!! 


Sherri said...

that's so sweet! such a good looking young man!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to both Chloe and Chance! What a sweet birthday present. They both seem like such sweet kids!

thesleepyknitter said...

Happy birthday, Chloe and Chance!

What a wonderful, sweet post. You are such a great mom, thinking about how to meet the unique needs of these treasures!

Cayle said...

I can not believe they are already 16 and that has to be the cutest present ever. I am glad they had a great birthday.

Dottie P said...

Happy Birthday, Chloe and Chance! A date is normal, and so is being nervous about it! How great that you were able to pave the way for him to make it a bit easier!