Saturday, July 14, 2012

No news

I'm gonna say no news is good news at this point because that's all I have on the Phoebe front. We are trusting God and no problem is bigger than HIM. It's a paperwork issue, the prayers are appreciated and keep them up, will ya? We know God means for this girl to become one of this family- and our commitment to her will not stop, no matter what. It may just take longer, which is hard to cope with knowing she waits. 

Or any child waits for that matter. Can you imagine? Being little, or worse, a teen in an orphanage and seeing child after child leave and knowing day by day your chance is being lost?  Oh, it just breaks my heart.  Teens wonder why no one wants them. They think they are unworthy of love.

Them getting chosen then learning they really are wanted, they are important, they are LOVED--- well, it's something I LOVE to see over and over, them getting it. We wanted them, we love them, they are worthy, they do matter. It's like watching a child who has misplaced their mommy for a moment and then she runs up to them and says "Where have you been and folds them into her arms."  

We don't "fold them into our arms." We fold them into our lives. And when they have that day (or days), that something happens, maybe they act goofy and I say "You are sooo weird, you fit right in here."  And they stop a minute, then smile, and you see it on their face, I FIT IN HERE.  I BELONG.  Doesn't matter that we are all weird. WE FIT. 

Speaking of fit, Chloe my girl, oh how she has grown in that love. It's amazing to see it. I took her to a doctor appt for Paisley, to translate if needed. She was surprising everyone with all the longer she has been home with her English. I mean, she can communicate anything and she was discussing what she would need for the upcoming school year as we waited and did testing. And she was really kind to Paisley, joking with her and making her feel more comfortable.

When Paisley first came, the girls kinda circled each other for a few days. Figuring out where they fit. Now it's very obvious Chloe is the big sis and Paisley is the younger sis. Chloe guides. Paisley follows. Chloe has come to deeply love us, Paisley will too. She already tells everyone how happy she is. 

Chloe has seen, Paisley is taking nothing away from her. My love grew. My heart grew. Room for both, nothing taken away.  She's very happy to have a sister closer to her age, I've heard them chatting away in each other's rooms, as well as singing together, laughing and just getting to know each other. It warms my heart. I can just see Kat and Phoebe sharing a similar bond.

Paisley continues to find her fit with us, she is more and more comfortable and seeing that we love her and that she is worthy of that love. She is the first sister willing to teach Camden any Chinese, so they are building a bond as she goes over words with him till he gets them pronounced just right. Camden really likes her. I get the impression the other boys "tolerate" her as a lil' sis, you, know, 'cause after all she is a GIRL:)

So funny, these kids of ours. They make us laugh. They make us joyful. They keep us busy, on our toes, and young at heart.  They are such a blessing to us. 

Just as Phoebe will be. Our blondie caboose. (No laughing MOM- she is our last) I'm just thankful we are not alone, people out there have ridden the roller coaster ride of adoption and know what I mean when I say "We need prayer" and they pray. They know what the wait it like, even trusting in God's timing, it's HARD to yearn for your child who is so far away.

We'll get there, we sure will. I've learned enough about waiting and patience:) 
At least I think so, now GOD??  He may think I need a bit more fine tuning, so I'm trusting in Him to get blondie home ASAP. And I'm anticipating having another wonderful daughter to treasure. 

Ohhh, YEAH!  

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thesleepyknitter said...

as always, we love your blog and we love your heart! And I love your hair up like that -- totally cute! :-) And we are praying for you as you wait. Waiting is sooooooo stinkin' hard. bless you, sister!