Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yep, we got us some sweet corn. Silly me thought 2 dozen (actually they give you 13 per "dozen") would be enough?  Since we aren't growin' it here, just wanting to EAT IT.

The kids LOVE corn. Paisley lit up:)  It was funny. We grilled chicken but some (yes, it was ME MOM) didn't even bother with the ol' chicken. Can have that any day.

The corn was Y-U-M-M-Y.  The kids were thrilled I brought that home since I ran around all day with Uncle Roy, yep UNCLE ROY is here. And Yep, he's a red head like me:)

Amazing what a whirlwind he is-- In one day we picked up rental car, took Dustin to doctor for stitches check, looked and found car to purchase, got cell phone, renewed driver's license.  And it was his birthday, I guess the car, or the phone could be his birthday gift to himself?  He's getting all set to move here with family from Japan. After 20+ years, that will be an adjustment.

The kids are thrilled, they LOVE Uncle Roy.  Cousin Dustin came too, poor lil' guy had a dumbbell (a weight lifting thing MOM, not callin' your grandson a dumbbell) dropped on his head by his lil' bro, right before flying here.  His eye looks so sore, although he's not complaining of it hurting.

We have a busy week planned, along with Uncle Roy being here and house hunting being on the plan, we head off tomorrow to Hershey Medical for Paisley's long awaited rheumatologist appointment.  

I am so glad it is finally here, that we can get her seen and determine what the best course of action for her is.  Her arthritis also causes anemia so we are going to see what all we can do with that. She has lost 13 lbs since being off the medicine from China. Our ped doctor is happy where she is weight wise, since she isn't gonna grow taller it's better for her joints and mobility to stay within a certain weight range.

Otherwise, I did work on her Life Book, and no, the pics never did turn up. I don't expect them to. I reordered and did a front page of "Your Adoption from China" with NO pics at all. Then the pages of adoption pics and clipped them together, then went on to the first picture we ever saw of her. I captioned it--- "Our girl" and when I gave her the book she asked what that said and when I told her she smiled.

I explained to her what the clip was and very briefly showed her the "adoption pages" and told her I would like her to leave them in there, but she did NOT have to look at them until she wanted to, and if she ever wanted to talk about it we could talk, just to let me know. And she was cool with that:) Thanks for that suggestion friends. It worked out perfectly.

Paisley has decided she wants her bangs to grow out.  I told her fine, but same rule as Chloe, keep them over to the side so I can see her pretty eyes or they get cut. And she has done it. I got her cute little barrettes but she has been training it so it stays over most of the time.  She continues to do well, she's not gotten her I pod back, or had much access (nor asked for it) to computer or phone.

 She did have a friend call her yesterday and they chatted for a little while then it was supper time.  She's very content, still easily calling me mom, often quiet  but at ease.  It's nice to see since she's very much "one of ours" and we often forget she is the newest.  Such a perfect fit:)

All the kids went to Vacation Bible School (VBS) last week, Camden and Kat as students and the teens as helpers, Paisley was being picked on by one of the youth leaders (male) and he asked her if he would fit in if he went to China with his long blond hair and blue eyes. She looked at him and his pot belly and said "No, you look like you having a baby." And they all laughed and laughed. She's very HONEST, again, reminds me completely of Chloe who would have said the exact same thing.

Chase, on the other hand, did not make it past the first night of VBS. He got out of hand, we've come to realize that often when anything is out of the norm- aka, Bible school was 5 nights, not the usual Teen Group Wed/Sun evenings he is used to-- he isn't able to contain certain behaviors. 

And those behaviors are usually a situation where he acts out, laughing when he should not, throwing balls or other things when he shouldn't, being unsafe with things-- stuff he just doesn't seem to realize could hurt someone:( It's hard to see him do those things and then be stubborn about "he was right, he wasn't doing anything" yet, he admits that he had to be told to behave by an adult who wouldn't say that for no reason? OIY.  I *could*be frustrated to see this with a 17 year old, but it is what it is. We deal with behaviors not numbers around here. 

Chase has had great success with his little garden this summer, he has tomatoes, lettuce, flowers, squash.  He had a salad with his lettuce, it's made him feel good to be producing something he can see the results. I've seen him watching cooking shows, gearing up for culinary arts course he will be taking this year in Vocational Tech.  

Chloe is counting down the days till school, something like 36 or so I think she said today.  Paisley was looking at a store advertisement and said she "needed" shoes, Chloe corrected her and said "you want them not need, right mom?" I laughed and said, Well, us girls, we do like our shoes."

Still waiting on the issue with Phoebe to be cleared up, so hard to wait but knowing God has this and people are praying for Him to take care of this is a huge comfort.
We trust in Him and His timing as well as His protection over Phoebe:)  Our next treasure. 

She is totally worth it:) 

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mom2three said...

My brother has adopted 8 children from foster care and has done a lot of studying (has his PhD) on children. He says that not getting enough nurturing in infancy can affect impulse control. Touching infants actually helps hard wire the brain for many things including sequencing. Children who can't sequence don't get cause and effect, which causes a multidude of problems, like impulse control, understanding "if I do this, there will be a consequence", etc. One of the things he says helps is touch, and he recommends 50 touches a day. Can be a casual touch on the shoulder, a ruffle of the hair, a hug, etc. 50 a day is hard to do, but as many as possible is better than none. Sorry for the long post, but hope this helps. We are seeing a difference in our two.