Saturday, June 23, 2012

Water fun

After working a very long day Tuesday, I got called in to work night shift the last 3 nights as well.  I had to  try to sleep a little during the days. Before I left  the first night Chloe said "WHAT, you're going to work? NOW? At night?" The kids think that's nuts. 

But I told her "You wanna eat right? Mom buys the food with her pay- no work= no pay." And she said "I like you better than food." WOW. I'm tellin' ya. That's something. 'Cause that girl loves her food.  It just warmed my heart to know she loves me more than rice and "no hair peaches" (yeah, MOM-- I've told her they are actually nectarines but she refuses to call them anything but NO HAIR PEACHES)

After working last night, I came home and made pasta salad and we loaded up a bunch of tubes a wonderful friend from church went to great lengths to get us 8 tubes and  we took off with about 35 people from church to float on those tubes down a river. 

It was to be a leisurely float, on a lovely summer day. I even entertained the idea was I nuts thinking this?? Obviously deep sleep deprivation is not my friend that I would take a nap while floating away.  WELL--- it didn't quite work out that way.

First I slathered sunscreen on self and children- Check.
Then we got our pasta salad to place we would land after the leisurely float- Check.
Next we got to take off site and had a tube for each person- Check.
I even had my camera in a watertight baggie to catch pictures on the water- Check.

Impressed aren't you?? (MOM)

I knew Paisley was afraid of the water. She wasn't so sure about ANY of this floating stuff we had planned, she didn't really understand what we were talking about until  she saw the tubes and the river bank that we would make our way down to the water. And she said "Oh nooooo."  But we assured her she would be okay, I had figured she was going to do this so we had a cord to tie her tube to mine. Therefore if she went down, I would be there for her, or go down with her. (We did not)

And let me tell you, she had a total BLAST.  She held onto ME for the first leg of the trip then realized I would not let go of her after we hit some pretty hard rapids, so she relaxed and was laughing like crazy when we hit some more, then some more.

We had some mixed reactions, Kat got scared and spent the first half of the floating crying and cold. She finally calmed down and realized she wasn't going to tip over and was safe. Camden was cold and crying, he got out early with Chance. Chase lost his tube and walked the river bank for a good part of the trip.  Chloe got out early. (Cheaters)

Paisley, me, dad and Kat all made it the whole way. Not without incident though. The river wasn't terribly deep so  at each rapid  fluffy momma was hitting a certain well padded area in the bottom of the tube on many rocks- much to Paisley's amusement. 

After numerous times of this, as well as having an elbow out note to self, keep elbows IN and slamming it on a rock as well, I was ready to -

A- give up and get out
B- change positions on the tube

(Pick B, Pick B!!)

So over I went to make me more flat and on top of the tube, less of me to "hit rock bottom" (in the river MOM, not in my life, no way)

So as this went better for me, I realized I didn't sunscreen the back of my legs:( And they were frying. Crispy. Ouchy. And I lost my shoe, (not sure WHY I wore my favorite flip flops) but dad found them. Not once but twice.

Then suddenly I was losing tube space. Hubby said I was bubbling away---- ha ha. NOT. He stopped me then got the tube blown back up, it was the valve that popped open. Not a big hole. And when getting back on I lost my flip flop yet again, never to find it:(

Thankfully we were near the end of our 3 1/2 hr float by then and although I was now pretty banged up, still sleepless,  sunburned and hungry, we managed to wade through the mud (where I lost my remaining flip flop to that  stinkin' river) and get back up the river bank to dry land. (Kat kissed the ground!)

So -- was it worth it? Hummmm, YES!!!

 Because our kids will remember this, that their "gettin up there" parents floated down the river with them. Didn't cost us more than the cost of gas to get the river. And it was another lesson for our new girl, that we WILL be there for her, we will not let her "go down."  That we thought of her needs to go on the float before we even went (she's never openly told us she is afraid of /can't swimming/swim, I have figured this out)

Hopefully the cold ones will make it longer next time, Kat can be proud that she worked through a fear and came out on top of that fear today. She did so well.  

Once we got out we headed to another church member's home nearby and had late lunch then the kids got to swim their pool and play (they were all up for this except Paisley) 

The kids played for hours, we ate and talked, then headed on home. Weary and most of us redder than we should be.  Worn out kids who will sleep good tonight. As well as their momma (daddy's already snoring on the couch)

 And the memory of today, well that's just priceless. A beautiful summer day spent in our favorite way, with our kids:)

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Dottie P said...

Wow, after a week of little sleep and working all night long, you CHOOSE to go tubing down a river with 6 kids! Crazy, but what a fun mom and dad! I wish I had spent more Saturdays doing things like this with my kids growing up. As you said, the kids have a wonderful, trust-building memory, and it will last for a lifetime.