Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Sneakers

I don't often share what I do for a living. Yes, I'm a nurse. But in what way do I use my nursing?  Of course it comes in handy being the mom of many, it came in very helpful for Paisley who has some medical issues/medications.

But my work- where I get paid in $ is working with a disabled child. I love my job:) And as I sat on the bus helping to keep "my" child safe and cared for during the long ride home from school twice a week- I noticed something.

Their shoes.  2 teens and a little. All with perfect shoes.  Not a mar. Looking like they could sit on the shelf of a store and you wouldn't know they weren't brand new. Week after week.

And I thought.  Of my children's beat up shoes. Chance claiming the 2 pairs of new shoes just bought for him already being torn up and needing replaced when just 2 short months ago they were BRAND NEW.

Sometimes I've been known to tell these children o' mine, "You really should take better care of your things." I mean, shoes aren't cheap.  But as I stared at those brand-new- looking-shoes, my mind came to an abrupt halt and tears came to my eyes. 

I couldn't help but send up a prayer of thanks for my healthy children. That they CAN walk, they can run, that they CAN wear out their shoes.

It's the little things, sometimes that we forget that we are so blessed to have. Don't forget to take time today, Thank the Big Man, God for all of your children who ARE able to walk and wear out their shoes. 

And if you have one of these very super special treasures, then thank Him for the blessing these children are.  Even though they can't walk, their lives have meaning- for people who can see their spirit, their sweetness, their joy and are blessed to share their specialness. 

 We had one of these special treasures and my love for him will never die. He changed me as a mother, as a person forever, for the better. His life was so brief but God gave me that son so I got experience that now can be used for another special child's benefit. God is so amazing like that:)

  I am so thankful to know Him, as well as all the children He has brought to my life no matter how they came-- you know, by bus, by plane, by the stork, or if you are Miss Kitty- "By a brother who is now so annoying I can't understand why he asked for me- it's so ridiculous." 

Yep, thankful for that even that-- Miss Spunk-8-going-on-18! This would be the same girl who took my camera then thought I wouldn't notice? 

Uhh, you took pictures of---- YOU and your name bracelet K-A-T.  I think I figured it out.

Yeah, girlie-- you are sooo busted:)


Rebecca said...

Thank you for that little reminder! I needed that!

Starla said...

I do have a super special child, adopted from China, with autism. God puts you where you need to be at the right time. I can't imagine our life without her. People need to remember that these are typical kids with a different way of moving in the world. Thanks for putting out the word.

mom2three said...

I know exactly what you mean. My son has also gone through more than 1 pair of shoes in about 2 months. And my husband is an RN who works with disabled children. Thank you for the reminder of how blessed we are.