Wednesday, June 6, 2012

School's out

School's out for another year. Donovan was our graduate of 2012. Only 7 more to get graduated-- PHEWW- we can do it!

Graduation was interesting, they moved it from outdoors to the gym with tickets required. And then didn't give our student enough tickets for us to all go as we are a Family Of Many.  So we got delegated to the auditorium where it was video streamed to us, and it was cool and quite comfy. Give me that any day over gym bleachers, packed in like sardines and no air conditioning. 

Donovan is headed on to technical school to be an electrician. 

Anyhoo--- the kids are now officially out of school. And behaving badly.  I am now the not-so-proud owner of 3 Ipods, and 2 Nintendo DS's. There are 2 children grounded from TV as well. Yep. Mean mother. (There mom, I said it for you)  I warn then-- I take. 

Chase lost his first due to rudeness and hiding away from apologizing or interaction with his family who misses and loves him.  He will get it back at some point, when I see improvement in behavior. Not until then. He's one stubborn male and can hold out for a long time so I don't ever ground for a set amount of time. I must see improvement to make a decision to give toy back- he'd easily wait out any time limit I would put on him-- this way he MUST make effort.

Chloe has been rude lately (do we see a recurring theme here?) She got angry when I told her being rude to Kat is teaching her to be rude- Chloe doesn't always like being Kat's big sister who needs to be an example for lil' sis. Because Kat has been here since she was little and sadly for Chloe that green eyed monster called ENVY often gets the better of her and she feels angry that she didn't get us sooner and she thinks (wrongly) that she shouldn't HAVE to help teach lil' sis good behaviors.

But that IS what is expected of our older children. To be good examples. Very important to us and  we make our expectations very clear.  So she not only lost her Ipod, till behaviors change,  she got grounded from TV for mouthing off to me, and sent to her room. She did come to me and apologize. 

Paisley has watched all of this with interest.  We've addressed a few small issues with her- speaking English is required in this country, she''ll need to speak it. When the others tried to tell her she had to speak English she told Chance he was stupid and a traitor to China. (In Chinese) I pulled her aside immediately and told her we do not call one another stupid EVER and that none of them were being asked to lose their Chinese, they were adding English in and that's a good thing. That English is needed here and she would learn quicker by using it. She took it well. I've had  the same conversation with the boys before so I was not surprised by this.

Paisley got her Ipod yesterday, the school provides our kids with Ipods with translation apps for English- Chinese and Chinese to English. What's super about this is that their tech guy has them blocked for an inappropriate sites, as well as me being able to call and check at any time (and I DO call) what they are accessing. They are allowed to play games, as well as listen to music on them and they feel so important that they have Ipods, but they aren't doing anything on them that is not allowed. It can be very hard to monitor what our kids are accessing/getting into on an unmonitored I Pods. We don't recommend that.

What else are we in to other than summer?  Well-- I've been throwing around the idea of changing the name of the blog, I really like it but Paisley and Phoebe do not have the "Min" name. But we started with the Mins--- see the dilemma? I also was thinking of re doing the pictures on top to add in Paisley and Phoebe but I am not very bloggy savvy either, not sure how that would come out if I mess with it. 

Can I ask what you all think?  (Yeah, mom, you can comment too. Go ahead.)


LifeWith3 said...

Vickie ~

Would you mind sharing exactly what translation app the kids use? I'm going to adopt a 10 year old from China in a couple of months and was thinking about getting her an iPod (the other kids have Nintendo DSs, but they require a lot of English reading ability, in my experience). My eldest came home at 7 and I was spoiled, because he had such a good ear he picked up English really quickly, but I'm expecting my new babe to have more difficulties.


~ Amy (

ronvic7 said...

Our school puts on BeWorld Concept app.
It has verbal translation, both ways translation. I don't know cost because the school covers this as well.

Savi said...

If you do decide to redo your blog/change the name, I would be willing to help! I really enjoy graphic design and have plenty of experience. Feel free to email me if you want to! :)

asianalmondtea said...

Hi Amy and Vicki- I'm adopting an 11 year old in August and was wondering what app this is! Thanks!


angelchica said...

I would say you probably want to add in Phoebe and Paisley. Paisley is old enough to browse the internet. If she sees the blog, you wouldn't want her to wonder why her pic isn't at the top.

The Kings said...

I love your blog title! I think you should leave that just as it is, your biological children don't have the Min name either so I don't see that as a big deal.

I think you should definitely add your two girls at the top though.

Enjoy your summer! :)

LifeWith3 said...

Vickie ~

Thanks for the suggestion.

Janell ~

I went on a fit of purchasing last night and got Rosetta HD (which I might like the best for its written options), Vocre (which seems to be good with voice recognition), and Translator (which, I think, is what Vickie's kids have -- but I can't get it to speak or do voice recognition, so I must be doing somethnig wrong :-), or in maybe that I have a iPad version 1 and not an iPod).

I'm going to pass them all by a Chinese co-worker today and see how she evaluates their translation and pronunciation.

~ Amy