Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hot and humid is the word of the day and apparently predicted for days to come. Sultry summer days.

We have been doing a little of this and a little of that this week. The kids have a new friend over, Daniel. Adopted from China, of course:)  He's a teen.  They have enjoyed chatting with him, getting to know him.

It was neat when his mom and family came to visit and Paisley hopped right up beside me on my chair arm, it was as if she was staking her claim to me, something the other kids have always done when someone they don't know is here. Keeping close to mom for security:)  She even grabbed my arm a few times, just to reassure herself. I love it,' cause I love her.

Daniel has enjoyed going swimming with our kids, hanging out, he even got up early and went grocery shopping with me after I got off working night shift.  Then we went swimming.

Paisley had a doctor appt this week, we did some testing and her hips are not great. She has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and had to be weaned off medication from China that stunted her growth and was not the best treatment:(  She is getting better treatment now but the damage done will likely not be able to be reversed, it will be a matter of keeping her from getting any worse.

The doctor explained to her she really needed to learn to swim, that it would be very good for her arthritis. She needs to exercise but not anything that will hurt her joints more. And swimming is perfect. So I was amazed that she very bravely attempted swimming. Hannah's (Chloe's BFF)  sister was so sweet to help Paisley, she was very comfortable with her and she's tried twice this week, already.

She also lost some weight, due to the stopping of the medicine. She will be 4 ft 5 forever, so keeping her weight down to lessen the stress on her joints is very important. Not that it is an issue, she doesn't eat nearly as much as Chance and Chase. Or even Chloe. She is not as fond of American foods so she is still testing out different things she likes.

She did eat plenty of the dumplings they all made, she helped making them and said this was her "smile." A dumpling smile. Too cute, huh?

She also shared that she likes "tomato with sugar"??? I thought she surely meant salt, but we cracked open the package of romas I bought and she said "Mom, look" as she sugared her tomato and ate it. She showed me.  Hummm. Interesting.

When we went swimming the kids were trying to convince me we needed to bring home a kitten-- I told them it was dad's department to say yeah or nay on that one. Both Chloe and Paisley were asking begging  and I told them both--- "Ask dad, you know, bat your eyes, smile, and ask him very nicely." 

 I mentioned I have never seen dad NOT cave when Chloe asked for something. But neither one must have been confident enough to ask him or else they forgot till he got home, which is totally fine with me. We really don't need another fur baby.

Chloe was kind enough to braid my hair in 2 braids, she braids so tightly I told her she braided my brain, but this was the result when I took them out this morning. I kinda like it:)  I'm not big on pics of me, but there you got one. (MOM)

It's so hot we may just have to head to the pool again today, good thing our friends are so gracious to allow us to use their pool any time we want:)  Nothing better than a good friend, huh?


Heather said...

I don't post comments often but I'm reading! I have RA and have had it since I was a teen. Swimming is great. A good pediatric rheumy is important too. I'm 38 now and several joint replacements and joint fusions still going strong. I know being a teen w/ RA is a challenge. Compound this with her new transitioning, whew! If I ever can be of any help or encouragement, please let me know.

Joy said...

Bless Paisley's heart. I have RA too and I know how painful it is. Swimming will be great for her. We have a pool and I find that when I swim regularly, I feel better.

Sue said...

Your hair looks beautiful....

LA said...

I love your posts and am so happy Paisley is doing well. Yes, swimming would be excellent for her health. My best friend, my aunt, and my FIL have RA. Two of them had numerous joint replacement surgeries. Please ell Paisley to stay as active as possible. It may be a lil painful but the benefits will be so worth it.

God bless all of you,
Lee Ann