Monday, June 11, 2012

Phoebe update

I soooo wish I could say we have good news and our LOA (Letter of Acceptance MOM)
was here. But alas, it is not. 

Frustration doesn't even describe how hard this wait and journey has been.  We learned recently that our agency goofed up big time.  So after a bunch of lame excuses why we did not have a LID (Log In Date) when our paperwork arrived in China Mar 22 and April was fastly disappearing, we learned they "misread" a paper involving a new fee so our paperwork arriving without the required fee meant it sat and did NOTHING for 6 whole weeks.

I know- GASP.  As day by day blondie gets older without us, and we sit here wanting to parent her so badly it hurts-  we lost a big chunk of time due to their error.  We WOULD be about due to get that LOA now. But instead we are LID for May 3:(

Yep, at 40 days today. NOT the 73 or so we should be at.  I sooo believe in God's timing, it's why I have only been deeply saddened for Phoebe, who knows of us and waits for us to come. Instead of freaking out over this on someone. Not sure WHO I'd be flippin' out on but needless to say someone at our awful agency would be a likely party. And that's just not nice.

To try and ease the sting, the agency did come forth with an update. Yep, pics of the blondie girl who we think may just be the Chinese version of Lady G*G*. I mean, look at those diva like poses?

And the hair, she's got HAIR!  We've been assured they will not shave her head anymore.The little bow and sunglasses were provided by us, the dress so sweetly matches and it appears someone went to the trouble to dress her beautifully for us.

We were told she is healthy.  She is still larger than Kat, but is smaller than Paisley.
Again it's so wonderful to see her in pictures and see how well cared for she looks.

So at Day 40 we continue to wait, praying for a quick LOA and other steps to get to our girl. And we stare at the pictures imagining her here and dreaming of the day that will finally happen.

I updated the blog and then the header of the blog, mom you should be proud of me since I did it all by myself. And it looked okay but then Savi helped me out and she is soooo much better at this than me. Thanks a ton Savi:)) You did a super job. And got my kids unsquished:)

There's the news on Phoebe.  At least we are making progress now. God's timing. Always perfect.


Shonni said...

I am so praying that you can bring your little sweetie home soon!!!

Love for Lilly Yin said...

Who is your agency! I am so angry for you! I am also so sick of agency screw costing kids precious time....I mean after all you know we can always replace this time in her life later ya know? NOT! I am so so sorry. I am not even currently adopting myself, but I am so angry for every one that has to go through undue aggravation and wait time due to incompetence. If we were to do it again, I don't even know which agency we would pick! There are so many with issues! Okay rant over....praying that the rest of your process is lightning FAST, and your precious girl is in your arms in no time!

Dottie Pohl said...

I know it is hard to wait, but I agree that I can so see God's timing as Paisley was added to your family and is having time to settle in before Phoebe comes. So He must be preparing Phoebe and holding her in His hands.

Her pictures are beautiful, and she looks so full of personality!

And your new graphics look great!

Linette said...

What a cutie! And yes, Miss Personality!! :-)

thesleepyknitter said...

We are praying with you that Phoebe will be home soon!

Chad and Kristy said...

Oh my goodness! She is adorable! Can't wait, can't wait! Sure wish you was coming with me. I'm not sure I will survive in China by my self:( We got our LOA...last week! They say I will travel in September:)

Sherrie said...

So sorry, I know this wait is HARD!!! Sending you hugs!

Joy said...

We are at day 74. I am so bummed that your agency messed up as we may have been in China together. I will pry for it to come quickly.

Joy said...

Oops. I meant pray not pry, although I would love to pry into why your agency is incompetent.

K said...

I've not been to your blog in awhile and what an amazing surprise to see that you have Paisley and are waiting for Phoebe, too.

I also looked into adopting an older child in a situation like your Paisley. For all I know, she the same girl, but eventually found my daughter and will travel next month to bring her home.

I loved your post on the reality of older child adoption. My first daughter was 7 last year when I adopted her, but a 13.5 yr. old is much different so I'm preparing for the worst and expecting the best.

MommaT said... sad but glad at least now you know what was going on. Praying it moves quick now and LOA isn't that much longer...BTW She looks so great!! Love the look:)

Sue said...

So sorry that your agency screwed up. It is true that God has the timing and eventhough you don't know it, it is still hard. I am glad you update pictures Hang in there.

Holly said...

LOVE the pictures. So frustrated for you. We got our LOA (day 72) and waiting on I800 approval now. Last I checked it had been a week and a half since I OVERNIGHTED it to the lockbox but our officer still hadn't even received it yet. (mumbling bad words under my breath that I have no business saying!) I have a blog now for our journey to our waiting blondie. Will email you the info.