Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kitty Kat

It's been awhile since I updated on the littlest one here, Miss Kat.  So an update is in order. 

She's growing- she's 4 ft 1 1/2 inches
She's 47 lbs
Size 7 slim pants for length, can wear a 4T around the waist
Size 12 toddler shoes

She's full of spunk. She's always been a lover but she's learned to be a fighter, at least with Camden, that is. They spend a ton of time picking at each other. Sharing their love as brothers and sisters tend to do.

She entertains herself well, she loves to make all kinds of crafts. She's good at them too.  She's always making me and dad notes, full of her love. 

She loves to sing but her singing is something only her momma can love- ha ha.

She can be very dramatic. When she gets angry she throws away her "arts and crafts projects."  Now before you all go "ahhhhhh" (mom) just know that it's a good thing she purges this way or she would be swimming in paper and crafts in her room.  So at least her anger is played out with a purpose:)

She was deeply bothered by her hair being shaved off in China so she still only allows me to cut her bangs and the back only when needed. Especially the back, so it's almost to her tiny tushy.  She still has that completely flat back of her head, it's so flat she can't wear a ponytail unless it's a low one and even then she has two bumps on the sides of her head that stick up.

Her special need?  Yes, she was a waiting child- is an extra toe nail on her foot, a double nail and a bit larger than normal piggy toe, is really a non issue. Not only is it hard to see, it has no affect on her at all. She calls it her "special toe" and paints that nail right along with the others:)

She says when she grows up she wants to be a teacher. No surprise there, she loves to help others. She can hardly wait till Phoebe comes and she can "help her" in school.
She is also extremely bright, math being her favorite subject.

She also says when she grows up she wants 2 kids, girls, both from China, of course. Peyton will be her one girl's name, and Vickie the other (I know- she's so sweet) and she "might want a boy but then they are very annoying"-- so she fights with Camden about "using her name" when they discuss what their kids' names will be (Did I mention they bicker over everything??)

She has a best friend- Payge, whom she calls "Paygie"--this friend is about a foot taller and outweighs her by about 30 lbs. They look funny together, but they act the same, picking at Camden, giggles, painting nails, more giggles, and craft making is usually their fun together.

This summer is the first time I've heard her say "I have a birth mother." She has been told that from the start, but she has always said "You are my mother" to me. Did not wish to even entertain the idea she had a birth mom. Accepting where she came from and realizing she is not the only one. She is not being "disloyal"to me to accept a birth mother made her and God brought her to us.

She misses her Po Po (Grandma)and Gong Gong (Grandpa) in China, these were her foster parents. The neat thing we just realized is that Paisley, who is from southern China speaks Cantonese, just like Po Po and Gong Gong. So she can help with translation:) Kat's excited because she adores her Po Po and Gong Gong. Having that connection to her past is priceless, the people who raised and loved her for 2 years supporting her adoption and continuing to love her from afar.

It's been 5 1/2 years since she came home. Seems like forever. So much has changed. More brothers and sisters, losing our precious baby, foster brothers and sisters coming and going, moving to a new home. But even with all the changes she has grown, she has blossomed and remained sweet,loving, kind and nurturing. (except to that annoying brother Camden -- don't worry mom, he picks right back at her)

A special girl, one who blesses us tremendously. My day would not be complete without her hugs and kisses, she is a love bug.  She made sure since I was leaving for work tonight, I got a hug and kiss for leaving as well as my hug and kiss for bedtime since she wouldn't be up when I get home and go to bed.

A tiny treasure. But no less loved, no less wanted. No longer an orphan. We are so thankful for the gift of HER. Honored to be her parents. Such a precious child, and now our daughter. 

Thanks God, so much, for the gift of this girl:)

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Narissa said...

Little Miss Kitty has done some growing this year. Hope to see her soon. I agree, she sure is special.