Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy's Day

Well today is the day to honor fathers. And I would be soooo lacking to not give credit to Mr. Ron. The man behind the scenes. He has always been the steady, the strong, the silent one. 

He says I talk enough for the both of us:)  But he's one amazing dad. The children ALL love him. He is so laid back and they know he can be counted on to be there for them no matter what.  He doesn't get angry quickly or often.

He goes off to work and comes home every evening. He never complains about working to support his family, his focus in life is the family. The kids all know that.

He loves to mountain bike, when we moved we got even closer to his favorite trails:) He even rides to work sometimes, about 9 miles each way. The children look up to him- and he's a wonderful example of love.

He's been so good with every addition to the family-- even when it took months and months for Chloe to feel comfortable to just sit in the same room with him. Yet, as he waited and waited for Chloe, she now jokes with him, she hugs him, she loves him.  He now waits for Paisley patiently and steadily, just as he always is.  

He deserves a ton of love, which we all have for him:)  Our family wouldn't be what it  is without this special guy, one that I adore and am so thankful for.

Happy Father's Day!!

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