Thursday, May 10, 2012


Poor Cam.   He's hurtin'.  On Sunday when he was playing at the neighbor's their little Jack Russel terror ( yes, mom I know it's terrier but we call him TERROR, Terrorist, Terrible, etc.) bit him in the leg.

So we cleaned the cut and it looks okay. BUT---- Tuesday he came home from school not feeling so well.  Fever, vomiting.  All day yesterday fever, aches, moans many of those, since he is male and vomiting.  

So when the fever remained today I decided it was time to call the doctor. It seems he has a virus and it has nothing to do with the doggie terrorist biting him but I'm glad I took him and don't have to worry he is not going to make it due to some weird doggie germ disease running rampant in his body.

Since he was there they decided to update his shots (much to his dismay) and do a physical.  Can't say I was too surprised to learn he is another son of mine who is color blind. Yep, all my fault. Or can I say, my father's fault.  As he was color blind and I am a carrier of the gene.

Jay and Brandon are also color blind and we found this out at about the age Camden is now.  3 out of 5 of my birthed sons, must be a pretty strong gene? I suspected Cam had this because I have seen some pretty wild looking outfits he has put together. 

And thought it might be more than just boy laziness of grabbing whatever is clean. or even not clean, I mean is that a requirement for boys, seems not  

I was just happy he had on some clean socks when they went to weigh him.  Pheww. No points for bad mothering on me today.  He's 5 ft 1/2 inches and 87 lbs. Now, you gotta laugh when the (fairly new)  doctor came in and she said "He's not Chinese?" Ummmm, no.  He's got red hair?  She didn't realize I HAD any kids that weren't adopted and Chinese- ha, ha, ha.

I did notice that he did not utter one word to the doctor.  Not a sound. Not a peep. Not even a tiny moan. No complaints. Yet, we weren't even out the door of the office and he was whining that his arms hurt from the shots?  That he was hungry?  REALLY.  Seriously?

 Like I mean I heard "I'm hot, I'm cold, I can't sleep, I was almost asleep, shut the dog up, I can't reach my cup, my legs hurt, my head hurts, I'm dizzy" and some mumbo jumbo delirium when his fever got up there EVER SINCE TUESDAY.  The boy doesn't shut up. (Yeah mom, he takes after me, I get it) Did you notice how happy he is in the pictures?? 

He was also freaking out because it is Science Fair week at school (my all time fave- NOT) and he is required to participate.  So even sick last evening we managed to make slime.  And we dropped it off today. Not before I wondered who figured out that putting a little water in some borax and a little water and food coloring in some glue and then mix the 2 and get SLIME, I mean, who sits around figuring this stuff out? And why couldn't it be me, gettin' rich from some simple ingredient SLIME?  

Any hoo I wanted to treat Cam's fever and mouth with fever reducer and some pretty duct tape. (NO, mom I didn't- I just gave him the fever reducer)

I mean what kind of NURSE would do that?  Not this one. Nope.

 Especially on Nurse's Day??

Happy Nurses Day anyway:))  Don't forget to give your favorite nurse a hug today. 
 No gifts of duct tape necessary. 


thesleepyknitter said...


I am alive today because of quick-thinking nurses.

May God bless you in your ministry.


sierrasmom said...

Hi Congratulations on your upcoming adoption!!! husband got bit by our neighbors ( and good friends) jack Russell Teror last week!! Did a good job even through his jeans!!