Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm sorry

I'm sorry.  I had no idea. So-many-people.  GASP.  Living with "Bubbas". Thinking they were alone. Ohh. You are soooo not alone.  I don't wish for anyone to have a Bubba. Nope. I didn't want anyone to "get" my post. 

I'm very sad that people do. They live this.  I tried to get back to everyone who e-mailed. If I missed you please feel free to email me at

I will do all I can to help anyone who asks. I do not have a magic pill, I soooo wish I did. If I did I'd hand it out for free, trust me, I would.

Our "Bubba" wanted to get it. Accepted God in his heart, is in weekly counseling with our youth pastor, someone he already trusts:)  He is taking some supplemental vitamins recommended.  I don't know what of those things, if all, one, two?? did "IT" for him but his behavior has been downright pleasant. He's not scary anymore. He's happier. It's a huge relief and something I want for everyone with a Bubba.

Now for an update on our new one. Miss Paisley arrived and is doing wonderfully. Hit it off right away with our kids. They were a bit surprised by how tiny she is, she is in fact 14. No doubt about the age. And I've already told her to say "Good things come in little packages" because no one believes she is 14.  Till you start to get to know her.

Then it's obvious she is bright, she is fun, she is a teen:)  Funny enough Chance has taken his role as "big brother" very seriously, and he has clearly "taken her under his wing."  He helped her tour the house, they ran into dad in the garage and he told her "Say Hi to dad-- we see mom, we see dad, you say hi mom, hi dad, always."  He cracks me up.

He does always say to us "Hi mom, Hi dad. How was your day?" He's such an easy going guy. He was impressed new sister was so polite to him, apparently his other siblings are rude as the day is long to their brother. Poor guy.  Now if we can just get him to stop calling her "That girl." He's not good with names but has been told he can call her Paisley, her Chinese name or sister, but NOT "that girl." OIY.

We had a busy weekend, and she handled it well.  We got lots of things accomplished today-enrolled in school, doctor stuff, legal stuff.  She's going to go to school starting tomorrow just to hang out with Chloe and Chance, to meet people she will go to school with in the fall, and get to know the teachers.

Since Chloe and Chance will move on to High School  in the fall and Paisley will stay in Middle School this is good timing for her to just get her feet "wet" with school.

So far she is blending right in, doing what I expected, finding her place within the kids and being happy to have kids her age, teens that speak Chinese, doggies to love on and she hasn't run screaming from my singing in the mornings.

 All is GOOD. God is so GOOD. This is such a blessing.

I feel sorry that her first family didn't get the chance I am getting with her:(  My joy is another woman's heartache:( I'm so sorry about that.  It seems wrong to have someone else hurting over our blessing. I just hope R and S can find peace about this precious treasure, that they were her stepping stone and their role in her life was VERY special.  

We're all enjoying getting to know her.  We love her already. It's odd but comforting that she seems to be one of "our kids" so quickly. But she does.

She's a teen treasure, of that we have NO doubt:)


Unknown said...

Never doubt the role that supplements can play for our kiddos. Our eldest was only 10 months when we brought her home and is mild PTSD. Omega 3s, a schedule, goal setting and lots of activity have helped with self regualtion issues. Our second adopted at 2 is not yet showing issues. Who knows why one is affected and another is not? Who knows why what works for one kid doesn't for another? You do your best for your kids even if that is researching other options. I am glad that your new treasure is settling in well. That should help to ease the hurt of her prior family at losing her. You are in my thoughts.

Lori said...

That's SO GREAT!!

I love that she is fitting in so nicely, so quickly. Amazing. And definitely a God thing.

Blessings to you AND her first family!

Lisa said...

I did a double-take when I saw the picture of all the kids -- yes, that's Paisley!! Congratulations! So happy that she seems to be fitting in so quickly. Your family, and Paisley's first family, will continue to be in my prayers.

LA said...

I am so happy for you and Paisley. I have been praying for her and her first family. God led them to bring her to America, and by them doing this, she eventually came to her forever family. All of you are part of her journey.

God bless you for opening your heart to another teen. I have followed your blog for a while and admire your parenting techniques, your wit, and your family. I told her family about you not knowing that this would be the outcome. I truly believe this was all orchestrated by God and am so happy for how things are going for everyone involved.

God bless all of you,
Lee Ann

Rebecca said...

Hi Vickie,
I loved your post on Older Child adoption. And I love that things are transitioning smoothly for Paisley. My heart goes out to the other family. I can't imagine how hard that decision was, but I'm so thankful for people like you who share that "re-homing" might not be the worst thing to ever happen. It sounds like you all are a great match for her.
FYI- if you or anyone you know are looking for a great fundraising idea, hop on over to my blog and check out what we did yesterday! We are so excited!!! We are going sometime this fall to get our 13-year-old daughter from China.