Monday, May 7, 2012

How do I love thee

Apparently it's through Hot Sauce.  What? You didn't know that?  Really?  

According to Chance, it sure is!  That's what he declared when he saw the bottle of hot sauce I bought when I got groceries last week.  I figured it was getting tiring buying the little bottles to see them go empty within a week.  

Yeah, a week. Chance, more than anyone puts hot sauce on EVERYTHING.  So a bottle of the sauce doesn't last long.  When he saw that big ol' bottle he said "Whoa, you see that hot sauce? I think how big hot sauce how much love I am from mom. Right mom?"  And I wasn't going to ruin him feelin' the love, no way. So I said "Of course Chance."

It's funny how our teens equate hot sauce with how much they are  LOVED.  I'm thinking it would be fun to get a BULK sized bottle, you know, like those 7 lb can of ravioli that no one else buys but US?  . So if I could just find me a big 'ol jug of hot sauce then Chance would surely feel loved forever, right? 

I don't know if he could handle all that love:)

Twin sis Chloe has been busy lately, girl's got some amazing talent of paper folding.  Hearts, puffy stars, boats, frogs, all kinds of stuff out of the smallest pieces of paper.  Don't know how she does it but she's quiet and busy making her little paper jewels:)

The kiddos were all busy this weekend, car wash for the church youth, bowling for Kat with a friend, we planted flowers and mowed, Chase started a small garden.  

Lots of good fun and productive work-- we love looking at the flowers all neatly planted and growing.  Now if we can just convince Chase to stop watering everything to death?

That's a recap of our weekend, how many of you were out and planting your flowers or gardens this weekend?


Joy said...

Me! I didn't get a garden planted, but we have some volunteer tomatoes and cucumbers. We weeded around them and staked the tomatoes.

johnjohntwo said...


Rather than go with the Gallon-0-Jug from
Cost-co ... what do you think about having Chase
help you Make a ton of Hot sauce at home and bottle it up yourselves ?

Here is one recipe that might work well. HotHotHot

Okay ?


mdkyzar said...

Me too! Though not to plant the garden. I'm in South Texas and we had to get our garden planted in March, but we did weed and fertilize our vegetable garden! :)

Joy said...

Do you have a Sam's membership. Here is a gallon of the hot sauce: