Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Here's mom

Ron's mom
Hope you read the original post FAST because one of the "moms" asked me to unpost it. She didn't want anyone's feelings to be hurt and although I thought I handled it without doing so I respect her opinion and request.

So suffice to say I had a tough childhood, found  my mothering in more than one place and feel blessed to have experience that helps my adopted teen treasures.  I understand their fears. 

I enjoy having "moms" and have a great time with them all. Each gives me special things- one keeps me in line, one worries about me and tells me to take care of myself to be able to take care of all these kiddos, one understands my heart for children- regardless of how they came to me. 

I left up the pic of Ron's mom, she is a wonderful mom who gave me the wonderful man I call hubby.  She deserves credit- lots of it 'cause he is great:)) 

So there really is a Mom, more so "moms" that exist. (Love you moms-- see I CAN listen and behave once in awhile)  


Debbie said...

Just found your blog. Are you sure we are not sisters because we had the same mom! My sister gets so upset with the things my mom does. Why? Because she expects her to be a mom. I gave up on that a long time ago. I don't expect my mom to be a mom, because then I'll get hurt. I don't expect anything of her. Then I am delighted when she does something motherly. That's what works for me!

Chris said...

Guess it's my turn to say "oh my"

Marie94 said...

Sadly, I know your pain too well. I have 7 kids - 5 from China. I believe God taught me to love freely through my Chinese children. I can feel their pain- abandonment, abuse, neglect, trauma.... I still keep alot people at arms length to protect my heart - still working on that.
The phrase I used to say to myself was "she did the best she could - what else can you expect from someone'. I am not so convinced anymore. Asking God often for grace and mercy in dealing with her.
I too am thankful for my childhood losses if these losses are what allowed me to parent such amazing little people.
Thanks for your honesty - it makes me feel better to know someone else has shared in these pains. I see it as turning the ashes into beauty.