Saturday, May 26, 2012

A girl's life

It's mostly girls here today, since Chloe's friend Hannah spent the night and we sent Chance off to her house to stay the night with Hannah's bro.

Dad and Chase went to help a church member move and we are all heading out later for a cookout/birthday party as well. 

But for this morning/afternoon it was all about the girls:) Miss Kitty is getting her one tooth in, almost all the way in now. She's so proud. She had a solo in a concert this week, she did great. It wasn't long but fun with her whole grade singing.

Chloe was disappointed that the 8th grade party was voted as an Aloha party, aka sloppy wear dance. She was sooo hyped about getting a new dress for this dance and now it's gonna be shorts and tee shirts. I told her she just had to wait till prom. She was NOT amused by that. 2 whole years away, a LIFETIME to her. Ha ha.

We had an interesting thing happen Friday. When the kids came home from school they called out for me to come to the driveway. I wondered what the  issue was. Well,  a stupid bird made her nest in our driveway.  

The kids were all concerned she would get her nest and 2 pretty eggs run over. So first they tried to put something around the nest and momma bird was NOT happy at all.  So then they put just a board in front of it so we would know it was there. That was a no go too. She wouldn't sit on the nest. We thought she was going to abandon it. Chloe was so upset she offered to "sit on the eggs for her."

 Although that seemed quite interesting- as I could just picture Chloe squatted down in the driveway and the neighbors being 100% sure their new neighbors were insane, I told her that would not work.

So when they decided she really wasn't called a "stupid bird" yeah mom that's what I said "What a stupid bird "and called grandma to get the correct name of this bird and she told them to leave it alone momma birdie came back. 

What's Paisley up to?  Learning the ropes, our schedule, how we do things.  We gave the kids each a day for dish duty and hers was Thursday. Like the others she went and did them, no complaints.  Chloe made sure she knew where everything was but she did just fine. 

She was happy today when I got the decal for her cup, special ordered-- so now she has a cup just like everyone else, with her name and that she can use each day.

The girls had noodles for breakfast, then rice and corn for lunch.  They wanted Hannah to enjoy some typical Chinese fare, as well as it being their favorite foods. 

Paisley's tastes run very similar to the other teens, hot is good, spicy is good, although she doesn't like as many fruits as the others. She is not fond of apples or pineapple, where the other teens love all fruits. She willingly eats whatever I cook, I guess she sees there's no arguing about that when we have supper together every evening and all eat what is made.

I told the kids Chinese speaking is fine but they need to let Paisley come to ME and ask things, they must encourage her to do that. And they have, as well as telling her exactly how to ask:)  

Just to confirm that I am her parent, she can ask me things and not rely totally on Chloe, Chance or Chase. I do notice they often correct her in English so I am aware of what they are telling her. 

I'm very proud of them, they have handled helping her so well.  Welcomed her completely but also aren't hindering her bonding and adjust to us as parents, they are actually very supportive of her respecting us as her parents, even a bit PUSHY about it:)  

I can't imagine where they got that?  Mom don't bother to call


~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

Vikie, one of these days you need to post a picture of your mom. Does she really exist? LOL what is scary is that your mom sounds a little too much like me! My twins are 18 now and I am TRYING very hard to back-up and not parent all the time. I am trying not to give constant advice or give my 2 cents unless asked it. (They NEVER ask! Imagine that!) This is the hardest parenting thing I have had to do! Doing nothing is HARD!
Have a good day!

thesleepyknitter said...

Love this post! Thank you for keeping the world updated. :-)

Kelly Marriott said...

Where did you order your decal? What a great idea!

I think we would all like to see a picture of Mom. :)

Chris said...

Yeah, I'd like to see mom too! Does she really read your blog?
Mine doesn't so I didn't worry too much UNTIL I found out that a mutual friend informed her when son#4 threatened to run away...

Sarah Oyer said...

Yeah, i'd love to see a picture of your mom, too! I just love your blog. You are the most awesome mom in the world. I wish I had one tenth of your parenting ability.

Sarah Oyer said...

Yeah, i'd love to see a picture of your mom, too! I just love your blog. You are the most awesome mom in the world. I wish I had one tenth of your parenting ability.

Karrie said...

I would also love to know where to order the decals! So glad to hear things are going well with your knew daughter!

LA said...

As always, love reading your posts !!! I will pray that Paisley does well with the others gone:)

God bless the ones going away and those staying behind,
Lee Ann