Monday, April 23, 2012

Supper time

It's a time I look forward to. Supper time.  WHY? You ask. not that you did but we'll presume you did

Because we have a BLAST at supper time. Everyone has a seat. So we all "fit"-- together. Usually someone has some complaint about something, unless it's like tonight, taco night, with soft shells and hard shells provided, of course.

Although Chance did try to say the meat was too "watery" and it was my fault because he was browning the "sloppy joe" (had to teach him it's called HAMBURGER not sloppy joe) and when he put the seasoning powder in he was doing it without a drop of water. It wasn't going so well. So I corrected that and then he claimed I put too much water in.

So then Chance said something was "custing".  He uses this often. And I said to him-- why do you call everything "custing." He said "cause it is. Custing." School lunch custing".  Because Chloe mentioned they need lunch money.

And I said to Chance, you do realize the word is "DISGUSTING?"  And he and Chloe both said "huh?" At the same time:)  And we said "yeah, it's disgusting, and if you are going to call something that, you should at least be saying it RIGHT.

And with that they burst out laughing. Which pretty much sums up supper time.  Laughing.  Fun.  Some Chinglish.  As we call it.  Silliness.  Eating.  Seconds. Sometimes thirds, if you are Chance. Hot sauce applied to everything on certain people's plates.

Usually someone calling something "custing." Or stupid,that's another "favorite."  The teens also like to DEMAND (to each other), "get me water, get me hot sauce, ranch dressing, bring me a fork."  I think they like to see how many things they can get the other one to do for them:) Not naming any names here--CHLOE.

Matter of fact Chloe just told Chance to "crack her back" and when he said "No I don't want to"-- she proceeded to choke him, lovingly, of course. He called for me to save him from her but it's hard to believe he is serious when he can't stop laughing.  And the next thing you know here he is, standing on her back! (She's laughing, not yelling)

They are quite entertaining, in fact our dinner time (and life)  has never been the same:))

Our Sunday was very special-- it was Youth Sunday and we had no idea what was planned. Imagine our surprise when our son Chase went up front and read scripture in Chinese for the church. He was sooo nervous, he had to go back over to the Youth Pastor twice before he got up the nerve, but he did it. To a round of LOUD applause (not just me clapping MOM), everyone was so supportive of him.  He was smiling and so proud of himself, you could see it:)

Apparently God (the Big Man) did hear, lil' ol' ME-- remember back when I said it could get cold again?  WELLLLLL--- right after I go buy my spring flowers, we have been hit with freezing cold temps, snow predicted and sleet today. Miss Kitty asked me if I could possibly go to the bus stop and pick them up if it was raining so they wouldn't have to walk up the lane?  Now how could I resist that sweet request?  

Speaking of Miss Kitty, her teeth to be exact. I did contact the dentist and he said to give her teeth a YEAR from when the baby teeth fell out till we should worry if no big teeth had come in. And guess what?  We see little tiny buds of teeth coming through- phewwww.  Now to just resign ourselves to the huge possibility of braces -- I mean, look at the angle of those bottom teeth!

That pretty much sums up our dinner time, now it's coming up on snack time-- ohhh, let the fun begin again:)))

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Carey said...

There is nothing like a large family at meal time. Fun, fun. I especially like "custing".