Friday, April 6, 2012

GOOD Friday

Yep, the kids are off school. Easter vacation.  It's Day 2 of them being home and being really well behaved which means one of two things-

They are sick.

They are not mine.

They can't and don't behave. Even dad knows this as he texted me "Is everyone behaving?"  Since I hadn't texted him and said "So and so is doing this, or that."

To fully appreciate this, you have to understand.  I took 5 children to the store yesterday.  And they were all GOOD. I think maybe I have someone else's children, you know how your kids always behave tons better for someone else? So they must not be my kids.

I had a friend come over, someone I haven't seen in years.  The kids made us lunch, tacos. Now I don't know about you all but tacos are a favorite here, because for some odd reason, every single person here LIKES tacos. There's no other food that everyone likes.   But to have one thing everyone will eat without complaint is amazing. And they did.

Then they allowed me and my friend to visit, no bickering, no screaming as if someone is dying.  No throwing fits, name calling, running in the house, sitting and listening in.  No stitches needed, no one knocked out, thus allowing me and friend a long, enjoyable visit that ended when we chose. Not because someone needed a nap.

So I think June  (Cle*ver) or Carol ( Br*dy) have lost their children and need to come claim them.  Before I get used to this and when my badly behaved children return I will be overwhelmed and we don't want that, do we?

So, June or Carol, I have your kids.  Right here.  I'll just wait your arrival  to turn over said children and  anticipate my REAL children showing up. I'm ready:) but if you want to let me live with these dream children for a few days longer I won't complain. I promise. 

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Joy said...

I am so glad you are having a good Easter vacation.
You might want to check out my blog-we have happy news.