Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Why do I always end up with more questions than answers when talking to agency?

Got a call yesterday.  Asking for our Log In Date for the boys' paperwork.  We are reusing their paperwork for this adoption.  All that really means is that we didn't have to redo a few papers that we already have done for their adoptions.  

So after giving our previous log in date, birthdates and names of the boys, I asked "What's up?" And was told that 2 weeks ago a question came in regards to the money wired for our paperwork. Pretty common, agency said. Sorted out.

So then last night (that would have been Monday night) questions came about our previous paperwork (called a dossier).  So we must be in REVIEW for them to be asking questions.  I said "Huh?? (like a dummy) We  are in REVIEW?"

"Like does that mean we are close to LOA (Letter of Approval)??"

And they said "Could be,  we don't know."

Now mind you all.  I'm sitting here wondering why we don't have a LOG IN DATE (LID) yet, I know China got our paperwork March 22.  And when I asked that, the agency said they didn't give them that- we are obviously logged in but often they don't "get" a log in date.

And another HUH? From me.  Now, I know, I know, this is God's journey.  Don't even ask me what I think of it, 'cause that's my answer. But when we get LOA gives us a better idea of travel, I mean, if we have it by next month we could travel in Aug.  But if we wait for MONTHS-- it will be later:(

It seems to me that if we are in review for them to review we would have to be out of translation, and if that's so then I am pretty sure you don't just hang out in review for ages, or do you???  Come on my adoption buddies, tell me please!! Anyone know??

Help me out.  I'm totally puzzled. All I know is we can probably figure a LID of about March 30.  Why not, sounds good to me.  And therefore, we are 26 days in to our wait. And the longest wait is over 100 days.  Some of the shortest are around 30.  And the agency did say some people get them at 30 days, some at 100+.

I'm praying for  30 DAYS.  Wanna join in??

I'm also puzzled how they can't find the boys adoption paperwork when we sent a copy of it WITH Phoebe's paperwork??  Can I suggest some better filing system people?

Really wanting my girl, longing for her-- to end her wondering "when are they coming, are they coming, what will it be like?" I want to ease her fears, hold her hand, watch her sleep.  Give her our family who already loves her so much to call her OWN.

God's timing.  I cling to it:) All while continuing to love our daughter from afar.


Sherri said...

So when you do get your LID, LOA, TA, CA, etc.... who all is going to China?

Chris said...

One day we will look back and say "Oh that wait wasn't so bad"...I hope
We aren't DTC yet and it feels like forever since we first saw her picture.

Lisa said...

Honestly, I completely (and joyfully) blocked out all memory of the wait for both of my girls, so I can't help predict your wait. But I CAN pray for your family and Phoebe!

Donna said...

Your agency can see your LID on the computer system. Ask them to look it up!!

MommaT said...

I am praying you get solid info and asap...sounds a little weird to me that they don't have solid LID etc...I would keep hounding them until they get it

Marie94 said...

Love your blog! We have 5 from China - 3 with albinism. About your paperwork - we reused our dossier in 2011 - it was a real nightmare is all I can say. I believe it would have been faster for us to just redo the dossier. I am speculating that they are trying to match your new info with your old dossier - seems easy but for our family that took a long time. I am all about hoping for the best but I bet you have no LID until both the old and new dossier meet eachother. Then they will send it all to translation. Hoping the very best, fastest and God's perfect timing for your lovely family in bringing Phoebe home.

Hunan Mommy said...

All I can say is I've been there. Hope your paperwork flies through and your not a part of the century club receiving your LOA.