Sunday, April 8, 2012


The Holy Day of days, the celebration of our Lord rising from the tomb and I know this because He lives within MY heart.  I'm so incredibly thankful to Him for taking my sins and paying the price of His life for all of us.

This day means so much more to me than any other celebration we have.  It's just so special to have God in my life.  I can't imagine a day without Him.  He's blessed me immensely and allowed me to grow in ways I never expected.

He gives me the strength to mother many, each and every day. 

Speaking of mothering-- Cindy and Bobby, better known as  Kat and Camden have convinced me I do have the right kids.  For sure. When they started bickering over "HOW" we got Kat, that Camden tried to take all the credit and they fought over that, I knew my kids were back.  

Camden said he "wanted a sister" and as if we whipped up Kat out of thin air, there she was. OIY.

The kids were fighting over this in the van when Chloe says to me  "Mom, you need a white man."  Well, as puzzled as I was I said "Uh, Chloe, I have a white man?"  And she said it again,  "No, you need a white man."  And I couldn't figure out why she wanted me to have a new "white man."  

WELL, I finally figured out she was saying "white VAN"  she thought our darker red van was too warm and a white VAN would stay cooler. Phewww. I really like dad, so I was glad she wasn't trying to get me to ditch him.  

I'm not too sure how we go from "How sister got here to white man or van," but that's pretty much life with our kids every day.We never know where the conversation is going to go.

The kids enjoyed their Easter baskets this morning.  Although their baskets are probably a bit different than most  kids.  Since they aren't real fond of sweet treats, they get treats they love.

 Pistachio nuts, beef jerky, gum. And much to my delight, each child now has special cup, with a lid, and their name on it.  So hopefully the 30+ cups a day needing washed will be cut down to 6:)

I did get  some super pics of the kids today, before church. Wasn't thrilled that Kat had to dress like a TREE, for the play at church-- tan jeans and green shirt was the closest we could get to that.  Didn't get any time to find some cute green dress.  So after church I had her get the cute pink dress like Chloe's and do some more pics which weren't as good (of course). 

We had church today then went to Grandma's for a yummy lunch together then our own egg hunt.  

Hoping everyone had a great and blessed Easter Sunday!


mom2three said...

Ok, so I'm curious. I see 3 pink cups and 3 blue, and I'm pretty sure you have 2 girls and 4 boys. Was one of the boys ok with the pink? My son didn't know the significance of pink and blue when he first came home, but he does now, and I suspect he'd have fussed about pink.

ronvic7 said...

I included a cup for Phoebe, and Donovan stated he only drinks "soda from a can" (I do not buy soda, he buys it from his job monies) so he didn't want a cup.

So 3 girl cups and 3 boy cups:)