Friday, March 16, 2012


What in the world? It's been downright HOT around here.  So much so that flip flops and shorts have become the standard dress?  In the middle of MARCH?

It seems like madness.  But we are lovin' it.  It's warm. Sunny.  A nice breeze blowing and it's  enough to make you think it's June. But it's not. It's MARCH.  

Which means one of two things. We are going to have a summer of heat beyond belief. Or it's still gonna get cold and snow before we see summer.   I really, really don't like to melt so I'll take cold again to have a cooler summer. Yep, sure will.

Not that I think I have ANY say about it at ALL.  But at least it's in writing here for the "Big Man" aka God to see lil' ol' me's request.

What's been going on this week? Well.... apparently the heat has brought out the worst of some certain kids on the bus.  'Cause I got bombarded by kids as soon as they got home yesterday.  A 3rd grader and friend (same age) were making fun of my kids for being Chinese.  OIY.  What a sad world we live in that children must find every difference of people and make that a bad thing.

BUT I loaded up my kids and took them to one kid's house and I called the other kid's mother and both parents were very nice and assured us it will not happen again. That they will not tolerate their children doing this.

And I got to be extremely proud of MY son, Chase, who told these mean boys that people who are white and American and people who are yellow skinned and Chinese are just PEOPLE. That it's okay to be different. He got VERY angry when they were saying my children were stupid.  Yet he held in that temper and even told his friend he "can't beat up a little kid."  Which is totally RIGHT.  

I showed them how to respectfully handle an issue, that I will stand up for them, for their right to be here, to be our children, and all that stands for.  They seemed afraid when I told them to get in the van, they kept saying, "No fighting mother, police will come, mother."  Silly children.  

I marched right up to that house, introduced myself with a firm handshake and stated my children were Chinese and we didn't think they deserved to be called stupid for that by their child.  How you gonna argue with that?

The stone mason came and made the cutest smiley face in the mortar on the lower bottom of the house front.  Prep for the stone, he thrilled the children when he pointed out that he placed a stone that looks like a "bird" within the stones.  The kids call it "the chicken". Now how perfect is that for our chicken lovin' kids?

Do you see it?  Okay, stop looking at Kat's dry ashy legs, and LOOK. (MOM, yes, we have lotion for her legs)  Isn't it looking so nice? I think the colors are so pretty.  The stone is real, it's from the mason's farm. It got too cold to do it after we moved in last October, so he came back when it got warm.

Gotta tell you a neat story about the stone mason.  When he came to do the blocks for the garage he noticed our kiddos ( how could you not, they were in his way often nosing into what he was doing) but he asked about them being adopted and I told him their story. He thought a minute then said "I remember my wife mentioning something about an article in the paper of brothers that needed to come home with their sister and she sent a donation."  Yep, you got  (God) chills yet?  'Cause that was OUR kids.  And I told him to please tell his wife he got to meet them, see them together, home, doing well and they are LOVED. 

I could just see God smiling as we pieced together the connection:)

 Now that it is warm we have lots to think about, a walkway to put in, painting to   do, window sills to stain.  I'm just so thankful we are in our home and these are the only jobs we have on the agenda this summer. 

 Might just want some snow to keep those jobs tucked away in our brains a little longer though? I mean, Kat was trying to sing March showers bring April flowers and that's just not right, we can't be changing very old rhymes like that!

 So I vote for bringing on more snow. Yep.  Sure do. I'll let you know how that works out for me:)


Jerry and Christy said...

Olivia calls her muscles chicken. I guess the word chicken and muscles are the same word in Chinese. The missionary couple that was visiting told us that. So your boys can show you their "chicken". No wonder they like chicken so much. They want muscles. Just a silly thought.

MommaT said...

Just come to WA we are still getting flurries of snow..of course we never get more than half an inch so it doesn't compare to there.