Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chloe's home safe

She's BACK!!!!!!!!

WHOOO Hooooooo.  She had a blast, she's ready to go back already next year.

She hasn't told us much, she got in at 5:30 am and I got in from work at 6 am, we slept till 11 am and then had lunch and Chase's belated party for his birthday.

Word has it she was a blessing to the team, she worked very hard, she liked the food (very similar to Chinese) and she brought us all gifts- I got a lovely wooden canister to hold all our chopsticks in:) She was very thoughtful in the gifts she chose for each of us.

I'm so excited she is home and we got to celebrate Chase's birthday in a better fashion than we could on Monday.  He was surprised we were having cake FINALLY:)

I'll leave you with some of Chloe's pictures, her pictures are of everyone else, including her BFF Hannah and Hannah's mom said most of her pictures are of Chloe so I guess we'll have to swap out their pictures.

Hopefully when Chloe  is less tired she will be willing to share more about her trip and I can post more about the pig head, the chicken she killed, the machete she brought back-------

OIY.  All I'm gonna say is for now we are thrilled she is home. 

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Mom2Six said...

I know Momma is a Happy Camper now!