Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring Day

At least it's spring now, to match the rising temps.  No snow, guess the "Big Man" was not impressed by my request. Hummm.

Oh well, I can take the sunshine and flowers blooming, sure will. 'Cause it's beautiful.  Wonderful to see God's smallest things growing and blooming.

Reminds me of those baby steps we make with our treasures, how we have to be thankful for every tiny bit of progress they make.

As well as progress with the new treasure. Yep, today we got paperwork back, thus completing our portion of work to get everything ready to send to our agency for it to go on to China. WHOO HOO. First I scared our postman.  I stopped in from work expecting the paperwork package to be there. Apparently he had JUST called me to tell me it was there and he thought I drove that fast to get there.  Ha ha. I told him I did not drive like an idiot. He was still looking at me kinda funny, like he didn't believe me.

I had to make copies, then off I went to a class for work. I was back to send the paperwork on to our agency a little bit after 3 pm.  The post lady was sooo nice, when I told her what my paperwork was for she said "hang on" and she went to check if the truck was still outside, she told him to "wait." They held the truck till I got the package ready so it would be delivered tomorrow, instead of Thursday:)

Kinda fitting since today would be a big day indeed. Yep, Phoebe girl is 8 years old today- sniff, sniff.  If we can't be there to get her yet, then best next thing is to be doing something to get moving on the adoption front, right?

I'm hanging on to God's perfect timing for this adoption, knowing for whatever His reasons are, they are meant to be. That doesn't mean I'm not hoping for a fast delivery of our paperwork, logging in of them in China, and approval for us to adopt Phoebe:)  Always allowed to have HOPE.

We did send blondie girl a cake, card, big ol' teddy bear to celebrate her big day:)  Hoping she had a lovely time and she could feel our love for her through the things we sent.  Seems so woefully inadequate compared to being able to go for her, but again, God's timing.

Otherwise, the other kiddos spent a busy weekend, the teens went ice skating with the teens from church, Camden went to a party (roller skating) and Kat was the only one home so she had a friend over. OIY, I had no idea how LOUD two 8 year old girls giggling and carrying on could be! Guess it's good prep for us for Phoebe, huh?

The teens had a pancake breakfast they helped with on Saturday and on Sunday March 18  (mark this date MOM) hubby and I went out ALONE. All alone.  Had dinner.  Of course we were sat near a table with 2 unruly children, one of whom set off the emergency exit alarm that no one seemed to know who had the key to shut the loud screaming alarm off. Of course.  

We just sat there and smiled.  Yes we did. Because we knew if any of our lovies would have been with us, they would have done the e-x-a-c-t same thing.  Without a doubt.  So we were amused.

No new pictures of Phoebe, so you get the cuties here now, with the puppies. Those puppies are loving life big time in the country as well as the warm weather.  Although I'm not sure Tommy was thrilled Kat had him up a tree?

That's our start to spring, wishing our girl the most wonderful birthday, the last one she'll spend without US:)

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