Friday, March 30, 2012

Girly things

Hey, thanks for all the opinions on the door color:) We decided to keep it for a few days and  now I love it.  The comments were so neat, here's a few answers-- 

We can't decide on shutter colors yet, no way will hubby go for that bright of color, he doesn't even want a deep brown shutter.  So bless his unflavored tastes, we are going without shutters for now but they will probably be some very neutral shade when we do get them thus my desire for an entryway/front door that "pops."

The trim is all aluminum, not paintable.  Garage doors vinyl, not paintable either.  All done that way for minimum of painting surfaces, thus keeping long term maintenance low. Just how hubby wanted it.

Having come from an old brick home with old everything, hubby was insistent that we have the least amount of stuff  possible we would have to maintain here:) Our old home even had horsehair plaster walls!  That's real horse hair mixed in with the plaster (done in the olden days that way) while charming, it's a pain to maintain an older home.  One of the huge blessings of this home being newly "re"built:)

I don't think I ever posted what we started out with here and the end result in the same post so forgive me (mom) and here it is. A big difference, huh?  It's been a total joy to us to have this home. We are still in awe of God's blessing of it.

Anyway, as far as the "girly things, title to this post.  What fun we had making this---

I got plain blank box canvas. Took a  side profile picture of Chloe's BFF, Hannah.  Had it printed in 8x10 size.  Spray painted the canvas black. Cut out the picture.  Placed it on the now dry canvas, taped down.  Sprayed pink over it to cover whole canvas.

How neat is that? I'm gonna do Chloe's profile next and hang them in her room.  Probably will do a set for Hannah too, for her birthday coming up---shhhhh don't tell her- you can reuse the profile picture as many times as you wish.

Back to the front door, I can't believe I forgot to share the fiasco painting the door became.  Should have told me right there to leave it as is.  I wanted to paint it as soon as I had the paint BUT the family was home. I wanted to wait, I knew I should, but NO, I couldn't.  So as we just arrived home the kids let the dogs out. I had my quart of paint in hand. Camden was told to keep an eye on the dogs.

You know where this is going, don't you?  I had left the lid to the can on the porch floor. Next thing I know I have 2 dogs with orange legs walking all over the porch, and Teddy even darted in the house.  AHHHHH.  So as I YELLED to Camden to get the dogs and Chloe (bless her) ran to get a towel and started to scrub the orange paw prints all over the concrete porch.  Camden ran off saying "it's all my fault" (as if that was going to HELP???)

Hubby was mowing and wouldn't you know he realized something was going on and he came over (we were trying to clean off the puppy prints before he caught on) and he got the scrub brush and helped.  F-I-A-S-C-O  I'm telling ya. You'd never expect how far that little bit left on the paint can lid could go, trust me when I say to you--it's FAR.

About 25 doggie paw prints.  Not even kidding you. We did get all the paw prints scrubbed off, and even got the ornery doggies bathed. So now the only cinnamon stick color is where it's supposed to be, on the doors:)

I do have another question, we were getting ready to go to evening church for the service showing the pictures of Costa Rica.  So as we ran into the store to look at paint colors (checking out darker colors for the door) when I looked at my son Camden and there it was. 

 A dirty boy.  In a while shirt splashed all up the back with MUD. So what did I do? I quickly swung by the boy department and picked up a shirt.  Wasn't terribly expensive, quite plain, in fact. BUT I made him change in the van. Have any of you had to do that?  I mean, how do these boys get so dirty so quickly??

Here he is, in his new shirt:) He was clean, for the moment. I really hope I'm not the only mother who has had to purchase a shirt to take their child somewhere clean. AM I??


~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

We live on a canal. Our house is five houses down from a river, so over the years we have had otters, dolphin, alligators, and manatee, all in our back yard. There is a large area at the end of the street where the water is very shallow. We always keep an old pair on tennis shoes to wear in the water, so there is no concern that they will step on a rock or something all covered in barnacles and get their feet cut. We do the same with jeans; always saving a least on old pair for painting, changing oil in a car,... Well, we were in a rush, and knowing boys I yelled a reminder to put on CLEAN clothes and then rushed to dress myself. We ran to the car, drove to Mass, into the church, slid into the pew, I look down at my teen son, and there he sits with two HUGE holes in the knees of his pants! His clueless comment? "They were clean." LOL Boys! Ya got to luv um!

Ruby said...

On the way to a WEDDING, out of state, it was discovered my one brothers got in the car without shoes. NO shoes to be had, over 100 miles from home (and another 80 to the wedding). His comment "You said to make sure I remembered to bring my tie. You didn't say anything about shoes!" And the socks he was wearing, yeah, he ran though mud (see above comment of no shoes) on his way to the car. So we had to find a random shoe store, have him wear his older brother's socks and shoes into the store (and next brother's socks were pretty gross) and get 2 pairs of socks and a pair of shoes. We (barely) made it on time.