Monday, March 12, 2012


Nope, not us. Not fundraising yet.

God has provided in our journey to Phoebe, and we will be sending off our paperwork to our agency to send on to China soon. WHOO HOOOO.

But I wanted to write about fundraising because I've heard many a thing said about it.  Some feel you shouldn't fund raise, that it says you can't afford to adopt.

Uh, really?  Or that you shouldn't adopt till you have the funds ready? Again, really?

I mean, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this is my blog so you get MINE.  

We've adopted children that we were able to fund their adoptions.  And been very thankful, no doubt about that. 

BUT-- we've also adopted children we did NOT have the funding to get them home.  Didn't expect them, didn't know God's plan.  But HE DID.

And HE wanted us to open up ourselves in a way we had never done before.  I mean, we were all about "taking care of our own" and had no plan to change that.  It's what parenting is about- right?

WRONG, so very wrong.  In so many ways, the teen treasures story NEEDED to be shared, but ONLY if God could get US to follow HIS plan.  Wasn't easy for these 2 stubborn parents, it took a HUGE shock for us to see we were in over our heads on this one and HAD to turn it over to HIM.

You know, you go along and think, we work, we make money, we don't work, we can't provide, it's all about US, right?  Ha ha ha.  NO, it's NOT about US.  It's about GOD.  God provides.  God and only God.  He can not do things if we will not LISTEN.  If we will not hand over the reins and let Him guide where He wants us to be.

Talk about tough.  We were humbled, deeply humbled by the sheer outpouring of love for our teens, for them to be together, to get those boys home with their sister.  Money poured in. Miracles happened in getting Chase's paperwork approved. God and only God talked to those less stubborn and so grounded in Him and they listened.  Teaching US what it meant to "be still and listen."  To hear HIM.

Because up until we got our baby boy I believed in God but I didn't really know how to WALK with God.  To give ALL to Him.  And I still can't say I know it ALL, no way. Each day I learn more, I want to be stretched to take in more, to become MORE for my God.  To be used by HIM, however He wishes because of how much He loves me.  And I love Him.

Our baby taught me to LISTEN.  Yet another lesson I needed to hear God and do His Will. 

So what does this have to do with fundraising?

Well...... our pastor's wife always says "Don't deny the blessing."

And it's true.  If we hadn't asked, our sons would not be here. If we hadn't asked our daughter would be a different person.  If we hadn't ASKED, how many of YOU would have been touched by the teens story?

And it's not about US--- it's all about GOD. God wanted people who donated, prayed, followed, to feel HIM.  And His love for these children.  

To see what He can do and how AWESOME  He and only He is.  How powerful His LOVE for us, each one of us, is.  He knows each and every one of us, the good, the bad, the ugly and He LOVES us.  

He had a plan  for our children, His special ones, the orphans, and He asked so many and so many responded.  YOU share in these children. 

Doesn't knowing they are home, with their sister, bickering like the siblings they are, gaining strides in learning about family love, now even starting to give BACK and let God use THEM to spread His love and joy to more people, well doesn't that just make you love God even more? That He included YOU in His miracle of these children?

We've been blessed to parent them, that's for sure. They are God's children. Given to us to parent, to care for them, teach them of Him. And we have been able to help, not huge amounts of money, but lots of prayer- for other children being adopted.  God called us and we heard Him and answered. Not because WE are so wonderful, no GOD is so wonderful that HE called us and gave us the chance to respond and help other families called to adopt. Following HIM.

I am 100% for fundraising for this reason.  God can't do the work He desires, sometimes in us, sometimes in someone else, unless we listen and follow His Will.  Not ours.  And yes, it might be something hugely uncomfortable. God doesn't promise us He won't push us to be MORE for Him.  He doesn't want us comfortable and uncaring. He wants us giving our ALL to Him.

We were surprised God meant for us to adopt Miss Phoebe. But she is no less wanted by us.  We have been amazed to see God's plan unfold for her, humbled again, by His provisions for her adoption so far.  Because He has provided for the steps of her adoption so far. Again, stretching us and making us understand how BIG His love for us and her is.

I'm so thankful to know God, to know His love for me, to share Him with all of you through our children and their story.  

So how about you guys?  Anyone want to share their story of God's love for them?  Feel free, come on, share!!  It's so wonderful to give others a view of what God can/has done, the glory being for Him.

I know you've got stories to tell, don't be shy.  And if you ARE fundraising leave a comment for anyone who is interested in listening to God and needs a family to help.  Go right on ahead.  I fully support fundraising and would be honored to pray for your family as well:)  


Jenny said...

Love this!! We are fundraising to bring home our two little ones:) If there is anyone who feels led to share a blessing... our link is Thanks for an awesome post!!!

Alison said...

My husband and I have been full-time missionaries for the last 23 years. We just left the missions field for him to work in a church after many years of ministry together. Every single paycheck and every single provision from day one of our marriage was as a result of God touching the heart of others to give to our ministry. It was a difficult lesson, but I learned that people actually WANT to give, and WANT to be a part of God's plan. How humbling that He would use us as such a conduit! When we adopted our daughter, the only way we could do it was through fund raising. Interestingly enough, God provided a very small amount through our monthly donors. The majority of our adoption funds came from fellow missionaries who were excited to see how God was building our family. We led a team to China to work in an orphanage, and most of the people that went were fellow missionaries who wanted to minister to children in China. After so many years of seeing first hand how God provides for every need through the generosity of others, I think it is exciting to see families take a huge step of FAITH to raise funds to bring home a child that God has called them to parent.

Thanks for bringing up the subject! As you can see, I have definite opinions on this one.


Narissa said...

I have seen first hand Vickie's love of her children. There is no doubt that they were all meant to be there. As for fundraising, my Narissa is doing some of her own. She was Kat's crib mate before adoption, she came to us with facial paralysis and has had recent surgeries. She is looking to help other children smile. Please check out her new blog
and feel free to send a donation, just let her know so she can send you a thank you.
Ruthie, Narissa's mom

connie said...

I love this topic! I'm 100% for fund raising - and boy, has God come through BIG!! We had $0 for each of our adoptions, but the journeys to bring the last 4 home (2 at a time) were the biggest. In 2009 we were a week from TA and still $21,000 short. We fasted...our first extended fast. And the Lord spoke to each of us, not how He was going to bring the $21,000 but what he wanted from us - complete faithfulness, obedience and recognition that all things are His. After 7 days we broke the fast and knew what we had to do - be faithful in giving back what was already His. The next morning, someone brought $1,000 by our home and we kept our promise of giving. A week later we held a spaghetti dinner fundraiser in our little town of 450 people, and when the night was over and the pastor counted the money, he came to us in tears, saying, "I stopped counting at $21,000"!!!!!
This last year (from September 2010 to June 2011) was no exception. We didn't even have the $250 application fee, but we knew without a doubt we were to bring another Treasure home. I've never worked so hard in my life! But in 9 months, the Lord provide over $47,000 through fundraising, gifts, grants and hard work to bring our two Treasures home.
He loves our children even more than we do, and He'll make THE way for them to come home.

Chad and Kristy said...

I am not against fundraising but I just don't know that its for me. Besides having zero support from friends and family, fundraising just brings out the worst in me. Satan works overtime on me, my feelings get hurt, and my self esteem plumits. When you share your heart with the world and all you hear is crickets cherping in the background... well its heartbreaking. Really? Does no one care about me? I just can't go there any more. Can't.

I have no idea where the funds will come from to bring our child home but I do know this:

I serve a mighty God who is loving and faithful.

He called me to this child and He will pave the way. He has thus far.

I am seeking Him with all my heart.


I am praying my son home.

ronvic7 said...

Jenny- cool! Love that you are bringing home 2! God is so good.

Alison- WOW, what a wonderful tribute your life has been to God. I'm thrilled you shared it!!

Rissa-We love you girlie. Without a doubt. We think you are so special to do what you are doing. God made you so very special. It just shines:)

Connie-God knew your heart for your treasures and He is wonderful in providing:)

Kristy- I felt so bad but I understand when you say family is not supportive:( I'm so sorry. I am glad to know that you obviously realize that following God may not always be the "popular" road yet you follow Him anyway. He does know how your son will be coming home financially and He will take care of it. Money is nothing to Him. And He is supporting you, He is with you, He will always be there for you, He will not let you down.
Hugs my friend:)

Linette said...

When we committed to adopting an aging-out boy in 2010, we believed this adoption was God's baby. We had not thought that adopting from China was even a possibility at that point, but a lot of things "just fell" into place, including the finances. Yes, we did our part with frugal living and diligence in paperworking (can that be a verb? because it sure feels like one some days!), but there were also fee reductions or unexpected sources of money that we could not have predicted or engineered. And then there were the times when we had to pay a fee and it felt like we shouldn't have had enough money in our bank account...but we did. I felt a little bit like the woman who kept pouring oil from her little bitty jug and found it was enough to fill up every jar in the house. I've been blessed by the stories of families who have fundraised and how God has provided for them through the love and partnership of others, but since you asked for stories, I wanted to share this one as well. Everyone's story is different, but GOD is GOOD in all of them!

Dawn said...

I have been so inspired by your journey to your teen boys, I followed every twist and turn and loved how God was working out all those miracles. Yet when it was our turn to step up I let Satan in and believed it wasn't possible that God loved ME that much. That He could possibly do for ME all that He has done for so many others. I saw my daughter on a list back in Feb 2010 and ARGUED with God for 6 months about why we couldn't adopt her. After all, I have MS and take meds China doesn't allow, I was diagnosed with breast cancer just a year before and have suffered greatly over failed reconstruction surgeries (even now 18 month later). I didn't even have the money to pay an application fee. I told God if He would just give me the first half I would step forward and try...well, you know how THAT goes, God told me to do it anyway. He told me to make some doll dresses and sell them and sure enough I made enough in one weekend to pay for the application fee and so far every step of the way He has provided. We still have a LONG way to go and I get VERY discouraged sometimes when I look at the big picture but I have to remember He does love me that much and He will bring our daughter home to us!

If anyone is interested in some cute girls skirts with matching doll skirts they can check out our blog (sadly our agency will not allow pictures of our little ones until we adopt them in China, that makes it really hard to raise money for an unknown child) or if anyone just wants to share our blog with someone else who might be able to use some of the items I'm sewing please feel free to pass it on!!!!!

May God Bless you and your family, including that precious little one still waiting!!!