Friday, March 9, 2012

Busy week

Ohhh, has it been a good week.  Yep.  GOOD. 

First paperwork came back for Phoebe.  Sent it on to the next and final step so when we get it back next week we send it straight to the agency to get it sent to China. WHOO HOOO.  

So thankful things have moved fast there. Can't wait to get blondie girl home.  Please keep our next approval in your prayers, it makes a huge difference if we get a quick Letter of Acceptance (LOA) or if we wait and wait for it.

Have enjoyed the week of daughter home from jungle, she is so hyped up and talking about working all summer and fundraising already because she wants to go back next year. OIY. I told her I needed time to recoup from this trip.  She's working on all the pictures from her trip now, trying to get them organized as I got them printed for her today.

We did a dentist appointment for Chloe and Camden yesterday.  We love, love LOVE our new dentist.  Firstly he is soooo nice. Secondly he not charging us extra for children who have heavy plaque due to never being to the dentist.  Thirdly we get a 20% discount for paying upfront which our pocket book appreciates. 

Camden had a cavity.  He was a turd this week, he lost 2 teeth, one came out in 2 pieces.  So he tried to get a double payment out of the tooth fairy. She did not fall for his trickery.  

Chloe got her front tooth chip fixed, this will be the 4th time.  Yep, old dentist fixed it THREE times, and it didn't hold up.  Once it only lasted 2 days. Grrrr.  She is trying to be very careful now, she is afraid it will break off again.  She really didn't like the chip, so I'm glad we could try again to get it fixed and have more confidence in this dentist's work. Not that she isn't beautiful as is.  She certainly is, but the chip bothered her.  

Chance told me we "wasted money" on her teeth.  She's had extensive dental work due to a neglected fall and damage of her mouth from the fall at the orphanage.  I told him it was not a "waste." Chloe was mad at him, but I knew he thought because they didn't get dental care at the orphanage he believed they didn't NEED it. He doesn't LIKE going to the dentist.

So I explained to him just because they didn't go to the dentist at the orphanage didn't mean they didn't NEED dental care. It just wasn't affordable there. So it was left go but that we do not let it go.

I've seen the boys come to a place we have been with Chloe.  They both are very concerned about what they GET.  If they have ENOUGH.  Thinking they don't.  Being jealous.  Pouting when they feel "shorted."  And I've had to call them out on it.  

I can't figure out if it's them being boys, adopting 2 at once, them being older, what exactly it is, but they lag behind Chloe's progress by about 9 months- a year.  They are right about where she was at 1 year home, and they are going on 2 years home.  I don't worry about it, I just take it as it comes, dealing with things as needed-- but I find it interesting.

Our weather has been spring like, therefore Chloe HAD to get out her flip flops. Of course, she did. Girl LOVES her flip flops.  She said "I'm browner!".  Which was funny because as soon as I saw her when she got home I thought, wow, she's browner.

She's told us some of what she did and saw on her mission trip, but over all she has just been passionate about going back.  I worried she would have a hard time adjusting after being there but I should have given her more credit for what a strong person she is.  She has done so well.  Her heart is in the right place, working for God:)

Chloe met a man in Costa Rica who had been abandoned in a run down shack because he was old. He couldn't walk or get food.  They took him food, gave him clothes, blankets, a Bible and spent time with him.  So now Chloe says she has a "grandfather".  That's what they called him "grandfather."  I think she really liked the thought of having a grandfather, one thing she misses out with us.  Sadly both of our fathers have passed away. I'm so glad this trip gave her another person to love:)

Miss Kitty had a fun week at school celebrating Dr Seuss week.  She dressed as a "cat" again, but her teacher added the hat and sent me pictures.  Get it? Kat in the Hat??

Kat wanted to go with me when Phoebe's paperwork came to the post office and had to be sent to the next place, she gets so excited to know things are moving along to get sister home.  

Camden got a new pair of shoes and hasn't taken them off in 2 days. Or worn them outside at all.  Wild looking things, they are.  He's sooo hard on shoes:(  Someone needs to come up with a Camdenproof brand that lasts till he at least grows out of them, the last few years he has gone through at least 3 pairs of the SAME size, wore them right out. 

Chase has been doing better this week, he shared with me that he wants to be able to talk to more people ( in school) but people don't understand him.  And I encouraged him to LOOK at people when he talks, talk LOUDER, as he speaks very softly, and to KEEP trying.  

He has a much heavier accent and always will, more than his siblings and at times he is very hard to understand.   I also told him to stop saying "Nuhh, huh," to everyone and he has been trying, it's so funny when he says "Nuuh, huh", and I look at him and he says "I mean-- uuuh, huhh." Even him being funny that way is good to see. He's such a serious guy, it's neat to see him loosen up a bit.

He got a buzz cut, not my favorite style but it's his head (yea I said that mom) and he wants to grow out his hair from spiking it up.  His face has remained clearer with him not putting anything on it, just washing twice a day.  Hoping he learns something from testing out the "no green goo needed on your face for pimples."

Chance has gotten himself in some trouble this week.  He's not been to happy about it either.  For some reason he was laughing when he told me he got a failing grade on a test and I didn't find that so funny.

He's not so thrilled that he is being prepared for high school next year and is being expected to be more responsible.  Not his favorite thing for sure.

I think both of the boys are looking older for some reason, making this momma sad that her "babies" are growing up too fast.

Other than all this fun, multiple loads of laundry, many cooked meals, quite a few dishes, cleaning the house, taking care of pets, running everyone where they need to be and back, grocery shopping, oh and working, school, etc. 

That's a week for us:)

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So glad to hear that everyone is making progress - even if it is slow.