Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back up

I am back on my feet and so thankful the dizziness is abated. I mean, who wants to admit they are a dizzy broad? Not me! I feel so much better.  I do think I got this at work, it's going around there, no one else here got my bug. ( yes mom, I have bleach)

We'll be doing a birthday surprise for Chase this weekend, making up for his cake-less day. Shhhh, don't tell him.  It's actually better that way because Chloe doesn't want to miss his party, girl LOVES a party and she will be BACK from the depth of the jungle and home, home HOME.

Man do I miss her.  I thought the boys would struggle without her, hummm. Lesson learned. MOTHER has struggled way more than they.  She's such an amazing girl, we are very close and although I never want to hinder her walk with God, I sooo hope she chooses to stay close to home for a longgggg time after this.

I actually should hear something tomorrow, that they are out of the jungle and are safe, not that I am hanging on the computer or anything:)  It's just good to know we are on the downward end of her trip. 

Kat told me today she missed Chloe. I asked her "why?"  and she told me she likes Chloe to be walking up from the bus with her and the boys.  Because that stinker Chance made her carry HIS umbrella.  I asked her why she did it.  And she said because he told her she had to.  I *may* not have taught her something good here.  I said "If it were me I'd have laid it down on the ground and said no way dude, carry it yourself, and left it there. " 

Well.  Her eyes got big and she said "Then he will get me in trouble for not doing it."  And I told her "What's he gonna do, come to me and say you wouldn't carry HIS stuff? 'Cause I'm not going to be sticking up for HIM for his lazy ways."

She just smiled then.  But back to Chloe, Kat said she always tells him to "knock it off" for her.  Such a good sister, that girl is.

Camden said he missed her too, he picked out a can of her favorite chips and when I told him the odds of them still being in our home by the time she gets back was slim to none, he said he will "guard them with his life."  Alrighty then. 

We must think alike 'cause I saw Jolly Ranch*r candy which Chloe LOVES and HAD to get them for her- they are sitting on her desk awaiting her return.  Her room door being closed off has been hard to see.  It's amazing how much joy and life she brings to our family.  I really, really miss her. (I am not crying MOM, I'm not!)

MY BFF and another mother who sent her daughter to the jungle (see I'm not the only one)  said we should picture them in a circle surrounded by little kids teaching them some type of craft, or telling them a story.  I CAN see that, Chloe LOVES kids.  Matter of fact, I'm pretty sure she has had a wonderful time there.

More good news on the paperwork front, immigration approval is OURS today- WHOOOO HOOOOO.  It no sooner hit the mailbox and we were off to send it on to the next step. It's so good to see forward action to getting our paperwork to Ch*na.  We are so anxious to get this last treasure home. (Stop laughing at the "last" word there MOM)

As for the other kiddos--I *WAS* having a rough time with Chase AGAIN- same crap, different day- and with being sick it really drained me dry.  So I called upon my adoptive mom friends for prayers and encouragement, gosh, aren't adoptive families AMAZING??  I had someone to speak to within 10 minutes of reaching out.  Someone who knows the struggle.  And my strength was restored.

Handled a situation with tough son, and it went well.  It's been an ongoing thing, we have tried to tell him how to take care of his skin, the whole acne thing.  And he will not listen.

  So when sister Mal tried to help him out and he took what she told him to use on his face to a new level of silly, we had to take all his "potions" and take him down to a special soap only. And tell him how often to use it. And IF he listens and we can see how his skin responds then we can add something if he even NEEDS it. 

I thought he would be angry for sure, but he didn't get mad, he listened.  Having green goo caked on his face from 4 pm on, even going outside like that is just goofy and can't be helping his skin nor is washing it 10 times a day. OIY.

Chance finished cooking up my soup and tea yesterday and brought them to me.  He then said "That be $5.00 soup, 50 cents tea, $5.50."  I looked at him and said "$10 for your clean laundry."  And he said "Oh, no thank you."  Yeah, funny boy, you ain't pulling that on this momma.

So that's how our March 2012 began.  How about yours?  Was it a lamb or lion?

I asked Chance and he said "We have chicken for supper mom, you forget? Ohh, that mean we eat lamb and lion, can I shoot them?" Always someone good for a laugh here:)

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