Friday, March 30, 2012

Girly things

Hey, thanks for all the opinions on the door color:) We decided to keep it for a few days and  now I love it.  The comments were so neat, here's a few answers-- 

We can't decide on shutter colors yet, no way will hubby go for that bright of color, he doesn't even want a deep brown shutter.  So bless his unflavored tastes, we are going without shutters for now but they will probably be some very neutral shade when we do get them thus my desire for an entryway/front door that "pops."

The trim is all aluminum, not paintable.  Garage doors vinyl, not paintable either.  All done that way for minimum of painting surfaces, thus keeping long term maintenance low. Just how hubby wanted it.

Having come from an old brick home with old everything, hubby was insistent that we have the least amount of stuff  possible we would have to maintain here:) Our old home even had horsehair plaster walls!  That's real horse hair mixed in with the plaster (done in the olden days that way) while charming, it's a pain to maintain an older home.  One of the huge blessings of this home being newly "re"built:)

I don't think I ever posted what we started out with here and the end result in the same post so forgive me (mom) and here it is. A big difference, huh?  It's been a total joy to us to have this home. We are still in awe of God's blessing of it.

Anyway, as far as the "girly things, title to this post.  What fun we had making this---

I got plain blank box canvas. Took a  side profile picture of Chloe's BFF, Hannah.  Had it printed in 8x10 size.  Spray painted the canvas black. Cut out the picture.  Placed it on the now dry canvas, taped down.  Sprayed pink over it to cover whole canvas.

How neat is that? I'm gonna do Chloe's profile next and hang them in her room.  Probably will do a set for Hannah too, for her birthday coming up---shhhhh don't tell her- you can reuse the profile picture as many times as you wish.

Back to the front door, I can't believe I forgot to share the fiasco painting the door became.  Should have told me right there to leave it as is.  I wanted to paint it as soon as I had the paint BUT the family was home. I wanted to wait, I knew I should, but NO, I couldn't.  So as we just arrived home the kids let the dogs out. I had my quart of paint in hand. Camden was told to keep an eye on the dogs.

You know where this is going, don't you?  I had left the lid to the can on the porch floor. Next thing I know I have 2 dogs with orange legs walking all over the porch, and Teddy even darted in the house.  AHHHHH.  So as I YELLED to Camden to get the dogs and Chloe (bless her) ran to get a towel and started to scrub the orange paw prints all over the concrete porch.  Camden ran off saying "it's all my fault" (as if that was going to HELP???)

Hubby was mowing and wouldn't you know he realized something was going on and he came over (we were trying to clean off the puppy prints before he caught on) and he got the scrub brush and helped.  F-I-A-S-C-O  I'm telling ya. You'd never expect how far that little bit left on the paint can lid could go, trust me when I say to you--it's FAR.

About 25 doggie paw prints.  Not even kidding you. We did get all the paw prints scrubbed off, and even got the ornery doggies bathed. So now the only cinnamon stick color is where it's supposed to be, on the doors:)

I do have another question, we were getting ready to go to evening church for the service showing the pictures of Costa Rica.  So as we ran into the store to look at paint colors (checking out darker colors for the door) when I looked at my son Camden and there it was. 

 A dirty boy.  In a while shirt splashed all up the back with MUD. So what did I do? I quickly swung by the boy department and picked up a shirt.  Wasn't terribly expensive, quite plain, in fact. BUT I made him change in the van. Have any of you had to do that?  I mean, how do these boys get so dirty so quickly??

Here he is, in his new shirt:) He was clean, for the moment. I really hope I'm not the only mother who has had to purchase a shirt to take their child somewhere clean. AM I??

Monday, March 26, 2012

Whatcha think?

The house is officially DONE.  The stone was finished last week. So what did I do?  I immediately realized I did not like the sage green color of the doors.  I wanted something that would "go" better with the stone, and would make the front door "pop".  Or as Chloe says give it "flavor."  

And so me that woman who said she would never paint again HAD to have a newly painted door ASAP.  Once it was done it was sooo different I couldn't decide if it's TOO much.  So I'm asking your opinion. Is it too orange?  It's called cinnamon stick- it's supposed to be a warm deep rust. Give it to me straight.  'Cause I already have a shade darker paint samples I am pondering over.

And feeling ridiculously silly.  'Cause life is so much more than a paint color, but isn't that just how it is?  We get so "caught up" in life that we aren't taking time for the "Big Man"- God. 

 Our Sunday School class is wonderful and we talked about this yesterday and how to remedy this in a busy world.  Each day take time to simply give God our day.  Make it His.  A simple request, but giving it ALL to Him, He who can get us through each day but we have to take time to ASK.  I love this simple and easy plan, not to say I don't want more time with God and being in His word. Nope. 

But on days where it's go, go go, from the time you get out of bed, I'd much rather ask God to take me where He wants on a day like that, than to go it alone, forgetting to ask Him along.

I think often God is seen as complicated, hard to reach, hard to stay close to.  This is NOT true.  God is there for every single one of us. He is available to us, often we are not available to HIM.  He can't work in us and with us when we are not available:(

So take time today to say to God "I give this day to YOU." And see how much better your days will go.

We had an interesting weekend, first our son Chase surprised us with being angry over being mean to Chance in school AGAIN and when confronted by it, calling me the "B" word.  Wow, we didn't know he even KNEW that word, although that was kind of a "duh" (on us), he's gone to public high school for 2 years now, HELLO. Come on over mom, bring the soap

But I was not thrilled, as you can imagine.  He spent the better part of Friday on a long walk to cool down his hiney, then in his room until stubborn boy apologized on Sunday.  He did come out to eat, even when pouting in his room-- so that's improvement.

I *wanted* to get wayyy upset by him calling me that but as I told someone he said that and they asked me if he said it "In ENGLISH" and I said "yeah, I don't know the Chinese version of that" it made us laugh and I really  wasn't able to get angry about it.

'Cause children are going to try out these things. NOT that he didn't get in trouble and apologize. He actually promised me (unprompted) he would never say it again. Humm.  Baby step?  

Chloe and Kat had a fun time this weekend making crafts. Chloe saw a program on making picture boards and next thing I knew she had dad cutting her pieces of foam left over from the house construction and this was the result. She helped Kat make one too.  It was fun to see them raiding my crafts stash and working together.  Reminds me of my childhood when I was sewing pillows or making crafts which I did often.

Now don't forget I want comments about the door color, give 'em to me, I asked:)  And don't worry I took time to give this day of my life to God- yeah!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring Day

At least it's spring now, to match the rising temps.  No snow, guess the "Big Man" was not impressed by my request. Hummm.

Oh well, I can take the sunshine and flowers blooming, sure will. 'Cause it's beautiful.  Wonderful to see God's smallest things growing and blooming.

Reminds me of those baby steps we make with our treasures, how we have to be thankful for every tiny bit of progress they make.

As well as progress with the new treasure. Yep, today we got paperwork back, thus completing our portion of work to get everything ready to send to our agency for it to go on to China. WHOO HOO. First I scared our postman.  I stopped in from work expecting the paperwork package to be there. Apparently he had JUST called me to tell me it was there and he thought I drove that fast to get there.  Ha ha. I told him I did not drive like an idiot. He was still looking at me kinda funny, like he didn't believe me.

I had to make copies, then off I went to a class for work. I was back to send the paperwork on to our agency a little bit after 3 pm.  The post lady was sooo nice, when I told her what my paperwork was for she said "hang on" and she went to check if the truck was still outside, she told him to "wait." They held the truck till I got the package ready so it would be delivered tomorrow, instead of Thursday:)

Kinda fitting since today would be a big day indeed. Yep, Phoebe girl is 8 years old today- sniff, sniff.  If we can't be there to get her yet, then best next thing is to be doing something to get moving on the adoption front, right?

I'm hanging on to God's perfect timing for this adoption, knowing for whatever His reasons are, they are meant to be. That doesn't mean I'm not hoping for a fast delivery of our paperwork, logging in of them in China, and approval for us to adopt Phoebe:)  Always allowed to have HOPE.

We did send blondie girl a cake, card, big ol' teddy bear to celebrate her big day:)  Hoping she had a lovely time and she could feel our love for her through the things we sent.  Seems so woefully inadequate compared to being able to go for her, but again, God's timing.

Otherwise, the other kiddos spent a busy weekend, the teens went ice skating with the teens from church, Camden went to a party (roller skating) and Kat was the only one home so she had a friend over. OIY, I had no idea how LOUD two 8 year old girls giggling and carrying on could be! Guess it's good prep for us for Phoebe, huh?

The teens had a pancake breakfast they helped with on Saturday and on Sunday March 18  (mark this date MOM) hubby and I went out ALONE. All alone.  Had dinner.  Of course we were sat near a table with 2 unruly children, one of whom set off the emergency exit alarm that no one seemed to know who had the key to shut the loud screaming alarm off. Of course.  

We just sat there and smiled.  Yes we did. Because we knew if any of our lovies would have been with us, they would have done the e-x-a-c-t same thing.  Without a doubt.  So we were amused.

No new pictures of Phoebe, so you get the cuties here now, with the puppies. Those puppies are loving life big time in the country as well as the warm weather.  Although I'm not sure Tommy was thrilled Kat had him up a tree?

That's our start to spring, wishing our girl the most wonderful birthday, the last one she'll spend without US:)

Friday, March 16, 2012


What in the world? It's been downright HOT around here.  So much so that flip flops and shorts have become the standard dress?  In the middle of MARCH?

It seems like madness.  But we are lovin' it.  It's warm. Sunny.  A nice breeze blowing and it's  enough to make you think it's June. But it's not. It's MARCH.  

Which means one of two things. We are going to have a summer of heat beyond belief. Or it's still gonna get cold and snow before we see summer.   I really, really don't like to melt so I'll take cold again to have a cooler summer. Yep, sure will.

Not that I think I have ANY say about it at ALL.  But at least it's in writing here for the "Big Man" aka God to see lil' ol' me's request.

What's been going on this week? Well.... apparently the heat has brought out the worst of some certain kids on the bus.  'Cause I got bombarded by kids as soon as they got home yesterday.  A 3rd grader and friend (same age) were making fun of my kids for being Chinese.  OIY.  What a sad world we live in that children must find every difference of people and make that a bad thing.

BUT I loaded up my kids and took them to one kid's house and I called the other kid's mother and both parents were very nice and assured us it will not happen again. That they will not tolerate their children doing this.

And I got to be extremely proud of MY son, Chase, who told these mean boys that people who are white and American and people who are yellow skinned and Chinese are just PEOPLE. That it's okay to be different. He got VERY angry when they were saying my children were stupid.  Yet he held in that temper and even told his friend he "can't beat up a little kid."  Which is totally RIGHT.  

I showed them how to respectfully handle an issue, that I will stand up for them, for their right to be here, to be our children, and all that stands for.  They seemed afraid when I told them to get in the van, they kept saying, "No fighting mother, police will come, mother."  Silly children.  

I marched right up to that house, introduced myself with a firm handshake and stated my children were Chinese and we didn't think they deserved to be called stupid for that by their child.  How you gonna argue with that?

The stone mason came and made the cutest smiley face in the mortar on the lower bottom of the house front.  Prep for the stone, he thrilled the children when he pointed out that he placed a stone that looks like a "bird" within the stones.  The kids call it "the chicken". Now how perfect is that for our chicken lovin' kids?

Do you see it?  Okay, stop looking at Kat's dry ashy legs, and LOOK. (MOM, yes, we have lotion for her legs)  Isn't it looking so nice? I think the colors are so pretty.  The stone is real, it's from the mason's farm. It got too cold to do it after we moved in last October, so he came back when it got warm.

Gotta tell you a neat story about the stone mason.  When he came to do the blocks for the garage he noticed our kiddos ( how could you not, they were in his way often nosing into what he was doing) but he asked about them being adopted and I told him their story. He thought a minute then said "I remember my wife mentioning something about an article in the paper of brothers that needed to come home with their sister and she sent a donation."  Yep, you got  (God) chills yet?  'Cause that was OUR kids.  And I told him to please tell his wife he got to meet them, see them together, home, doing well and they are LOVED. 

I could just see God smiling as we pieced together the connection:)

 Now that it is warm we have lots to think about, a walkway to put in, painting to   do, window sills to stain.  I'm just so thankful we are in our home and these are the only jobs we have on the agenda this summer. 

 Might just want some snow to keep those jobs tucked away in our brains a little longer though? I mean, Kat was trying to sing March showers bring April flowers and that's just not right, we can't be changing very old rhymes like that!

 So I vote for bringing on more snow. Yep.  Sure do. I'll let you know how that works out for me:)

Monday, March 12, 2012


Nope, not us. Not fundraising yet.

God has provided in our journey to Phoebe, and we will be sending off our paperwork to our agency to send on to China soon. WHOO HOOOO.

But I wanted to write about fundraising because I've heard many a thing said about it.  Some feel you shouldn't fund raise, that it says you can't afford to adopt.

Uh, really?  Or that you shouldn't adopt till you have the funds ready? Again, really?

I mean, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this is my blog so you get MINE.  

We've adopted children that we were able to fund their adoptions.  And been very thankful, no doubt about that. 

BUT-- we've also adopted children we did NOT have the funding to get them home.  Didn't expect them, didn't know God's plan.  But HE DID.

And HE wanted us to open up ourselves in a way we had never done before.  I mean, we were all about "taking care of our own" and had no plan to change that.  It's what parenting is about- right?

WRONG, so very wrong.  In so many ways, the teen treasures story NEEDED to be shared, but ONLY if God could get US to follow HIS plan.  Wasn't easy for these 2 stubborn parents, it took a HUGE shock for us to see we were in over our heads on this one and HAD to turn it over to HIM.

You know, you go along and think, we work, we make money, we don't work, we can't provide, it's all about US, right?  Ha ha ha.  NO, it's NOT about US.  It's about GOD.  God provides.  God and only God.  He can not do things if we will not LISTEN.  If we will not hand over the reins and let Him guide where He wants us to be.

Talk about tough.  We were humbled, deeply humbled by the sheer outpouring of love for our teens, for them to be together, to get those boys home with their sister.  Money poured in. Miracles happened in getting Chase's paperwork approved. God and only God talked to those less stubborn and so grounded in Him and they listened.  Teaching US what it meant to "be still and listen."  To hear HIM.

Because up until we got our baby boy I believed in God but I didn't really know how to WALK with God.  To give ALL to Him.  And I still can't say I know it ALL, no way. Each day I learn more, I want to be stretched to take in more, to become MORE for my God.  To be used by HIM, however He wishes because of how much He loves me.  And I love Him.

Our baby taught me to LISTEN.  Yet another lesson I needed to hear God and do His Will. 

So what does this have to do with fundraising?

Well...... our pastor's wife always says "Don't deny the blessing."

And it's true.  If we hadn't asked, our sons would not be here. If we hadn't asked our daughter would be a different person.  If we hadn't ASKED, how many of YOU would have been touched by the teens story?

And it's not about US--- it's all about GOD. God wanted people who donated, prayed, followed, to feel HIM.  And His love for these children.  

To see what He can do and how AWESOME  He and only He is.  How powerful His LOVE for us, each one of us, is.  He knows each and every one of us, the good, the bad, the ugly and He LOVES us.  

He had a plan  for our children, His special ones, the orphans, and He asked so many and so many responded.  YOU share in these children. 

Doesn't knowing they are home, with their sister, bickering like the siblings they are, gaining strides in learning about family love, now even starting to give BACK and let God use THEM to spread His love and joy to more people, well doesn't that just make you love God even more? That He included YOU in His miracle of these children?

We've been blessed to parent them, that's for sure. They are God's children. Given to us to parent, to care for them, teach them of Him. And we have been able to help, not huge amounts of money, but lots of prayer- for other children being adopted.  God called us and we heard Him and answered. Not because WE are so wonderful, no GOD is so wonderful that HE called us and gave us the chance to respond and help other families called to adopt. Following HIM.

I am 100% for fundraising for this reason.  God can't do the work He desires, sometimes in us, sometimes in someone else, unless we listen and follow His Will.  Not ours.  And yes, it might be something hugely uncomfortable. God doesn't promise us He won't push us to be MORE for Him.  He doesn't want us comfortable and uncaring. He wants us giving our ALL to Him.

We were surprised God meant for us to adopt Miss Phoebe. But she is no less wanted by us.  We have been amazed to see God's plan unfold for her, humbled again, by His provisions for her adoption so far.  Because He has provided for the steps of her adoption so far. Again, stretching us and making us understand how BIG His love for us and her is.

I'm so thankful to know God, to know His love for me, to share Him with all of you through our children and their story.  

So how about you guys?  Anyone want to share their story of God's love for them?  Feel free, come on, share!!  It's so wonderful to give others a view of what God can/has done, the glory being for Him.

I know you've got stories to tell, don't be shy.  And if you ARE fundraising leave a comment for anyone who is interested in listening to God and needs a family to help.  Go right on ahead.  I fully support fundraising and would be honored to pray for your family as well:)  

Friday, March 9, 2012

Busy week

Ohhh, has it been a good week.  Yep.  GOOD. 

First paperwork came back for Phoebe.  Sent it on to the next and final step so when we get it back next week we send it straight to the agency to get it sent to China. WHOO HOOO.  

So thankful things have moved fast there. Can't wait to get blondie girl home.  Please keep our next approval in your prayers, it makes a huge difference if we get a quick Letter of Acceptance (LOA) or if we wait and wait for it.

Have enjoyed the week of daughter home from jungle, she is so hyped up and talking about working all summer and fundraising already because she wants to go back next year. OIY. I told her I needed time to recoup from this trip.  She's working on all the pictures from her trip now, trying to get them organized as I got them printed for her today.

We did a dentist appointment for Chloe and Camden yesterday.  We love, love LOVE our new dentist.  Firstly he is soooo nice. Secondly he not charging us extra for children who have heavy plaque due to never being to the dentist.  Thirdly we get a 20% discount for paying upfront which our pocket book appreciates. 

Camden had a cavity.  He was a turd this week, he lost 2 teeth, one came out in 2 pieces.  So he tried to get a double payment out of the tooth fairy. She did not fall for his trickery.  

Chloe got her front tooth chip fixed, this will be the 4th time.  Yep, old dentist fixed it THREE times, and it didn't hold up.  Once it only lasted 2 days. Grrrr.  She is trying to be very careful now, she is afraid it will break off again.  She really didn't like the chip, so I'm glad we could try again to get it fixed and have more confidence in this dentist's work. Not that she isn't beautiful as is.  She certainly is, but the chip bothered her.  

Chance told me we "wasted money" on her teeth.  She's had extensive dental work due to a neglected fall and damage of her mouth from the fall at the orphanage.  I told him it was not a "waste." Chloe was mad at him, but I knew he thought because they didn't get dental care at the orphanage he believed they didn't NEED it. He doesn't LIKE going to the dentist.

So I explained to him just because they didn't go to the dentist at the orphanage didn't mean they didn't NEED dental care. It just wasn't affordable there. So it was left go but that we do not let it go.

I've seen the boys come to a place we have been with Chloe.  They both are very concerned about what they GET.  If they have ENOUGH.  Thinking they don't.  Being jealous.  Pouting when they feel "shorted."  And I've had to call them out on it.  

I can't figure out if it's them being boys, adopting 2 at once, them being older, what exactly it is, but they lag behind Chloe's progress by about 9 months- a year.  They are right about where she was at 1 year home, and they are going on 2 years home.  I don't worry about it, I just take it as it comes, dealing with things as needed-- but I find it interesting.

Our weather has been spring like, therefore Chloe HAD to get out her flip flops. Of course, she did. Girl LOVES her flip flops.  She said "I'm browner!".  Which was funny because as soon as I saw her when she got home I thought, wow, she's browner.

She's told us some of what she did and saw on her mission trip, but over all she has just been passionate about going back.  I worried she would have a hard time adjusting after being there but I should have given her more credit for what a strong person she is.  She has done so well.  Her heart is in the right place, working for God:)

Chloe met a man in Costa Rica who had been abandoned in a run down shack because he was old. He couldn't walk or get food.  They took him food, gave him clothes, blankets, a Bible and spent time with him.  So now Chloe says she has a "grandfather".  That's what they called him "grandfather."  I think she really liked the thought of having a grandfather, one thing she misses out with us.  Sadly both of our fathers have passed away. I'm so glad this trip gave her another person to love:)

Miss Kitty had a fun week at school celebrating Dr Seuss week.  She dressed as a "cat" again, but her teacher added the hat and sent me pictures.  Get it? Kat in the Hat??

Kat wanted to go with me when Phoebe's paperwork came to the post office and had to be sent to the next place, she gets so excited to know things are moving along to get sister home.  

Camden got a new pair of shoes and hasn't taken them off in 2 days. Or worn them outside at all.  Wild looking things, they are.  He's sooo hard on shoes:(  Someone needs to come up with a Camdenproof brand that lasts till he at least grows out of them, the last few years he has gone through at least 3 pairs of the SAME size, wore them right out. 

Chase has been doing better this week, he shared with me that he wants to be able to talk to more people ( in school) but people don't understand him.  And I encouraged him to LOOK at people when he talks, talk LOUDER, as he speaks very softly, and to KEEP trying.  

He has a much heavier accent and always will, more than his siblings and at times he is very hard to understand.   I also told him to stop saying "Nuhh, huh," to everyone and he has been trying, it's so funny when he says "Nuuh, huh", and I look at him and he says "I mean-- uuuh, huhh." Even him being funny that way is good to see. He's such a serious guy, it's neat to see him loosen up a bit.

He got a buzz cut, not my favorite style but it's his head (yea I said that mom) and he wants to grow out his hair from spiking it up.  His face has remained clearer with him not putting anything on it, just washing twice a day.  Hoping he learns something from testing out the "no green goo needed on your face for pimples."

Chance has gotten himself in some trouble this week.  He's not been to happy about it either.  For some reason he was laughing when he told me he got a failing grade on a test and I didn't find that so funny.

He's not so thrilled that he is being prepared for high school next year and is being expected to be more responsible.  Not his favorite thing for sure.

I think both of the boys are looking older for some reason, making this momma sad that her "babies" are growing up too fast.

Other than all this fun, multiple loads of laundry, many cooked meals, quite a few dishes, cleaning the house, taking care of pets, running everyone where they need to be and back, grocery shopping, oh and working, school, etc. 

That's a week for us:)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chloe's home safe

She's BACK!!!!!!!!

WHOOO Hooooooo.  She had a blast, she's ready to go back already next year.

She hasn't told us much, she got in at 5:30 am and I got in from work at 6 am, we slept till 11 am and then had lunch and Chase's belated party for his birthday.

Word has it she was a blessing to the team, she worked very hard, she liked the food (very similar to Chinese) and she brought us all gifts- I got a lovely wooden canister to hold all our chopsticks in:) She was very thoughtful in the gifts she chose for each of us.

I'm so excited she is home and we got to celebrate Chase's birthday in a better fashion than we could on Monday.  He was surprised we were having cake FINALLY:)

I'll leave you with some of Chloe's pictures, her pictures are of everyone else, including her BFF Hannah and Hannah's mom said most of her pictures are of Chloe so I guess we'll have to swap out their pictures.

Hopefully when Chloe  is less tired she will be willing to share more about her trip and I can post more about the pig head, the chicken she killed, the machete she brought back-------

OIY.  All I'm gonna say is for now we are thrilled she is home. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back up

I am back on my feet and so thankful the dizziness is abated. I mean, who wants to admit they are a dizzy broad? Not me! I feel so much better.  I do think I got this at work, it's going around there, no one else here got my bug. ( yes mom, I have bleach)

We'll be doing a birthday surprise for Chase this weekend, making up for his cake-less day. Shhhh, don't tell him.  It's actually better that way because Chloe doesn't want to miss his party, girl LOVES a party and she will be BACK from the depth of the jungle and home, home HOME.

Man do I miss her.  I thought the boys would struggle without her, hummm. Lesson learned. MOTHER has struggled way more than they.  She's such an amazing girl, we are very close and although I never want to hinder her walk with God, I sooo hope she chooses to stay close to home for a longgggg time after this.

I actually should hear something tomorrow, that they are out of the jungle and are safe, not that I am hanging on the computer or anything:)  It's just good to know we are on the downward end of her trip. 

Kat told me today she missed Chloe. I asked her "why?"  and she told me she likes Chloe to be walking up from the bus with her and the boys.  Because that stinker Chance made her carry HIS umbrella.  I asked her why she did it.  And she said because he told her she had to.  I *may* not have taught her something good here.  I said "If it were me I'd have laid it down on the ground and said no way dude, carry it yourself, and left it there. " 

Well.  Her eyes got big and she said "Then he will get me in trouble for not doing it."  And I told her "What's he gonna do, come to me and say you wouldn't carry HIS stuff? 'Cause I'm not going to be sticking up for HIM for his lazy ways."

She just smiled then.  But back to Chloe, Kat said she always tells him to "knock it off" for her.  Such a good sister, that girl is.

Camden said he missed her too, he picked out a can of her favorite chips and when I told him the odds of them still being in our home by the time she gets back was slim to none, he said he will "guard them with his life."  Alrighty then. 

We must think alike 'cause I saw Jolly Ranch*r candy which Chloe LOVES and HAD to get them for her- they are sitting on her desk awaiting her return.  Her room door being closed off has been hard to see.  It's amazing how much joy and life she brings to our family.  I really, really miss her. (I am not crying MOM, I'm not!)

MY BFF and another mother who sent her daughter to the jungle (see I'm not the only one)  said we should picture them in a circle surrounded by little kids teaching them some type of craft, or telling them a story.  I CAN see that, Chloe LOVES kids.  Matter of fact, I'm pretty sure she has had a wonderful time there.

More good news on the paperwork front, immigration approval is OURS today- WHOOOO HOOOOO.  It no sooner hit the mailbox and we were off to send it on to the next step. It's so good to see forward action to getting our paperwork to Ch*na.  We are so anxious to get this last treasure home. (Stop laughing at the "last" word there MOM)

As for the other kiddos--I *WAS* having a rough time with Chase AGAIN- same crap, different day- and with being sick it really drained me dry.  So I called upon my adoptive mom friends for prayers and encouragement, gosh, aren't adoptive families AMAZING??  I had someone to speak to within 10 minutes of reaching out.  Someone who knows the struggle.  And my strength was restored.

Handled a situation with tough son, and it went well.  It's been an ongoing thing, we have tried to tell him how to take care of his skin, the whole acne thing.  And he will not listen.

  So when sister Mal tried to help him out and he took what she told him to use on his face to a new level of silly, we had to take all his "potions" and take him down to a special soap only. And tell him how often to use it. And IF he listens and we can see how his skin responds then we can add something if he even NEEDS it. 

I thought he would be angry for sure, but he didn't get mad, he listened.  Having green goo caked on his face from 4 pm on, even going outside like that is just goofy and can't be helping his skin nor is washing it 10 times a day. OIY.

Chance finished cooking up my soup and tea yesterday and brought them to me.  He then said "That be $5.00 soup, 50 cents tea, $5.50."  I looked at him and said "$10 for your clean laundry."  And he said "Oh, no thank you."  Yeah, funny boy, you ain't pulling that on this momma.

So that's how our March 2012 began.  How about yours?  Was it a lamb or lion?

I asked Chance and he said "We have chicken for supper mom, you forget? Ohh, that mean we eat lamb and lion, can I shoot them?" Always someone good for a laugh here:)